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LED Tail Light

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      LED Tail Light

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      Caution! Our LED Tail Light does not fit all bike models. Please select your bike if you are not sure.

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    LED Tail Light

    This tail light offers both a visual and technical improvement. The clear plastic housing optically continues the lines of the silver tail. The LEDs are clear when off but shine intensely red when switched on. These high performance LEDs are nearly indestructible and extremely bright. Multiple LEDs replace the single filament of a standard bulb and virtually eliminate the possibility of tail light failure, providing an increase in passive safety. Additionally, the LEDs are brighter than the standard incandescent bulb, making you more visible in all traffic situations. A bank of clear LEDs provide bright license plate illumination.

    • Easy installation without permanent modifications
    • Tested by the German safety authority, T√úV
    • Everything needed is included in the kit
    • Compatible with Can Bus system

    R1200 GS and Adventure owners please note:
    This part only fits up to and including 2007 models.

    Please Note: This is an updated and improved part. The base is matte black plastic and the lens and LEDs have been further refined and improved. The image above shows the part currently supplied.

    *Installation estimated at 45 minutes for this part may vary depending on skill level.



    Werner AlpenSchlusser
    Verified Buyer
    Very satisfied
    Installed on a 2005 R1200GS - Installation was not bad, a little tricky but only specific to my bike with custom items mounted that had to be removed or adjusted to accommodate the install. Performance is amazing. Light is super-bright, responsive and looks OEM. Fitment is great. I'm very pleased and would recommend this light.

    JP Haley
    Verified Buyer
    Nice Product - Tricky Install
    Instructions are adequate, but BMW doesn't make it easy to install because of the amount of preliminary Torx screws that must be undone before getting to the three 10mm nuts holding in the stock tail light. On my 2015 F800GT the gray wire with red stripes turned out to be the running light, the one with yellow stripes was the brake. It took some trial and error but knowing the brown one is ground (-) for both helps. Plan on a couple of hours to install unless you are certified and do this sort of thing all the time. Light does look nicer and is brighter, however, once the job is done.

    Timothy Bailey
    Verified Buyer
    Easy Install
    Destroyed stock taillight on 2006 R1200GS ADV on Klondike Hwy. lED unit very bright and expect durability on the TransLabrador this July

    Verified Buyer
    Be Seen!
    I purchased a '05 r1200gs a couple of months ago and and found that the 1157 LED bulb the previous owner put in the tail light failed to significantly change brightness when the brakes were active, and caused a bulb fault on the dash. So I found Wunderlich's solution. The installation was simple and it solved the bulb fault. I highly recommend this tail light if you're looking to upgrade your lights.

    James W
    my instructions did not include the 2006 F650GS, BUT...
    The instructions do not include the 2006 F650GS. However, you can install it yourself with a little mechanic inclination. The wiring will also need some swapping around as following the schematic will result in the brake light staying on. Anyway, I am happy with the final result. If you purchase this product for this make & model, be sure to totally ignore the directions unless it gets rewritten. Peace

    Stephen Shearin
    Good piece of gear!
    Brighter & faster reacting than stock (2005 GS1200). I like it!

    Great Light
    They seemed to have fixed the issues previous posters complained about. Plug and play install with no problems so far. Half the price of BMW OEM light.

    I love this lamp. The stock tail light is droll. This matches the original headlamp much better.

    Wanna buy one?
    Bought this as an upgrade for my rear light, thinking it'd be brighter and more noticeable. Not so say my riding partners, they actually complained that they could not see my brake light well in bright light. I removed it and put the stock unit back on - it's brighter and looks better and the red lens has a bit of reflectance. Very recently replaced the innards of the stock setup with an LED array, that seems to be the best setup so far. One of the only items I have ever been disappointed by from Wunderlich.

    05 F650 GS DAKAR tail/brake light
    The part fit perfectly, looks and works great, very bright.A good buy. Always good to be more visible.

    Denis Bertrand
    Good buy.
    Easy to install, good material, looks clean. What can i say its a good buy. I recommend it.

    R. Hensley
    G650GS 2012 Install
    I read the reviews by others and went ahead and used a sponge sanding block and removed the \"chrome\" from the new light. The chrome paint comes off super easy with the sanding sponge and 5 minutes later it was all black and looked great. Install on my G650GS was difficult because 2 of the 3 bolts are very difficult to reach and even though I have a lot of tools, nothing worked other than microscopic turns of each bolt with a box wrench (a ratcheting 10mm wrench might have worked better but I don\'t have a metric set of those). THERE ARE ALSO NO DIRECTIONS FOR THE G650GS IN THE BOX OR ONLINE, SO YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN TO FIGURE IT OUT. For the 2012 G650GS, the wires connect directly at the light, so you don\'t have to mess with the old wiring at all, but you end up with a LOT of extra wiring on the new light that you have to tuck somewhere. Re-installatiing the nuts and tightening them was a lesson in patience. Took me 1.5 hours because of the difficult bolt removal and re-installation. For reference, it took me 15 minutes to install Pivot Pegz on this bike.

    Tom D
    Better than expected
    I started having LAMPF! on my 2006 1200 GS Adventure and when I went to put a new bulb in, I noticed how corroded things were back there, so I purchased this LED taillight despite reading some of the negative reviews. The unit looks EXACTLY like the one in the picture here on the website, so I'm not sure if Wunderlich has changed these or not... It was pretty easy to install, but be warned if you have the standard GSA panniers, it is WAY easier to get this installed if you remove the racks for the panniers first, as they bolt into the underside of the bike where the license plate holder is attached. It can be done without removing the racks, but it's much easier after you remove them. Instructions were very good, installation was easy and this thing really puts out a lot more light than the stock bulb. Very happy with this and I don't understand all the negative comments about the cheap look of the plastic that looks like chrome. It all looks fine to me.

    G650GS looks like a 1200
    Fits perfect at my G650GS 2010. it is simple to install, do not need to cut wires. Looks very nice, like a 1200.

    Bill Carson
    LED Tail Light
    I installed the light the other weekend. I'm very pleased with the brightness of the light. It was easy to install and looks good perched under the luggage rack and between the pannier racks. Much more visible than the original.

    Mick Locke
    Works Great, looks not so good !
    My original unit had rusted to the point of being no longer viable. So I shopped around and there's not a lot of choice out there. This unit is incredibly bright, easy to fit and works. Just have others have said though it looks and feels cheap. Let's be honest, it's a GS - there not known for having an easy life and as long as I'm seen that's all I care about. This was a great option and well worth the money. Perhaps an upgrade by blacking it out would appease those fashion riders.

    Gary Smith
    Cheap appearance but effective and easy to fit
    In common with other reviewers I was disappointed with the cheap appearance but it was reasonably easy to fit and is very bright. Note that the fitting instructions assume that you don't have the mounting frame for the side cases fitted. If you have side cases you may need to loosen the mounting frame to get access to the rear light assembly.

    DC Bikes
    LED Tail Light
    The LED Tail Light is a vast improvement over the stock tail light (bulb) assembly. BUT...the "chromed" housing is pretty cheap looking. I sanded off the "chrome" down to the black plastic, then cut and applied some reflective tape to add some safety features. Overall I'm happy with how it turned out, but was disappointed when I pulled it out of the box.

    Steve Cantrelle
    Cheesy Chromed Plastic...really?!
    The LEDs and the lens look great and are a lot brighter than the single bulb. Its the housing that doesn't look very good. It looks nothing like the picture on the web site. The housing is made of a cheesy chromed plastic...not something I'd want to put on my GS. I'll be breaking out the good old flat black spray paint soon.

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