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R1100 GS

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Performance ControllerPart Number: 8530100-105

5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5

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Plug Type Detail
Plug Type Detail
'Twist Type' (Up To 2001)
'Twist Type' (Up To 2001)
'Pull Type' (after 2001)
'Pull Type' (after 2001)

Modern motorcycles with computerized fuel injection are inherently limited in their ability to adjust for changing conditions. The very talented designers were forced to make certain compromises because of the many factors they took into consideration, such as emissions, fuel quality, etc. This clever electronic device allows the rider to adjust the amount of fuel delivered at any riding situation in order to optimize the response and performance wherever the potential for improvement exists. Inherent lean mixtures, sluggish response and slow transition from cruise to rapid acceleration and the dreaded surge can all be dialed out. You’ll realize the greatest benefit when installing other performance parts such as free flowing air filters, larger air intakes or sport exhaust, to name a few, when a Performance controller is installed as well.

With carbureted bikes you would change the jets, raise the needle, etc. to achieve optimum performance. With the Performance Controller you can adjust for the best performance in a similar fashion. As the Performance Controller simply adds fuel, there is no danger of damage to the engine. It features 6 adjustment ranges, with three large adjustment buttons (can be adjusted with gloves on) and a waterproof casing. The Performance Controller simply plugs into the existing wiring harness using simple connectors. Absolutely no cutting, splicing or modifications of any kind are required to install. You’ll notice an improvement in performance and general runability even with base settings dialed in. The extremely compact case (84 x 50 x 10 mm) is easily stowed away on the bike.

Note: The Performance Controller cannot be used in conjunction with any chip-tuning!

Intended for OFF ROAD use only!

Here is an overview of the Performance Controller benefits:
• Increased torque and HP through the entire RPM range is possible. (A 10% power increase from 3000 to 7000 RPM range)
• Improve throttle response
• Increased engine acceleration (12%)
• Smooth, consistent running at slow speeds
• Ideal, preloaded base adjustments
• Quick easy adjustments are possible to compensate for the installation of additional performance products (air filter, exhaust, etc.)
• Simple connection: Just plus in to the existing wiring harness
• Simple removal: Your bike is back to stock within minutes!
• O2 sensor is retained
• Sturdy, waterproof construction is extremely small and compact

IMPORTANT – PLEASE READ: There are two versions of the Performance Controller and it is important that you order the correct part. The main difference is in the Oxygen Sensor plug type. Bikes up to 2001 have a twist type plug and bikes after 2001 have a pull type plug. If your bike is a 2001 or 2002 model year, the only way to be sure which version that you need is to have a look at the plug. To do so, find the Oxygen Sensor in your exhaust and follow the wire up. In most cases, you’ll need to pull off some body panels or move the fuel tank to reach this plug. Refer to the images under the More Views tab for proper identification.

Click on the image below for an interactive Demo.

This item fits the following BMW bike models:

  • R1100RS
  • R1100R
  • R1100GS
  • R1100RT
  • R1100S
  • R1150GS
  • R1150GSADV
  • R1150R
  • R1150Rockster
  • R1150RT
  • R1150RS
  • R1200C
  • R1200CL

Customer Reviews

Average Customer Rating: 5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5 (Based on 2 reviews)
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5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5

A real improvement in my 2004 R1200C Classic!

Reviewed by Tom from Las Vegas, NV (7.17.2014)

I knew when I bought this model that it wasn't a roadster/sport-touring bike (like my last BMW: an '04 R1150R) and I wasn't looking for that, but ergonomically, this is the model for me. Except that it wasn't very smooth in slow-going, parking-lot speeds and around-town performance. The Performance Controller nearly eliminated the 'anemic' low-RPM throttle response ('flat spot') that I was experiencing. I took a few test rides after the install, with the BMW Tech making an adjustment after each one, and each time was better than the previous. After I feel it out for a while longer, I may 'fine-tune' some more adjustments/settings. For now, there's practically no more slow-speed sputtering in stop-n-go traffic. I'm really very pleased with this mod.
5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5

R1200LC - Awesome performance upgrade

Reviewed by Roger from moorpark, CA (1.13.2011)

Purchased the Performance Controller beacuse of positive reviews on WWW.chromeheads.com. What a huge difference. Set controller to recommended setings for a high-flow air filter. Now the acceleration and feel in 6th geer at between 3-35000 RPM is much stronger. It doesnt feel like it is "lugging" anymore. Additonally acceleration in all gears and RPMs is enhanced. It also was effective at removing some of the rumble upon deceleration w/ an aftemarket Ztech exhaust (no catalytic converter. Highly recemmended.