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Wunderlich Press Release 12/2014

Highly adjustable windscreen, customized for your adventure.

Latest Wunderlich windscreen for the F 800 GS Adventure.

Wunderlich offers, from now on, a windscreen for the BMW F 800 GS Adventure which is adjustable for every use. The two-part windscreen "RAID Vario" can be continuously adjusted in height thanks to his quick-release mechanism ... » Read More


Wunderlich Press Release 06/2014

The thick skinned travel companion re-imagined.

The culmination of more than a quarter century of innovative tank bag design.

After the introduction of the innovative "Elephant" product line, Wunderlich has continued to evolve the entire concept of the motorcycle tank bag and other luggage accessories. Due to overwhelming success received by customers worldwide, Wunderlich has developed two new styles to go along with our classic ... » Read More


Wunderlich Press Release 05/2014

Innovative Luggage Solutions.

Wunderlich introduces a new multifunctional bag for nearly all BMW's.

Expanding the line of high quality "Elephant" luggage solutions, Wunderlich introduces the highly practical COMBI-BAG. This versatile, multi-functional bag can quickly and easily attach to the luggage rack or the passenger seat. The COMBI-BAG features a manageable ... » Read More


Wunderlich Press Release 10/2013

Optimum stress relief for your helment and upper body.

Wunderlich introduces a wind deflector that can adjust to fit most any bike with a windscreen.

The Wunderlich Wind Deflector has been one of our most popular products world-wide. The wind deflector very effectively addresses most turbulence and buffeting issues. This version of our popular Wind Deflector has been designed to fit those wind screens that have ... » Read More


Wunderlich Press Release 10/2013

Luggage Done Right

Wunderlich introduces a versatile inner bag liner that fits most motorcycle side cases.

This robust, yet very stylish bag is THE ultimate universal inner bag that fits inside most motorcycle side cases. The latest innovation in storage accessories, the EVO-1 Pannier Case provides riders with an easy way to keep your contents safe, secure and organized. ... » Read More


Wunderlich Press Release 09/2013

State of the Art Wunderlich ERGO Windscreen for the new Liquid Cooled GS

Explore one of our many upgrades for the new GS

Great comfort for long trips! Wunderlich windscreens offer excellent protection, are quiet and optically correct setting a high standard for virtually all late model BMW Motorcycles. This is no different for the latest Wunderlich ERGO Marathon ... » Read More


Wunderlich Press Release 03/2013

Wunderlich America is the new exclusive distributor for GS Emotion for the Americas

Bags and liners that make traveling a whole lot easier on your BMW.

Made in Italy, GS Emotion is a manufacturer of soft luggage, some incredibly cleaver decals and is perhaps most famous for the Alu Inner Compartment for the R1200GS Adventure. Our luggage options work in conjunction with the BMW Vario Cases ... » Read More


Wunderlich Press Release 02/2013

The R120 G/S Conversion for the BMW R1200 GS

Wunderlich introduces a new look for the R1200 GS

The R120G/S kit is designed by former Paris Dakar participant Fabio Marcaccini, made in Italy and is distributed exclusively by Wunderlich. We believe the R120G/S is a perfect blend of retro and high-tech, designed for one of the best selling ... » Read More


Wunderlich Press Release 02/2013

New Line of Stylish Paint Protectors for BMW Motorcycles

Designs by Motografix

For the ultimate in paint protection with a sporty design for your BMW, Wunderlich America now offers a comprehensive collection of adhesive protectors for your fuel tank, fairing, tail section and side bags from U.K. based Motografix ... » Read More


Wunderlich Press Release 03/2012

Wunderlich "Elephant" Tank Bag

The all new tank bag system from Wunderlich

With the introduction of the innovative "Elephant", Wunderlich has completely revamped the entire concept of the motorcycle tank bag. The BMW specialists from Sinzig, Germany have not only re-engineered their tank-top luggage solution ... » Read More


Wunderlich Press Release 02/2012

LeverGuard: Paralever Protection

Wunderlich introduces the LeverGuard

This clever protection bar attaches to the bottom of the final drive housing and effectively protects the final drive and ParaLever pivot from damage ... » Read More


Wunderlich Press Release 01/2012

Protection for the K1600 GT/GTL

Wunderlich offers a protection package for the K1600 GT/GTL

BMW's flagship tourer, the K1600 GTL tips the scale at over 700 lbs. and depending on how the bike is equipped, it can weigh substantially more. If a fall should occur, the resulting repairs will put a big dent in ... » Read More


Wunderlich Press Release 08/2011

Yamaha XT 1200 Z Super Ténéré

Thinking outside the BMW Box: Wunderlich has developed a range of accessories for the Super Ténéré

The BMW aftermarket accessory specialists from Germany are now manufacturing, distributing and selling a complete line of accessories for the very popular Yamaha XT 1200 Z Super Ténéré. With over 25 years of experience, we have ... » Read More


Wunderlich Press Release 07/2011

Handlebars that you'll really want to hold on to

Wunderlich now has individual handlebar modifications for the BMW superbike, the S1000 RR.

BMW has scored a big success with its super sports bike, the S1000 RR. But, like many other sports bikes, this superbike has one clear flaw: its seat position is not ideal for most riders. A highly flexible stub handlebar design can now help Wunderli ... » Read More


Wunderlich Press Release 06/2011

Optimum utilization of space

Wunderlich introduces a new luggage solution

Developed for the side of the open-frame tail of the R 1200 GS/ Adventure, the boys from Sinzig have designed a storage pocket that covers the holes in the frame tail, providing room for tools and much more. The Wunderlich frame pockets, which are su ... » Read More


Wunderlich Press Release 05/2011

Modern Mammoth

With the "Mammut" (""mammoth"), Wunderlich has reanimated the classic tankbag

With its brand-new "Mammut" tankbag, Wunderlich has brought a genuine classic back to life. In its two-part construction, the Mammut pays homage to the classic tankbag form, in which the lower part can be left on the motorcycle. It is ... » Read More


Wunderlich Press Release 04/2011

Wunderlich "Vario-ERGO+" Spoiler

Relief from buffeting, wind noise and turbulence.

Well-known as a specialist supplier for BMW, the company, Wunderlich, located in Sinzig Germany, has developed a comprehensive manufacturing solution that addresses air turbulence with windshields. The "Vario-ERGO+" spoiler attachment is continuous ... » Read More