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Press Handlebars

Wunderlich Press Release 11/2011

Handlebars that you´ll really want to hold on to

Wunderlich now has individual handlebar modifications for the BMW superbike, the S1000 RR.

BMW has scored a big success with its super sports bike, the S1000 RR. But, like many other sports bikes, this superbike has one clear flaw: its seat position is not ideal for most riders. A highly adjustable stub handlebar design can now help Wunderlich RR riders achieve the perfect seating position for them.

The SportErgo "VARIO" handlebar kit offers a one stub handlebar that can be adjusted to suit all dimensions. Two different height options are available. Height, inclination and bar angle can all be accurately adjusted in secure and stable manner. A laser scale guarantees symmetry in the process while the ultra-strong aluminum material has a vibration-reducing effect.

For riders who may be happy with the original height but are looking for an individually adjustable sports stub, the "VARIO-S" could be just the thing. With this, the handlebars can be raised by up to 40 millimeters. For ABS bikes, it costs US $649.00, including TÜV certificate. Taller riders and those who might occasionally want to use the RR for longer rides would be better advised to opt for the "VARIO-ST". This allows the height of the handlebars to be raised by anything between 40 and 70 millimeters over the original height. For bikes with ABS, this is available for US $999.00, including TÜV certificate. All parts are made in Germany and are hard-anodized in black while all the attachments are included in the scope of delivery for the complete set.

Riders who want to give their 1000 the agility and maneuverability of a 600 can avail of Wunderlich's "PowerSportego" top yoke. In conjunction with tapered aluminum handlebars, the technically advanced overall design offers a perfect ride and brilliant handling. In addition, the upper portion of the stock fairing can be lifted by 35 millimeters, which relives strain on the upper body and reduces turbulence in the helmet area. The top yoke is available in black, gold or titan grey and costs US $1099.00, including TÜV certificate. The handlebars come in silver, black or anodized gold and cost US $149.00.

For these modifications, Wunderlich recommends that you use the ERGO mirror extenders, which will move the mirrors out by around 80 millimeters. Together with TÜV certificate and installation kit, this costs US $95.00.

To place an order or to get more information, please visit or phone +1-831 761 1070

Download High Resolution Images
Handlebar S 1000 RR a (8,63 MB)
Handlebar S 1000 RR b (8,56 MB)
Handlebar S 1000 RR d (3,58 MB)
Handlebar S 1000 RR e (3,37 MB)
Handlebar S 1000 RR f (2,30 MB)
Handlebar S 1000 RR g (1,78 MB)
Handlebar S 1000 RR h (12,30 MB)
Handlebar S 1000 RR i (6,82 MB)
Handlebar S 1000 RR j (4,79 MB)
Handlebar S 1000 RR k (7,05 MB)
Handlebar S 1000 RR l (1,56 MB)
Handlebar S 1000 RR m (5,32 MB)

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