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Lifting Handle, Silver
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    • Part # 8160453
      Lifting Handle, Silver

    • (4.5) 33 Reviews
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      Time 10 minutes*

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      Caution! Our Lifting Handle, Silver does not fit all bike models. Please select your bike if you are not sure.


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    Lifting Handle, Silver

    Lifting the motorcycle onto the center stand can be a chore when the bike is fully loaded. The Wunderlich center stand lifting handle makes this task much easier. The hinged handle installs with an allen wrench and stays securely in place. Pull the handle out to lift the bike onto the stand and tuck it away when it is not needed. Silver anodized finish closely matches engine and frame.

    Also available in black.

    Attention R1200 GS ADVENTURE Owners! Please be aware that this part will not fit your bike if you have the BMW Adventure aluminum cases installed. The handle attaches in the same spot as the mounting brackets.

    *Installation estimated at 10 minutes for this part may vary depending on skill level.



    Joe Malin
    Verified Buyer
    Excellent workmanship, but
    Like all Wunderlich products, the lifting handle is well-made and sturdy. It even comes with useful instructions in English, which is not always a feature of Wunderlich products. You'll find the lifting handle particularly useful if you need to move your bike on or off the center stand when it's packed for a trip. OEM or common aftermarket side cases usually mount to a rear rack that has side bars; you can use this to help you lift. If, however, you add bags to the top of the rear rack, you can't reach the side bars. In this case, the lifting handle is invaluable. BUT Depending on the side cases you have, the lifting handle may not be a perfect fit. If you're not using side cases at all, you should have no problem. This is also true if you have the OEM side cases and rack. Givi Trekker Outback side cases attach to the R1200GSA using a Givi rack. Its forward mount to the frame is just _slightly_ too big to fit the lifting handle.

    Verified Buyer
    Easy to install, just above muffler. Makes getting the bike up much easier and is almost invisible when retracted. Very pricey but I'm over 70 and needed some help getting the bike on center stand.

    abhay v vadhavkar
    Verified Buyer
    Expensive but a well made and functional product
    Love the product. It works well. I think it is very expensive but I bought it anyway. There may be a less expensive option somewhere.

    Better than nothing.....
    This is the handle BMW should have included on the GS. The quality is very good but the actual lifting part of the handle should be longer to allow better grip. This product is also overpriced.

    Jon Miller
    Works for me
    I installed this lift handle on my F800GT because I wanted a little more leverage and stability in those situations where the ground is uneven or tilted, or when the bike is fully loaded. I mounted it just above the muffler on one of the frame downtubes. Oddly, Wunderlich advised me that this item is not correct for the GT, but it is easy to install, doesn't get in the way of anything, and works just fine. (4 stars because price is absurd!)

    Lift Handle
    I found it very difficult to mount on my 2012 r1200gs. Still trying to find a way to mount securly.

    Sam Nash
    Great add on
    Works like a champ on a 2005 1200gs. The price is an annoyance, but it does work well.

    Bob M.
    Nice Fit and Finish, however...
    ...this was my first ever order from Wunderlich, and while I understand no one is perfect, this product arrived missing one of the two allen bolts. I found this almost comical (that is after dropping a couple of f-bombs), being that there's only two required bolts and the handle in the package, so what was the QC breakdown that allowed this product to ship without one of three integral parts (rhetorically speaking). Props to Wunderlich though, as they shipped the bolt overnight (after some convincing). The handle is a piece of metal art, beautifully crafted and finished, however, on my 2013 GSA, it just doesn't mount in a position that makes it all that comfortable or convenient to assist getting the bike on its center stand. That said, I would not recommend this product, particularly at the steep price. And considering the bolt snafu, I probably won't be rushing out to make another purchase from Wundrerlich anytime soon.

    Nice Looking, Not Functional
    I was on the fence as to whether or not this would actually help, but b/c of it's low mounting position, I agree with a previous review, it's too low to be comfortably functional, and it only rotates about 25 degrees, which doesn't provide enough room to comfortably grab it. Aside from its finish/function, mine arrived minus one of the two allen bolts, which doesn't say much for the QC dept., however, after a call to WA, they promptly sent a bolt two-day post.

    Just what I needed
    Ok so it's a little pricey, but so far worth every penny. Easy install, looks like it belongs on my GS, works great and has saved my back.

    Louis A. Sousa
    Excellent product
    Very good product, makes lifting much easier. I had a bit of trouble fitting both of the plastic protectors on the interior of the mount. So far only one is there, i'll remove and install again. Take the instructions' advice and wrap the surrounding area with tape as it is easy to scratch the bike during the install.

