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Wunderlich Engine Bars - Adventure

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    • Part # 26540004-095
      Wunderlich Engine Bars - Adventure
      Available in: Red or Black

    • (4) 2 Reviews
    • $379.95

      Estimated Install
      Time 40 minutes*

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    • Not currently in stock. Typical delivery: 4-5 weeks.
      Caution! Our Wunderlich Engine Bars - Adventure does not fit all bike models. Please select your bike if you are not sure.
      Warning! Important information below in the description.

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    Wunderlich Engine Bars - Adventure

    Available in: Black or Red

    The safest, lightest and easy to maintain crash bar for your F series bike. Off-road riding is now more enhanced with the crash bar. You can ride on deep wheel marks or extended curves with the protection you need in case of a mishaps while riding.


    • Maintenance can be done without removing the crash bar.
    • Strong network of mounting points with a central mount between the left bar and the right bar.
    • 6 mounting points equally distribute impact forces.
    • Protection of both Lambda sensors.
    • Bars do not interfere with the ground and cornering clearance.
    • The crash bar is progressing exactly over the manifold (front view).
    • The crash bar construction is higher over the cylinder.
    • Plug-n-Play fitting/mounting.
    • Low weight.
    • Plastic coated stainless steel tube.
    • Made in Germany.


    Please Note: Exceptions to model/year fitment

    F650 GS Twin20082012cannot be used with lowered suspension

    *Installation estimated at 40 minutes for this part may vary depending on skill level.



    Jim McWhirter
    These absolutely DO fit the F700GS w/ low suspension
    I was drawn to these for my wife's '17 F700GS, because of the design (solidly frame mounted) and the red-color option which matches the frame color of her F700GS. But I was discouraged to read the note at the bottom of the web page: "Please Note: Does Not fit models with Low Suspension or with optional original BMW aluminum engine protection. " That baffled me, because I've maintained and modified several F bikes w/ the low suspension, and could not see how there could be any conflict, given the way these engine guards mount. Since I live reasonably close to the Wunderlich's Watsonville CA location, I arranged to drive her bike there and do a fit check. The Wunderlich staff were skeptical, but when I held them up to the bike I could see no reason they wouldn't fit. To make it short: They do fit, just fine, no issues. I sent some pics demonstrating as much to the folk at Wunderlich and they said they would update the add copy, but as I write this it still states "does not fit". Simply not true. That said - I like these bars, and I also added the upper protection bar to complete the setup. The color match (Red) to the OEM frame color is spot on, and so they look OEM. The way the bars attach to the frame means they will really hold up when needed. Only two negatives: 1. These are crazy expensive. 2. Wunderlich's instructions are, simply, horrible. I mean really embarrassingly and inexcusably woeful, especially given what you are paying. Which is really nothing new: I have purchased half a dozen Wunderlich farkels over the years, and have been amazed at the poor state of documentation every time. As relates to these bars: You kind of have to figure it out as you go. Once you've done it once you could do it again in an hour, but who does it more than once? Count on three hours. I even used Google translate to try and translate some the the instructions in German back to English to see if I could get a bit more info, and that actually helped. I think they just run the German instructions through a computer translator - I find it hard to believe that anyone who translated them actually tried to use them. 3. As an other reviewer mentioned - the bolt/nut for used at the center stand are not well thought out. The lowered suspension bikes do not have a factory option for a center stand, but my wife's bike has the SW Motech center stand (for low-suspension model) which mounts identical to the OEM center stand, and the way Wunderlich designed their bolt/nut/bushing scheme for the center stand attachment is not, in my opinion, ideal. I ended up using the original SW Motech (same as BMW) bushing and buying my own M10x1.5 45mm bolt and nut and used that collection of hardware for a much better fitment. I take one star off for the above items, but am happy, and hope Wunderlich updates their web page to remove the incorrect comment about "low suspension" conflict.

    The best protection for engine
    Excellent protection for engine and wide enough for the rider protection also. Still recommend the upper protection bar, for bike fairing. Installation instructions are not quite straight forward. Protection bars go all the way back trough the g=foot peg not as BMW or Touratech, thus giving side protection to the engine. There are two things that I would improve, engine alternator is a little bit unprotected and the installation (torque tightening) for that part is almost impossible. Also the center stand bolt has to be replaced, the ones provided by Wunderlich are too long (M 10x35 and M10 x 40), they create wear on retract spring(which is dangerous ). I have cut the bolt 5 mm and used thread-lock.

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