The new F 800 GS from model year 2017

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The new 2017 F800 GS

For years, BMW's F 800 GS has had a loyal fan base that includes street riders and motorcycle travelers as much as enthusiastic off-road riders. For model year 2017, BMW has given the two-cylinder range a modest facelift.

Alongside the adjustment of the engine to meet the new EURO 4 requirements this also includes a redesigned look for the stainless steel end silencer. Now its the turn of the 800 E-Gas. Here the turning of the throttle grip is transmitted by sensor to the engine control system and thus to the throttle valve. The result is better dosing and improved response behavior. At the same time, this has made it possible to implement the new series riding modes "Rain" and "Road" for riding on wet or dry roads as well as the riding modes "Enduro" and "Enduro Pro" available as a special fitting from the factory for light and heavy off-road use.

The cockpit of the F 800 GS will also be receiving some updates from 2017. It shines with redesigned dials and an additional MIL control light (Malfunction Indicator Light), while the display has also been extended with the addition of the riding mode view.

The 2017 F 800 GS is available in Ostra grey metallic matte with red frame or as a "Style Exclusive" model in Black-storm metallic including hand protection, tinted windscreen and LED indicators. The special "GS Trophy" model is targeted at Enduro fans and comes in Light white Uni with red frame and engine protection, engine protection bar and hand protection.

Additional parts shown on our customized 2017 BMW F800 GS:

Passenger footrest lowering kit / Part #: 8160707
Adjustable Vario Brake/Clutch Levers
Footpeg Lowering Kit / Part #: 8160181
Front Axle Slider / Part #: 42156002
Rear Brake Enlarger / Part #: 8160361-371
Heel Guard / Part #: 43812001
Mirror extender Kit / Part #: 8160447
Instrument Surround with Visor / Part #: 43882002
Adjustable Mirrors / Part #: 8700035
H&B Locking Hard Case Luggage Mounts / Part #: 6506530001
H&B Xplorer 30 Liter Hard Side Case Left and Right / Part #: 1724784-785
Handlebar Bag / Part #: 29870000-100
Side Stand Enlarger / Part #: 27360000-100
Lifting Handle / Part #: 8160457
Dakar Header Pipe Protection / Part #: 41982101

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