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Rallye Edition Engine Bars, Red
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      Rallye Edition Engine Bars, Red

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      Caution! Our Rallye Edition Engine Bars, Red does not fit all bike models. Please select your bike if you are not sure.
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    Rallye Edition Engine Bars, Red

    The Rallye Edition R1200 GS pays homage to the legendary and successful Dakar machines. Since we understand that the owner of one of these special edition motorcycles may want optimal protection and at the same time, continuity in terms of styling, we offer these engine protection bars painted in Magma Red. The bars match the color of the frame perfectly, complement the lines of the R1200 GS, and offer outstanding protection. The bars are designed to look like an integral part of the bike.

    The facts:

    • Even distribution of forces.
    • Strong mounting points.
    • Protects cylinder head (Original plastic protector can be removed).
    • Servicing possible without removal (oil change, valve clearance etc.).
    • Strong steel tubes with durable powder coating.
    • Does not compromise cornering clearance.
    • Easy to install.
    • Made exclusively for Wunderlich in Germany by Hepco & Becker

    * Not compatible with BMW aluminum valve cover protectors.

    Complete these bars by also adding the Rallye Edition "Adventure Style" tank protection bar (available under the Related Products) which also allow a great way to mount a set of additional lights.


    Please Note: Exceptions to model/year fitment

    R1200 GS Adventure20052007Not with original tank guard
    R1200 GS Adventure20082009Not with original tank guard
    R1200 GS Adventure20102013Not with original tank guard

    *Installation estimated at 30 minutes for this part may vary depending on skill level.



    Jim Gallagher
    Verified Buyer
    Didn't hold up well
    Agree with other reviews, very difficult to install. Prepare to spend some time. Also colour does not match my 2012 GS Rallye frame...frame is red crash bar is a dull orange. Now for test. Just completed a 3100 mile trip. All was well until a little mishap off road on Mount Rainier. Went down in a rut at about 15 or 20 mph. Hit on the right side - badly brused right hip and separated shoulder but still able to ride. Crash bar didn't fair as well. Bar collapsed into throttle side valve cover. While it did spring back the impace was enough to dislocate the valve cover so that bike was weep oil out of the two fasteners and the bottom of valve cover. Also bent the hell out of the factory valve cover shield. Bike was ridable but now in valve cover, valve cover shield, gasket, etc. Mechanic side get rid of these POS crash bars and gave me some recommendations...these bars not one of the recommended!

    Dan Rivers
    Crash Bar bent into cylinder head
    (1) I thought the color matched quite perfectly with the Magma Red subframe. (2) The fit was also excellent (after finding English instructions). (3) And finally, the reason I gave the bars 1 star (zero wasn\'t an option): I laid the bike down at less than 5mph in deep sand. The lower, rear weld (under cylinder) cracked. The front weld has stress cracks. The entire left-side bar bent up & back enough to put two red-colored dings on the cylinder head both fore & aft! That\'s right, the crash bar bent and hit the cylinder head!! In two places!!! It rebounded back and now sits about 1/4 inch from the cylinder. I understand that the crash bar is meant to absorb some shock and possibly bend a little, get scratched up, etc. But I\'ve NEVER had a crash bar bend and contact the main part it is designed to protect. Never. And I\'ve crashed a few times over the years.

    Richard Carter
    Close but not quite
    After waiting for the Bars to arrive, I commenced the battle of the fitting. Once I'd searched for the key measurements of which spacer goes where it was almost straightforward.The tube ends were irritating & obviously cut with a tube cutter. A quick run around with a file soon had them sorted. I then wheeled my brand new Bike outside. I was somewhat dismayed to find that the colour was not the same. This will be my 3rd set of Hepco Becker bars & they do a damn good job for their purpose ( Crashing) Unfortunately, they just don,t look 100 % on my brand new $30,000 bike. I've just completed a 4500Km ride with them, & now that the whole bike is covered in dirt, the difference doesn't look so obvious. Having finally bought a "pretty" bike,Maybe I'm just sensitive.................

    Karl Rowell
    Sr. Aircraft Mechanic / Gulfsteam Areospace
    Didn\'t fit well took some messaging to make them fit. Had to clean out the female tubing of the bars with die grinder to get the male bars to fit in smoothly. Directions in German. Even stuff from China has English directions. The color is not the same contrasting with the OEM color. However the Protection should be excellent in a crash.

    Roger Morrison
    Hi guys, I saw a GS Rallye at a dealer that has a paint shop and they had painted the bars in Magma Red ( the correct frame colour ) looked fuggin awesome. My dealer fitted these for me and it took a senior BM tech an hour to fit ( 55 minutes exactly...cause he did a freeby for me in his lunch break ) His comment was the fit was poor and Wunderlich when I gave them feedback gave me a lesson in fitting...thank goodness I didn't try to do the job. I will end up getting them repainted in MAGMA RED. Piss poor Wunderlich America why not tell the truth that the colour ( color ) is fairly close....Stevie Wonder can pick that it's not exact.

    John K
    Good addition
    Installed both the engine and tank protection bars on my 2012 R1200 GS Rallye. Heard rumors the color does not match, but it looks great and matches the red frame well. Can't wait to mount some lights to the tank protectors. Like the engine protection layout as unless there is a rok in just the wrong place, the bar protects the valve cover.

    These bars do not color match properly
    At first they appeared to be a perfect match to the 2012 Rallye Edition, but in fact they do not match. They are an Orange Red and the bike is a Darker Cherry Red. This difference is noticeable in full daylight. I didn\\\\\\\'t really notice it untl the BMW service manager asked where I got the bars powder coated and pointed out the color match difference. I\\\\\\\'m not that observant I guess, but she picked up on it immediately.

    Good match
    Color matches Rallye Edition frame color extremely well. Easy to install. Only issue was that powder coating needed to be sanded where sleeves fit into cross bar in order to mate the two pieces well.

    Rick Sauter
    Very disappointing.
    These bars were described as matching the frame of the bike perfectly...NOT! They are ban orange red whereas the frame of the bike is a much deeper, stronger shade. The difference is obvious withoutnlooking closely. Also, the only mounting instructions supplied were in German. Yes, I have now found the English version on the website, but that was no help when I was trying to put things together. The setscrews on the centre bar are almost impossible to install because of the location and the fact that the threads in the bar are covered by powder coat. I only managed to get one in and will have to take everything off again to clean out then threads with a tap. All in all, very shoddy.

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