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Horn Guard
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      Horn Guard

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      Caution! Our Horn Guard does not fit all bike models. Please select your bike if you are not sure.


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    Horn Guard

    Does this sound familiar? You are maneuvering your bike into or out of a tight spot and it becomes necessary to turn the bars all the way to the steering stop. Your tank bag contacts the horn button and not only are you startled, but so is everyone else around you. This simple part puts an end to that embarrassing situation once and for all and it works with any brand of tank bag. The bracket is easily installed, normal use and function of the horn is not affected.

    • Prevents accidental sounding of horn.
    • Bonus: Reduces staring by surprised bystanders.
    • Solid construction.
    • Easy to attach.

    R1200 RT owners please note: This part fits up to 2009 model year only.




    Horn guard
    I’m not that guy in the parking lot that everyone is staring at any more. Works great 👍 easy to install . Thank you Wunderlich

    Cleve Bryant
    Verified Buyer
    Does the Job
    Expensive for what it is, but does the job. If you have anything bigger than the smallest bag, you need it. Be sure to note that the ring on the guard goes just above the washer and locknut. Dont use Threadlock on it, or it'll be ruined if you need to take it off.

    Gene Bryant
    Verified Buyer
    This is an excellent product, beautifully made, and relatively easy to install. I have GS mirrors on my 2003 R1150RT, so I was glad to have extra hardware to work with those. I was a bit apprehensive about being able to tighten the lock nut enough to keep the mirror from working loose. However, it remained in place across a 150-mile ride. Just be sure the mirror is in the right place, because the lock nut holds! If you are using the lower stock mirrors, there is no issue.

    Steve Woodward
    Verified Buyer
    A replacement unit
    I really loved this little gadget the first time I bought it - it was a lot cheaper! The first unit worked great at it's intended job - keeping a full lock left turn from activating the horn. It didn't stand up so well to the collision with a car. I have no doubt the replacement will work just as well.

    Thomas Domenz
    Verified Buyer
    Horn Guard on 2006 K1200GT
    Works fine after bending a few places to make it fit.

    Verified Buyer
    Works fine
    Bought the horn guard for my R1100GS. I'm using a Bags Connection "City" tank bag mounted as far backwards as possible using EVO tank ring system. I put the minimum amount of stuff in the left outside pocket of the bag so as not to make the pocket bulge out, but I still get the horn honk when I crank the bars hard over. This little gizmo fixed that. Nice.

    Super easy, super fast and it does what it promises!

    Simply solution that just works
    Installed on my 2007 R1200RT. I was hitting the horn button whenever performing a tight turn or even locking the handlebars when parking. The button would hit the corner of the tank bag. This blocks the forward third of the switch and prevents contact by my bag but still allows easy thumb access to activate the horn when needed.

    Works as expected
    Works as I expected it to for my R1200RT. Easy instructions and all the needed bolts whether you have additional mirrors or not.

    John Boon
    K1200GT 2008 easy to install and works great
    I have used this device 80,000+ miles. I have experienced no trouble using my horn when I want to and not using it when I don't. This device blocks my tank bag from hitting the horn hump during low speed tight turns yet permits me to thumb the horn.

    Works as expected
    Bought this for my non-husbands birthday. He had it installed in no time. I know it works as I no longer hear him pull into the driveway.

    2009 BMW R1200GSA
    This is a simple item that works to perfection though enclosed hardware could be improved.

    Robert Snow
    K1200GT 2007 horn guard review
    Will do the job but reduced head bolt length too short, when the fiber locknut is tightened it does not come into safety. The bolt needs to be 2 or 3 threads longer. Disappointing. Afraid it may loosen over time with vibration.

    Peter Burke
    Fit my '10 R12GSA perfectly
    I was reluctant to buy after reading Michael's review but Wunderlich has a very good return policy so I gave it a try. I think the trouble he might have had was the front bolt is recessed on the bottom so it appears it's not long enough to reach the bottom of the horn guard. But they supply a threaded spacer that fills that gap. I had no problems at all installing this, and since I have a very loud Stebel horn it will be nice not accidentally scaring tourists out of their knickers.

    Non-functional on 2010 K13GT
    I believe this item would work on bike with the earlier style of controls, with turn signal buttons on each grip. On the new style controls on the K13GT the device does not fit well and does not protect the horn button.

    Victor Henderson
    Great but a little room for improvement.
    Works perfectly and is made of quality materials. My only complaint is that I feel the bolts supplied could be had a higher quality finish on them.

    Wish I had seen this item sooner. If you use a tank bag that is big enough to hold anything, you have accidentally honked your horn when backing out of a parking space and turning as you back out. This little gizmo stops that embarrassing moment. Another excellent product.

    Casey Hearn
    Piece of CRAP
    I just got this. Received it earlier this week end just got in from "TRYING" to install it. it freaking broke in half. what a piece of junk. Thin metal and no wonder they just lowered the price to 20.00 Come on Wunderlich... I actually had respect for you until this... So disappointed.

    Dan Diener
    BMW Should have thought of it!
    Simple part. Simple to install. It has already saved me several crimson faces this riding season. I am glad I bought it!

    Horn Guard
    Purchased horn guard for my R1200R/T. Traveling all loaded down, tank bag etc. Just seemed every time I got gas had my feet down and just moving the bike around the horn button would always hit the tank bag. People would be looking and wondering whats this guy honking at. Well problem solved.

    Finally a cure for strangers giving me the finger!
    Why BMW makes the "camel hump" horn switch is a mystery. The bump will blow your horn at the worst possible moment when you are making that tight 3 point turn while the three one percenters are looking on in disgust at your choice of ride. If you have one of those really loud air horns the angst will begin while you try not to look at the V-Twin gallery. Anyway, here is a five minute fix that really works and it looks like it should have been there all along.

    David Fontenot
    Does just what i needed to do. No more horn blowing in the parking lot as i turn to the left and the horn hits the tankbag.

    Jeff W>
    Horn Guard
    Excellant product and should be included w/ the Bags Connection City tankbag. 'Would highly recommend.

    Horn Button Guard Review
    I was constantly hitting the horn button on my tank bag. This item installed in less than 5 minutes and that has never happened again. The guard covers a little more of the button than I was imagining but after a little practice there is no trouble getting to it when needed.

    John Kaltenbach
    Love it.
    I was tired of my horn button hitting my tank bag. I about jumped out of my skin in my garage a few times turning around, not to mention the embarrassment of honking around cars in town, or behind another motorcycle on a curvy mountain road. As always with Wunderlich, the part is very well thought out, high quality, the instructions are easy to understand, and it is easy to install with all the required parts included. Highly recommend!

    Tom Turlock
    This horn guard works perfectly
    Easy Install. All parts included. Exact Fit. Color Match. Light but Strong. Reasonably fast delivery. In short, exactly what I needed.

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