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Wunderlich Cruise Screen

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    • Part # 35380402-403
      Wunderlich Cruise Screen
      Available in: Black or Tinted

    • (5) 5 Reviews
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      Caution! Our Wunderlich Cruise Screen does not fit all bike models. Please select your bike if you are not sure.

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    Wunderlich Cruise Screen

    Available in: Black or Tinted

    Finally, a Bagger windscreen that lives up to its name!

    With our "CRUISE" windscreen, which we tailored specially for the body of the BMW K 1600 B, we've created a visually appealing Bagger windscreen that integrates perfectly into the imposing front end and the typical Bagger silhouette. The cut of the windshield now follows the line of the upper fittings and gives the powerful Bagger a coherent and harmonious character.

    This windscreen lets you move your Bagger exactly how it's meant to move: With the screen fully down you can enjoy the full flow of air for cruising, while raised the screen guarantees adequate wind protection for quick trips or riding on the motorway.

    Our screen is available in a tinted version or black) , and it's our opinion that the black is ultimately the best as it also emphasizes the character of the Bagger.

    The facts:

    • Stylish Bagger windscreen that also fits other 1600s
    • Significant improvement to the look
    • Extremely resistant PMMA plastic, 5 mm thick
    • Harmonious flow with zero turbulence
    • Width 560 mm, height 440 mm
    • Delivery includes ABE
    • Easy fitting by swapping components
    • Adjusts like the original windscreen



    Quincy Jackson
    Changed the game!
    This screen really changed up the look of the bike! Great quality and easy to install.

    Christian Belsky
    Verified Buyer
    Wunderlich Cruise Screen, Black
    I saw this black windscreen on a Grand Americaon-line and thought it really changed the look of the bike for the better, so I bought one. It's lower than the stock windscreen by about 5 inches (a guess, I didn't measure it). It gives my 2018 GA more of a "bagger look" that is also more aggressive looking than the stock screen. The chrome hardware really pops on this bad-boy. It is black, not tinted, so you can't see through it, as someone else mentioned. I'm 6'5" and prefer to look over the screen anyway, so no vision issues for me. We've had rain every weekend since I bought and installed it (installation was very easy, but you need a hex wrench), so I haven't ridden very far, but it does offer good wind protection, despite being shorter. I'm looking for a longer ride to really get the feel of this screen. Unfortunately, more rain is forecast for this and next weekend.. grrrr.

    Lowell Bruhn
    Verified Buyer
    Great Item!
    Exactly as the description reads. Really changes the look of the bike for the positive. Note: If you're short and look through the windshield this may not be for you. It's not tinted and completely black.

    Verified Buyer
    K1600B Cruise Screen Fark
    I took the advice of the Wunderlich Team and put on the dark cruise screen and I'm glad I listened to them. The screen is of high quality and what a difference it makes to the look of the bike. I have had lots of positive comments about the change and how it has enhanced the sleek look of the bike. To all those K1600 B owners all I can say is You won't be disappointed.

    Verified Buyer
    Nailed it
    The OEM windscreen is probably the worst engineered part on the bagger. This one does the bike justice. I'm able to eliminate the buffeting and wind noise more effectively with this raised little over half way than I was with the OEM fully raised...and it looks 100% better

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