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    The OilEye is a high quality, European made oil sight glass that replaces the oil filler plug of your transmission. You check your engine oil and tire pressures regularly but when is the last time you had a look at your transmission oil? With the OilEye installed, you will always be able to check your transmission oil with just a quick glance. In addition to the practical features of this part, it also adds a visual highlight to the bike.

    The OilEye is precision machined of aluminum and the eye is made of high quality glass. It is rated for pressure up to 10 bar (140 psi) and temperature up to 100C (212F) so you need not worry about its structural integrity. Especially on 2 valve twin engines, the transmission oil can become contaminated by water entering through a loosely fitting or worn speedometer cable boot. The oil then takes on a milky color and if this goes unnoticed, bearing failure is a likely result. On all models, it's possible for the rear transmission seal to fail and for the transmission oil to transfer into the swingarm. The OilEye provides peace of mind and can prevent costly repairs or inconvenient breakdowns.

    Installation is very simple: Just remove your original transmission oil filler plug with an 8mm allen wrench and replace it with the OilEye. The OilEye is supplied with a new seal ring and to tighten, you will need a 22mm socket or wrench. A fiber seal ring is included with the OilEye.



    Jim Hyde
    Beautifully Machined
    3 Days from ordering to arrival!!!!!! Beautifully machined. Simple install. Just a great piece of mind being able to see the tranny fluid level. I gave a 4 rating but should be a 4.5 due to the rubber crush washer. Torqued to instruction's specs and it smushed out the sides. Replaced with an aluminum crush washer and worked perfect!!!!!!!

    great product easy install
    title says it all I can see I have fluid in the tranny and that's is great for piece of mind. easy ride check now, nothing like one less thing on your mind before going for a ride.

    Robert Burnes
    Buy It Now!
    There's nothing better than seeing the oil level without removing and replacing a crush washer. Now, with the bike on the stand, I can view my transmission leve and my oil level. It's that easy. The price is awesome,the product is spot on, and the overall idea is amazing. Why there aren't more of these on the bike, I'll never know. Sure like to see one for the final drive oil! Hint-hint

    Charles E. Hursh
    Can't Really See the Oil Level
    Installed this on my 2011 R1200R. The transmission oil maximum level is even with the bottom of the fill hole. Because the viewing window is so small, for the transmission oil level to be clearly visible. it would have to be above the bottom of the fill hole. I figure it does have some usefulness as one should be able to see if there is any water contamination in the tranny oil. It fits well and does not leak.

    David Gross
    A small help...
    Easy install with no leaks. Sight glass helps visualize the condition of the fluid although viewing hole is pretty small - not like looking into the oil sight glass! Worthwhile for the money.....

    jenna novic
    Oooooo......I can see my tranny fluid.
    Works as advertised, I mainly got it to keep an eye on level and if/when I collect water in the trans when I fall over in a river. Thanks guys, a good tool for piece of mind.

    David Howard
    Oil Eye
    Well I found out from a BMW mechanic that the newer bike don\'t have a speedo cable where water can enter, it\'s electronic. Oh well,guess I can get the satisfaction of being able to view the trans fluid. 2009 R1200GS

    Simple and effective
    This is one of those small additions that are quick, easy and practical. No more guessing about your tranny oil level.

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