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Handlebar Muffs, 'Safety'

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      Handlebar Muffs, 'Safety'

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    Handlebar Muffs, 'Safety'

    The heated grips only warms the palms of your hands. The best protection for cold fingers comes from outside with the classic handlebar muffs. Our muffs, made of absolutely water-tight, high-quality fabric are simply slipped over the handlebar grips on the right and left and fixed with a quick-release fastener. A transparent window in the area of the switch units made of UV-resistant, flexible PVC glass (does not fade) helps to avoid errors in using the controls.

    These are not universal muffs but were specially developed for all BMW models with and without hand guards. They ensure riding fun whatever the temperature. Small pack size.

    With 3M-SCOTCH reflex material by signal effect. Signal effect on the unlit flank of the motorcycle day and night. Higher passive security.



    Verified Buyer
    Works perfectly
    2020 R1250 GS. I've had them for one winter season and am hooked! I can now ride with my normal summer leather gloves and low heat on the grips. In 20+f my hands are still quite comfortable. This go on/off quite easy, so one the Fall/Spring days i can put them on in the morning and remove for evening ride home. I like the plastic window. Well worth the price for me.

    George Karl
    Verified Buyer
    Blocks mirrors warning
    Just note that these block mirrors on frame mounted mirrors like R1200RT. They have a slit that is designed to wrap around a handlebar mount mirror that leaks air and rain. To get mirrors for handlebars you have to buy the mounting bracket (about $80) and 2 mirrors (about $230). So all together just putting these on cost me almost $600 for unexpected issues. Do they work? Well, they might “help” some but wind/rain WILL get on your hands from those slits that go around the handlebar mirror stalks. For me, not worth $600 of parts just to have them, still needed my waterproof gloves under them unfortunately. Give them 2 stars.

    Theodore Ovall
    Verified Buyer
    They're cold!
    You need to use a pair of gloves with these, even with heated hand grips. Without the hand shields holding them open and off your skin, they would rest on your hands and make them colder. They look stiff in the pictures but they are too flexible in wind. They were very easy to install on my GS1200R.

    Stephen M Pitman IV
    They work!
    Even though this is the Mojave Desert, it gets cold! Took a mile to two to get used to the muffs, but after that, placing my hands into them was almost instinctive. Very slight restriction to reach the horn/directionals, but nothing that a few more miles wouldn't fix into memory. My heated grips on low kept my hands very warm - riding at 70+mph and 27F. Got a few surprised looks from drivers and possibly some jealous looks from fellow motorcyclists as they braved the weather. Easy install even with no instructions. Highly recommend!

    Verified Buyer
    Work great
    They work great on my 2015 BMW R1200R. I've ridden with them as in low 40 degree F temps and my hands stayed pretty warm. I had to turn off my heated grips at one point. My hands got too hot. Combined with gloves and my heated grips I am sure I can get down to below freezing temps.

    Verified Buyer
    Yes, Keeps hand warm
    I ride an BMW R1200GS and the new muffs with the safety clear vinyl are nice. Few issues like the diameter near the clear vinyl needs to be enlarged about 1-inch diameter, as you have to push the vinyl area of muff out to clearly get to the controls. Secondly, the velcro that goes around the mirror is sewn from back going forward, when it should be reversed from forward back so this blocks rain and wind. Lastly, I added a strip of velcro on the inside where it curves onto the handguards, allowing the muff to be position back with NO movement as your placing your hands in & out. Maybe Wunderlich will call me for slight improvements. overall a quality product, worth the money.

    No more cold hands
    They work great. I used to put on (not protective) heated gloves and still was cold, but now I find myself setting the heated grip to low when I get too warm. My only concern is that based on their fit, the clear plastic window hits the heated grip button on my bike and sets it from high to low almost every time when putting hands in and out. As I break them in that might go away and certainly not a reason to forgo these.

    good...but you must have above handlebar mirrors
    This is the second time I've ordered these and this time I'll keep them. Orginally I sent them back because they completely blocked the below handlebar mirrors on my '13 RT. Subsequently I've discovered the bits to add GS mirrors to my RT and now they work great. The instructions on the muffs are wildly insufficient but with enough messing around you can figure them out. the clear plastic is very useful. They do a great job of blocking wind and capturing heat. medium weight gloves and the grip heaters are just fine. I've not ridden the rain with them but it looks like that won't be a problem

    Warm Hands
    Ride without gloves down to freezing with heated grip set on low.Great investment if you like to ride when there are no bugs out.Fitted on 2014 GSA LC......good fit!

    Wunderlich Handle Bar Muffs
    I love these! I ride a BMW F800ST; this means the clutch and brake levers are my only form of wind protection! I have delayed buying these for a year and have regretted it ever since I have purchased them. The first week that I received them, I used them in temperatures ranging from 7 deg F through about 25 deg F. They were truly amazing! Even on the coldest rides, my leather summer gloves and the grip heaters on low were enough to keep my hands warm; my hands would actually feel too hot if my grip heaters were on high for too long! I haven't had much of an issue replacing my hand into the muff after travelling like some reviewers have noted, but the opening does close somewhat on my set. The biggest negative about these is that they are designed for a "universal" fit. I do receive a few drafts onto my hand from time to time, and they require a bit of patience while placing them over my brake fluid reservoir and other items on the handlebars. They are also not a "quick on/off" in that it may take me up to ten minutes or so to get them fastened to my liking. Overall, I highly recommend these items and plan on buying a pair for my wife's motorcycle soon.

