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Highway Pegs, Silver
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    • Part # 41140101
      Highway Pegs, Silver

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      Caution! Our Highway Pegs, Silver does not fit all bike models. Please select your bike if you are not sure.
      Warning! Important information below in the description.

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    Highway Pegs, Silver

    Not only do riders of choppers or cruisers need to have their legs extended at times. Enduro bikes can also used for long-distance rides whose drivers desire relaxation and recreation. Our practical and comfortable highway pegs attach to our engine protection bars for relaxed driving, which prevents some pain and cramping that can occur on a longer ride.

    The facts:

    • Easy installation on engine protection bars via included adapter
    • For mounting on any horizontal pipes with 25 mm diameter
    • Solid aluminum
    • Non-slip rubber support notch
    • When not in use discreetly folded
    • Effective "long-range tool"
    • Available in black or silver
    • Without German TÜV certificate


    Please Note: Exceptions to model/year fitment

    R1200 GS20132016Not in conjunction with valve cover protectors only with 35611-000
    R1200 GS20172018Not in conjunction with valve cover protectors only with 35611-000
    R1200 GS Adventure20052007Only in conjunction with 31400-001 with orig. roll bar
    R1200 GS Adventure20082009Only in conjunction with 31400-001 with orig. roll bar
    R1200 GS Adventure20102013Only in conjunction with 31400-001 with orig. roll bar
    R1200 R20152019Not in conjunction with valve cover protectors only with 35611-000
    R1200 RS20152019Not in conjunction with valve cover protectors only with 35611-000



    Max Steckler
    Verified Buyer
    Beyond my expectations...
    After my last 1,200 mile ride I decided I was going to figure out how to mount highway pegs on my 2010 BMW GSA. If you are reading this you likely know there are not many options. I took the plunge and bought these pegs along with the engine case guards. When I opened the box the first thing I noticed was the amazing quality of these pegs. They are a work of art. The craftsmanship matches the GS series bikes. My rides are now so much more comfortable. I switch to these a couple times an hour. They are easy to deploy and retract and I think make the bike look that much better. Great work guys!

    John Aronson
    Verified Buyer
    Highway Pegs
    T 45 socket is needed, but otherwise installation was fairly simple. Since these are new, I can only say that they worked as advertised on my first ride. Fit and finish is very good.

    Verified Buyer
    Fit well and clean design
    The pegs installed nicely. Snug fit, which aids in preventing slippage around the bar.

    Tom P.
    Mounting Bracket Punctured Cylinder Head Cover
    My R1200RT wend over hard. The Protection Bar bent enough that that the mounting clamp was jammed against the Head Cover and punctured it, causing a hole and major loss of oil. Removed the pegs on advice of dealer making the emergency repairs.

    ed bettis
    Verified Buyer
    The first set of pegs I received were faulty out of the box. The spring and ball that make the pegs lock in place were missing on one of the pegs. After a phone call I received another set. Installed them on the bike. They do look to be nice quality but they don't lock into position strongly enough. While riding you have to push them forward to put your feet on them. Also you cant rest your leg on them. They will fold back immediately. All that being said I do like the looks and the quality is nice. Wunderlich was great at taking care of me and getting me another set after the originals were faulty.

    These pegs bend
    I purchased them a year ago, and they when I use them they bend! I am 230 lb, but I sit on the bike I just put my legs there. These are not reliable, they just sit there on my bike, $250 for nothing. These are way lower quality than pegs I have found online for $40. Very disappointed!

    andrew jansen
    Great Pegs !
    I enjoy these on my rides from LA to Vegas...!

    David Kaus
    Verified Buyer
    Highway Pegs
    The Highway Pegs look and work GREAT. The only problem I had was that the 2 stop pins in the bottom were loose and one was even gone. Called Wunderlich and they sent me a replacement. Put Loctite on the threads and tightened them up

    Michael Callahan
    Highway Pegs
    I installed the highway pegs just before my ride from North Carolina to Alaska and back. The installation is straightforward and I needed no instructions. On my trip, they worked great and were a relief to my 70 year-old knees. On the last day of my seven-week ride, however, the pegs' pivot bolts came out in the Nashville area so all that was left was the clamps on the engine guards. That told me the Wunderlich techs know how to use a torque wrench! I called them about the issue and photos were requested. I did that and, a couple of days later, I got a call and Miguel Parra. He told me the parts I needed would be in soon. I didn't wait long before the box arrived. They just sent me a new set of pegs! I'll grease the connections and use a bit of blue Locktite on the pivot bolts before installing. Great product and even better customer service.

    Mark Anderson
    Great Looks, Problem fitting Agreed!
    Having purchased my engine guard from Wunderlich I was surprised to find that their highway pegs do not fit. These pegs are for 25mm tubing and their engine guards are 22mm on the horizontal piece by the valve cover. Currently I'm machining sleeves to adapt it but not many people have that capability.

    gary witzel
    Highway pegs
    I installed them today and the installation was super easy even with German instructions but I am an Engineer. They look great and fold out of they way. I cannot wait to try them out later today. Great product, best I could find.

    Ryan Anderson
    Highway Pegs
    The instructions for installation were not clear or detailed enough and installation was more difficult than advertised.

    Newman Montgomery
    Verified Buyer
    Great Looks, Problem fitting
    I have mixed feelings about the highway pegs. I love the looks and styling and they look great on the bike. The fitment was a bit of a problem as they were purchased to fit the engine guards I purchased from Wunderlich however they did not fit the cross member without some serious work to get the right fitment where they did not move or damage the engine guards. Wunderlich should consider resizing or providing spacers.

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