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Wunderlich Handlebar Risers - Silver, 20mm
    Purchase Wunderlich Handlebar Risers - Silver, 20mm
    • Part # 31011001
      Wunderlich Handlebar Risers - Silver, 20mm

    • (4.6) 33 Reviews
    • $89.95

      Estimated Install
      Time 20 minutes*

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      Caution! Our Wunderlich Handlebar Risers - Silver, 20mm does not fit all bike models. Please select your bike if you are not sure.
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    Wunderlich Handlebar Risers - Silver, 20mm

    These handlebar risers were designed especially for the R nine T and they blend in perfectly between the top fork clamp and handlebar clamps. Visually, these risers are hardly noticeable however they make a very noticeable difference in comfort and handling.

    • Improved handling
    • Increased comfort due to more upright seating position
    • Machined of solid aluminum (not a casting)
    • Raised handlebars 20 mm (9/16")
    • Supplied with all needed hardware
    • Tested and approved by TUV
    • Made in Germany
    • Now supplied with TORX fasteners, just like original!

    K1600 Bagger & K1600 Grand America Owners Please Note: These Handlebar risers work if your handlebars are tube style handlebar.  If your handlebars are aluminum cast handlebars then you will want 45020001 Handlebar Risers


    Please Note: Exceptions to model/year fitment

    K1600 Bagger2017 + with tube handlebar
    K1600 Grand America2018 + with tube handlebar

    *Installation estimated at 20 minutes for this part may vary depending on skill level.



    Jeffrey Strean
    Verified Buyer
    20 mm Risers
    This was an excellent and simple modification to my 2017 RnineT Pure. The riding position is much more comfortable. The parts are well made and finished. They match the bike perfectly. I put them on in 15 minutes with no modifications to the cables.

    Verified Buyer
    More comfortable riding position
    High quality, made in Germany and what you'd expect from Wunderlich. Excellent finish to match stock parts on bike and quality longer Torx bolts. They do make the riding postion a little more comfortable on the R nine T. I'm 6'2" and these 20mm risers combined with the short windshield from Wunderlich help, granted it's not a touring bike. Seem to make the bike handle a little better. Routing of the brake, clutch and electrical lines was ok with the short windshield brackets and the 20mm risers, however, I don't think I would have had enough slack in the lines had I gone with the 40mm risers (combined with the windshield brackets), for those of you trying to decide on the height of brackets to purchase. Definitely would purchase the 20mm risers again. See my review on the Wunderlich short windshield tinted.

    Verified Buyer
    very nice
    easy to install; use a torque wrench. makes the ride much more comfortable.

    Perfect fit
    Makes a (surprisingly) amazing difference in handling. Looks great; high quality; torx screws.

    Verified Buyer
    why we buy from Wunderlich
    This is why we buy stuff from Wunderlich. The fit and finish are great. Exactly BMW OEM quality. Easy to install. Mine came with the Torx bolts so the finished look is perfect.

    R nine t handlebar risers
    It’s hard to believe that 9/16” could make that much of a difference, but the riding position is very much improved with these risers. Product quality is also very good, as it looks like original equipment on my 9t classic. Installation was easy; however, the loctite used in original assembly made bolt removal a bit more of a challenge than the video indicates.

    B.K. Wong
    Verified Buyer
    50 year rider - new to BMW
    This set of handlebar risers is just what I was looking for. It makes my riding position much more comfortable and was a snap to install. Updates must have been made as my riser set came with torx head bolts and the finish is quite acceptable.

    peter rissi
    Verified Buyer
    Urban g/s
    Looks great, easy install, no wiring problems. Great product that along with the lowering pegs, make a much more comfortable ride! I’m 6’4”.

    Julian Saab
    Verified Buyer
    Fits Perfect !!!
    Excellent product , easy installation ....great German quality!!!

    Verified Buyer
    Very Nice Risers
    I ordered these for a 2017 RNineT Scrambler. They appear very well made. Unfortunately, I had ordered a replacement handlebar that increased the overall height and improved my riding position. So the BMW mechanic could not install these risers with the after market handlebars, unless I wanted a brake line and cable extension as well. So I had to return them. If you have the original handlebar, I suspect these will work as advertised since Wunderlich is a trusted brand.

    Verified Buyer
    Risers on a r nine t pure
    Easy installation and a noticeable better riding position for longer rides. Fully recommended.

    Verified Buyer
    Risers for Urban GS
    Installation was simple. Brake and clutch lines did not need rerouting. Used in conjunction with lower footpegs, the bike is much more comfortable for me.

    Jerry & Linda Parker
    Just installed the risers on my RnineT Scrambler. The OEM bolts were barely torqued, and the assembly of the risers didn't require the hammering shown in the video but the biggest problem was gaining enough slack in the throttle cable to allow full right lock (turn). Had to rotate bars toward headlight more than I wanted. Then had to loosen hand controls to provide additional cable clearance.

