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Wunderlich Vario Pivot Set Rider
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    • Part # 31550000-002
      Wunderlich Vario Pivot Set Rider
      Available in: Silver or Black

    • (4) 2 Reviews
    • $79.95

      Estimated Install
      Time 6 minutes*

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      Caution! Our Wunderlich Vario Pivot Set Rider does not fit all bike models. Please select your bike if you are not sure.


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    Wunderlich Vario Pivot Set Rider

    Available in: Silver or Black

    Our Vario rest system is the ultimate solution when it comes to  ergonomic adjustable footrests. With an adjustment range of 100 mm diameter, it leaves nothing to be desired. No matter whether you've got big feet or small ones, whether you want to increase the lean angle freedom or just comfortably relieve the knee angle. The eight different adjustment options within a full 360 degrees ensures enormous flexibility. This ergonomic adjustment foot peg system is available for both rider and passenger.

    All parts are made from high-solidity aluminum and anodized in silver or black. See related products for other color option

    The Vario joint, the Vario adapter and the desired footrest for each side are all required for complete assembly.

    The base of the system is the silver or black Vario Pivot Set that matches the corresponding vehicle model and available in Rider or Passenger Version, with the joint being mounted on the footrest bracket in place of the footrest.

    A Vario adapter is mounted on the Vario Joint, the Vario adapters are available in the following lengths and colors: See Related Products

    • 23 mm 25912000 in silver
    • 23 mm 25912002 in black
    • 30 mm 25912030 in silver
    • 30 mm 25912032 in black
    • 50 mm 25912050 in silver
    • 50 mm 25912052 in black

    All 3 lengths can be attached in eight different directions in a 360 degree radius

    The Foot Rest is now attached to the adapter, which can also be fitted with a rubber insert (item no. 25913002). See Recommended Accessories


    • The Vario Pivot Set will place the foot position slightly outboard from stock position
    • Depending on Model/Year, there may be accessories available to assist in Rider comfort: Brake Lever Enlarger, Brake Lowering Kit, or Gear Shift Enlarger
      • *Installation estimated at 6 minutes for this part may vary depending on skill level.



    Alexander McDonell
    Good Product, Bad Instructions
    The Pivot Set was difficult to install because the instructions misrepresented the design of the stock spring and failed to address how to compress the stock spring so that it would fit with the Pivot Set. It took me some time to find a technique that would work. The instructions should have anticipated this problem and addressed it. I also do not like the picture-only instructions. The instructions would be Much better if the pictures were used to illustrate the written instructions. There also should have been a Clear Reference on the Product Page that the Brake Lever Lowering Kit was Required or at least Strongly Recommended with the Pivot Set. Finally, the Product Description should have indicated that the footrests would end up being outboard of where the original footrests were, so the Gear Shift Peg extender and Brake Lever extender would be also recommended.

    Well made product
    Bought entire set up. Now my R1150R fits me perfect. Very happy.

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