    Frank Campbell
    Lift handle R1200GS
    The 1200GS being tall and heavy can be a chore to put up on the centerstand. The handle makes this task much easier indeed. It is well machined and installs in minutes with ordinary tools. Appearance wise it blends very well with the bike, giving the appearance of being OEM equipment. I have one installed on my 1100GS as well which has served me well for many years.

    Marvin Stewart
    Mounts to Low
    Took handle back off as it forces you to bend over and use your back instead of your weight to lift the bike

    Jimmy Patrick
    Lifting Handle
    Although very well made. I personnally didn\'t like how close the fitment was to the exhaust canister. I shipped it back for credit. Waiting on the credit to be applied.

    Ira Chavis
    Lifting handle to the rescue
    My back gets funky sometimes so having this handle gives me a little bit extra leverage to pull the bike on the center stand. I had one on my F650GS Twin and now on my R1200GS...item works as designed, looks good, and i would get one for my next motorcycle Part of the standard accessories i get.

    Lifting handle
    This item is well made, a good match for the bike, and arrived promptly. Seems a little \\\\"pricey\\\\" for something that was included as standard equipment on my K75, but it sure does make putting the GS on the centerstand a lot easier - so worth it in the long run :-)

    Dan Neelands
    Fantastic for tall people
    Oddly enough, this is a really great accessory for taller riders. Grabbing the frame without it is a drag. I can now pop my Adventure up on to the center stand even loaded for RTW. When you consider that the force to do that should be up and down you realize why this simple accessory is so effective. Costly but very well made. I have written this review after 2 years of use, it's not a first impression.

    J C Anderson
    Good But....
    In order to get a good enough wrench fit to achieve the gegree of tightness I needed to get some deeper socket head MM bolts, now it works just fine

    Brad Smith
    Lifting Handle
    The 2005 GS is notorious for being difficult getting it up onto the center stand. This handles , which installs easily and adds to the great GS looks, makes this action much easier than trying to grab a piece of frame.

    nice piece
    very nice, robust piece

    I love this product
    R1200GS - Sure, I could grab a frame rail, but this little handle pivots out to make the angle easier and the whole process of putting the bike on the center stand a breeze. Highly recommended. And, as a testament to Wunderlich, I had a minor problem with mine after it was on the bike for at least a couple of years, and they addressed the problem promptly and courteously. Frankly, it was old enough that it would have been ok if I had had to pay, but they took care of me. Great folks.

    Jay Valentine
    2005 Gs1200
    This is a great product and needful piece of equipment if you do any trail riding at all. As a 54 year old rider I enjoy the ease of lifting my bike up on the middle stand each time I complete a ride. Thanks for a wunderful product!

    What a relief
    Makes a guy wonder why these aren't orig. equip. on the R1150r, GSs, etc. A good, sturdy handle. Straightforward instructions. Lifting on the center stand is a breeze now.

    David Edge
    Easy to install and easier to lift
    Was finding it a bit ackward to grasp the frame when lifting in gloves. It is no longer so with the handle.

    Theo Cehun
    Easy does it
    Exactly what I was looking for- easy to install and makes lifting so much easier.

    ABQ Review
    Great for "Old Guy"
    Much easier than trying to contort wrist. Should have been standard equipment. Wunderlich - quaility!

    Lifting Handle (Silver)
    This is an awesome addition to my 2005 R1200GS. The 2005 model year is known to be a little difficult to get on the center stand. Wunderlich Lifting Handle makes a world of a difference. This product is a little pricey, but so far as proven to be worth the price in the way of quality and functionality.

    Al;an Bright
    Lifting Handle
    Works well, looks good and well constructed. Highly recommended.

    Jim Reynolds
    I spent the time to make sure the plastic liner shells aligned with the body halves before tightening up the fasteners. That's about as technical as you'll get installing the lifting handle. Gives you that extra bit of control while lifting the bike, matches nicely with theframe and other wunderlich components a swell. High quality.

    Jim Reynolds
    Give me a lift
    Just put this lift-assist on my R1200 GS: nice clean installation, quick, easy - gives you a better grip than grabbing onto the footpeg hanger.

    scott sellin
    very helpful
    having shortened the suspension of my GS, the lifting handle really makes it easier to put the bike on the centerstand.

    James D. Caulfield
    Quality product. I use it every time I put the bike on the centerstand. I haven't used it with luggage loaded, but I am confident it will greatly improve the lifting.

    Splinter Wrenn
    Lift Handle is great!
    After riding BMWs for 30 years, my '05 1200GS was the only bike I have ever had trouble lifting onto the center stand. This was compounded by shoulder surgery three months ago. The lift handle has been a marvelous improvement. The bike has now become one of the easiest to get on the stand, even with the crazy design of the '05 stand.

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