    Pete Smith
    Verified Buyer
    Handlebar Risers R nine T
    Just bought the new BMW Urban GS. I am 6 foot tall and an experienced rider. I took the bike out the first weekend for a 300 mile ride. The seating position was not ideal for me. I did some research and came across these risers. Best investment I made! Quality is very good and you really have to look close to notice them. Installation took about 10 min. I am ordering the foot peg relocation kit next to make the bike for me perfect. I love the quality and services this company gives.

    Verified Buyer
    Easy to instal, appearance is consistent with the original riser so blends in well. Best feature is the dramatically increased comfort in riding position. They are expensive, but very effective. Given all other bolts on the R9T are the Torx heads, the Allen key ones in the kit are slightly out place.

    Verified Buyer
    looks oem
    does not look like an aftermarket part, a clean uncluttered look. the finish does not match the stock risers but is close enough.( at a glance) takes some pressure off the wrists/palms -if you have back issues, you may need more rise and/or pull back. for me it is perfect, any more rise/pullback and it would change the lines of the bike ( R9T) and would need longer brake line ( imo). right now the front brake line touches the right fork ONLY at full steering lock-very acceptable. makes the bike more comfortable and slightly more flickable. i am about 5'- 9 "

    El Viejo
    Verified Buyer
    Simple & Effective
    Simple and effective and easy to install in 30 minutes if you have the Torx tool and a large metric allen key. I agree with the commentary that the finish isn't identical and that it should come with Torx bolts and not allen bolts for the price, but it does add a bit of comfort to my almost 6 foot frame. I later added the footpeg lowering kit and that makes the bike MUCH more comfortable for long rides.

    Verified Buyer
    Handle Bar Risers
    I am tall and adding the riser to my R nine T makes my ride more comfortable. Nice product made well the hard ware is not to the quality that I expect.

    Verified Buyer
    Rninet bar risers
    Good quality, and look good, delivered on the comfort too!! A bit pricey hence the 3 stars.

    William L. Nichols
    Verified Buyer
    R9T risers
    The risers are OK and they do move the bars up a little but I need them about two inches back for a better riding position. I will order a set of Rox brand risers that are made to pivot so the bars can move both up and back.

    David Kahn
    Poor Value; Lacking Attention to Detail
    Yes, these risers work as advertised, but you're paying $80 for two small, unpainted pieces of aluminum and four zinc plated allen head bolts. The risers don't match the stock, sliver painted handlebar clamps, and the allen bolts don't match the torx bolts that appear everywhere else on the bike. For $80, Wunderlich should at least get the details correct. (Incidentally, if you want to match the torx bolts, you'll need two 10M1.5 x 100mm bolts, which are not easy to find or cheap. You can reuse the two smaller torx bolts on the rider side of the handlebar clamp.)

    arif tuksal
    Amazing solution for drag bars
    i used this with my rizoma drag bar for R9T super happy

    james shannon
    r nine t risers
    Wanted a less forward riding feel on the bike. risers made an excellent improvement in comfort and handling. install was easy as long as you have the allen sockets and a good torc wrench. very happy with purchase.

    Mel Ortner
    Great on my R9T
    Simple installation of these quality risers made all the difference in comfort for me as did the peg lowering kit. Minimal measurement but maximum results.

    Robert Van
    Not impressed - but they work
    Yes, the risers work. However, this kit lacks attention to detail. The bolts supplied are standard allen key, not torx. Virtually the entire bike - and all of the cosmetically import areas - uses torx. Also, the finish on the risers isn't even close to that of the handlebar or top triple clamp.

    Robert Keen
    R nine T made better (for me)
    I hoped these risers would make my R nine T fit me better and, in conjunction with the Wunderlich footpeg lowering kit, I now have a much more comfortable ride. Highly recommended.

    bar riser
    totally agree with all previous comments. now i can iron butt in reasonable comfort . . . for an old guy.

    Quality product
    The fit and quality of the components are top notch. I recommend this kit.

    Fred Deal
    Great product and after sale help
    I went to install the kit and noticed that the locate pins did not require me to install them with a hammer hit, a little worried having watched the installation video a few times, called and was assured the pin issue was just that' a non issue very reassuring Regards FDEAl 04/14/15

    Ray Mylenek
    RnineT Handlebar Risers
    Very easy to install ... no modifications to cables required ... very functional, the angle on the OEM bar mount with the risers added results in a significant improvement in riding position.

    Fred Zust
    Great quality product. Just enough lift to make the riding position comfortable. Install easy no rerouting or changing of cables necessary. I think any higher would require cable work. Very satisfied.

    paul harrison
    installed in 10 minutes, look great and raise bars 3/4 without any adjustments to cables etc. on my r nine t well built as is all of Wuderlich's products

    nice risers
    these risers work well. the machining on them is nice. i fit them in 10 minutes. my handle bar is not stock, so i cannot comment on the riding position with stock bars, but with my set uo they works quite well.

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