"RAID Vario" Windscreen

Wunderlich Press Release 12/2014

Highly adjustable windscreen.

Latest Wunderlich windscreen for the F 800 GS Adventure.

Wunderlich offers, from now on, a windscreen for the BMW F 800 GS Adventure which is adjustable for every use. The two-part windscreen "RAID Vario" can be continuously adjusted in height thanks to his quick-release mechanism.

The large flaps in the upper part relieve the head and the upper body nearly without turbulences. The windshield "RAID Vario" offers additional protection for hands and arms through an effective enlargement in the transition area to the covers and closes the gap to the head light. The Adventure becomes a harmonious and impressive look.

The adjustable "RAID Vario" clear is made of strong, fuel resistant and optical pure Lexan plastic. The two-part windscreen is easy and quick to fit and is ABE approved.

To place an order or to get more information, please visit www.wunderlichamerica.com or call us at +1 831 761 1070

RAID Vario Windscreen Part No.: 43970000

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