    Ken O'Malley
    Handle Bar Muffs Work!
    After recommendations from friends I purchased the muffs and then headed cross country to California. Rain and 32-degrees in Louisiana then a 26-degree morning in Texas were no problem with medium weight gloves and the handlebar grips on low most of the time. The muffs fit great and the clear panels were a help in selecting controls. If hands are removed at speed the openings tend to close and care is required to reinsert the hand so caution is required. I was more comfortable with the muffs than using heated gloves. Removal and installation on my F800GS with oversize brush guards was not a problem.

    Doug R
    Great Product, Does the Job
    Purchased these muffs to keep my hands warm on really cold winter mornings. Primarily for a K1300S, but also for my 1999 Triumph Daytona 1200 and Multistrada 1200. Fit all 3 bikes very well. The handlebar mounted mirror on the Multistrada fit the muff cutout perfectly. The other two bikes have fairing mounted mirrors so was not an issue. Overall, these should work great and keep my hands warm. I took a quick ride with the muffs installed and didn't really see an issue with the hand/arm openings being tough to re-insert my hand if removed. I actually prefer the opening to be flexible so the wind blast is able to blow the cuff tight around the front of my arm while riding.

    Love em
    Hard to put on but they work. Had to remove the plastic parts of my BarkBusters, but 4 screws and their back on.

    Pepe Perez-Sanz
    They do the job
    I put them on my 2011 BMW F800ST. The fit is good but the brake reservoir on the right side induces a little rotation which tilts the muff downward; this is not a problem as the muff is soft and pliable. A little wind gets in but only minimally. At speed the wind can collapse the sleeve opening making it tricky to get your hand back in after you take it out. I have used this item at highway speeds at low 20\\\\\\\'s Fahrenheit with only my summer gloves and grip heaters. Very comfortable and my handlebar controls are fully visible. Minimal interference noted with my mirrors (I have mirror extenders). I am pleased with this purchase.

    Paul Fison
    Great for winter riding - K1600GT
    I like wearing thin gloves and my new K1600GT doesn't have as good a protection as my R1200RT did so I had to switch to heavy gloves for the winter. These allow me to go back to my summer gloves. The only thing I can think to make them better would be some stiffeners around the opening. At high speed the opening closes down some and its not as quick to get your hand back in as I'd like.

    Don Eilenberger
    Don't leave home without them.. '07 R1200R
    Really. I've been known to toss them in a sidecase in mid-summer. They work great on an R1200R (with GS handguards installed.) They are good for cold weather, they're great for wet weather, and really great for cold/wet weather. I use my summer weight gloves under them and have to turn the heated grips off when it gets above about 40F. Below 40F, I periodically turn the grips on low, and have nice toasty warm hands. You do learn not to wave to another bike just as you're pulling up to a stop-sign or traffic light, but once you learn when it's safe to remove your left (or in my case either hand - I have a throttle drag O ring) they aren't a problem at all. Mine do stay open when moving even with my hand removed. One hint - my left one for some reason would flap at higher speeds (70MPH and up..) even with my hand in it. This was annoying. I fixed it by closing up the opening just a bit using a binder-clip on the inside of the sewed seam. When I get around to it, I'll sew it closed just a bit so I can remove the binder clip. All in all - 5 stars are deserved. They make winter riding much more fun!

    Tim Becker
    back where?
    I purchased these to help with rain and wind on cold days. I ride well down into the teens and they work perfectly. They do block the factory mirrors on the R1200RT so if you want to see who is back there, you'll need to add some mirrors with stems.

    I haven't ridden much cold weather since getting them, they fit my 650 Dakar well and my Can-am Spyder also. With hand warmers the muffs keep the heat from blowing away. I'm pleased with them so far.

    Richard Harmon
    Handle Bar Muffs
    The Handle Bar Muffs are a quality product at a fair price. I like them more than I did the heavy vinyl ones produced during the 1960's. These are light and pack down small enough to fit into you luggage so that they can be used should you run into cold or wet weather. The clear window over the switch area is a nice touch. The fit tightly over the plastic Wunderlich Handle Bar Wind Protectors that I have installed on my 2009 BMW F650GS.

    Gene Williams
    While not exactly elegant, these fit fine on my 2008 K12GT. They block the cold wind on the backs of my hands very effectively. I intend to keep them in my side case any time it might turn cold.

    Gary Smith
    Mediocre fit on a 2006 R1200GS Adventure
    The bar muffs are good quality and nicely designed with a clear plastic window to be able to see the controls and a slot shaped cut-out which I think is designed to allow the mirror stalk to pass through the muff. The muffs are sized to fit over the standard BMW hand protectors on the GS Adventure. The cut-out in each muff can be covered and tightened with a small velcro sheet and two tightening straps. Unfortunately the fit is poor on my 2006 GS Adventure so that the velcro and straps have to be tightened around the mirror stalk in such a way that the clear plastic window is quite tight on the controls and the rest of the muff is not positioned very well. These bar muffs might be perfect on another bike but don't fit the '06 GS Adventure very well.

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