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J.P. Goy

Everyone is talking about the latest Batman blockbuster, “The Dark Knight” - not just because of the dramatic events during and shortly after filming, but also because of the impressive action scenes. In this aspect the "Batpod", a gigantic motorcycle with all kinds of special features on which the star Christian Bale frightened the life out of his fellow actors, has caused a particular stir.

Of course, it was not Bale himself who was riding the "Batpod" in the film. For that, a specialist with years of experience was needed: Jean-Pierre Goy, the internationally renowned stunt rider. "It was really difficult even to go in a straight line", said the Frenchman. "On my right and left, I had the big main sections of the handlebars. The turning radius was very large and at speeds of up to 130 km/h the bike shook uncontrollably. Because of the weight of the motorcycle, the brakes also had to be very sensitive."

"I ride motorcycles myself, but there were some world-class bikers who got on this thing and immediately fell off again. That's when I had to accept that I would never manage it. Jean-Pierre Goy is the only person in the world who was capable of mastering this vehicle", said the film's star Christian Bale in an interview with "Motorcycle News". It's no surprise that the designers dreamt up all kinds of special features. As the "normal" parts were not all meant to be visible, the frame, for example, was re-designed to work as the exhaust too, and the cooling fins served as footrests. The drive shafts, chains and sprockets were hidden inside the chassis. Goy drove the "Batpod" in a reclining position , with his arms held in cuffs so that he steered with his shoulders. But mainly Jean-Pierre "steered" the "Batpod" by means of controlled locking of the rear wheel and drifting.

But how do you develop riding skills of this sort? For Goy, it all began in his earliest childhood, when he discovered and trained his sense of balance - the key component of his skills. He firstly threw himself into mastering the unicycle, before he switched to riding horses, testing his abilities in numerous tournaments. In 1978, Goy changed over from a horse to a 125 Ducati enduro bike and soon after that to a Bultaco 125, with which he was able to test out his talent for bike trials.

The trials ace Jérôme Rivière trained Goy to be an expert in bike trials. Numerous victories at trials events were just one part of his success story, because in the intervals he spent his time on stunt riding. These were so exceptional that he soon achieved national fame in the sport of motorcycle trials.

Goy’s career received a decisive boost through his work with the journalist Pierre Marie Poli. In the Alps, Poli took photographs of the 18 year-old testing five trials bikes for Moto-Journal. One picture, in which Goy was seen daringly jumping off a rock on his bike, attracted a lot of attention.

The company Fantic immediately offered the Frenchman a contract, which lasted 11 years. During this time, Goy used Fantic machines for sport and, more and more frequently, in shows. A worldwide promotional tour for the company took him as far as Japan. The trials bike acrobat appeared in front of ever larger crowds and invented more and more spectacular stunts. For example, he drove his motorcycle over the arches of the “Pont de Loyettes 01”, performed a wheelie for more than 221 kilometers and a stoppie for over 156.45 meters.

Exciting jobs in the film industry soon followed. The Frenchman destroyed R 1200 Cruisers by the dozen as Pierce Brosnan’s double in the James Bond film "Tomorrow Never Dies", for example, in what at that time were probably the most breath-taking stunts ever seen. The world-famous martial arts star Jackie Chan also made use of Goy’s abilities as a stuntman.

performing on a Wunderlich prepared machine performing on a Wunderlich prepared machine

For several years now, Goy and the Wunderlich company have been inseparable as friends and partners: in his shows throughout the world, Goy demonstrates the resilience of Wunderlich products and supports the company in its development of new products. There would probably be no one better to test the limits of new components in an enjoyable way and to help the specialist in BMW accessories with expert advice!

In December 2007, we also worked together on a very special project: with Goy as the rider, we wanted to smash the current wheelie world record over 331 kilometers The record-challenging vehicle was a BMW G 650 XChallenge, to the seat of which a backrest was fitted in accordance with the regulations of Guinness World Records, to enable Goy to maintain the “wheelie position” over several hours. Unfortunately, the bad weather conditions - there were winds of up to 5.6 m/s - forced us to abandon the record attempt for safety reasons after 100 kilometers We had told the organization Toyrun 4 Kids e.v. in advance that we would donate 10 Euros for every kilometer covered - so they made a good 1,000 Euros, all the same!

We will soon make a second attempt at setting a new wheelie world record together, and in any case we are sure that the likable and adventurous Frenchman will give us plenty more surprises!

riding off-road

Jean-Pierre Goy captivates a worldwide audience with his breath-taking stunt shows.

If you would like to book him for an event you are holding, we will be happy to make contact for you.

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