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Ergo Screen, Tinted
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      Ergo Screen, Tinted

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    Ergo Screen, Tinted

    Maximum Comfort and protection for the GS. The original screen is not bad, but has its limitations, especially at higher riding speeds. This screen has been designed to lean more towards the rider to achieve the best possible rider protection. This is the ultimate screen for high speed, comfortable cruising:

    All in all, this screen offers the best possible protection forth rider, with the help of the additional adjustment offered by the ScreenSave Vario adjuster (included). Any rider can find a good angle and position for any riding style required.

    • Reduced load on head, upper body and shoulders.
    • 515 mm/20.3" high compared to original 365 mm/14.4" (GS) and 460mm/18.1" (Adventure). Also, it's much wider at the base.
    • 6 mm (~1/4") thick screen material. Special manufacturing process allows screen to be used without heavy strengthening brackets.
    • ScreenSave Vario included for additional adjustment range. Now the best position for virtually any rider and preference can be found.
    • Easy to fit and adjust.
    • Adjustment as before, but more effective results.
    • Equalizes the negative pressure and reduces turbulence and buffeting
    • Designed especially with the GS style in mind, the screen looks like part of the bike.
    • Tough and clear fuel resistant Lexan material
    • Available in "Clear" or in grey "Smoked" tinted versions.




    I rarely write a review, so this is saying something for me... I agree with Rich in his 2014 review in every regard, and I WISH I would have read that review before I ordered this windshield, but alas I did not. I would re-emphasize, the install instructions were far too minimal, particularly for those of us who are bike owners, not technicians. (I searched the web and called the company also for more - there wasn't). I have been adding and taking aftermarket items on my bike(s) for decades, and this set of instructions was difficult X5. In the end, the new hardware for attachment to the bottom front end of the windscreen did not fit - at all, so I had to use stock hardware. And (as Rich said), I surmised nothing but badness if I did not attach those (nonexistent) top screws, so I drilling (very very carefully) 2 new holes, and made the 2 more anchor points for my crossbar and GPS. I believe this is now sturdy, but... as a design for stock BMW's, inferior. I am now reluctant to purchase other things in this regard. This shouldn't be that hard - the bikes are mostly all the SAME.

    almost worth it...
    I purchased this windscreen as I'm a taller guy and got some wind buffeting with stock windscreen. If I'd crouch down about 2 in significantly less with stock, so I thought this to be a perfect fix. Upon removing windscreen from box I was initially impressed. It looked to be a very quality product. As most of us would say the directions could've been a bit more detailed,however not the end of the world. I wish wunderlich could use more of stock hardware to attach windscreen as BMW hardware was much more secure of a fit. My biggest issue with installing this product was stock windscreen uses 6 attachment points and wunderlich uses 4. This may not sound critical however it very much is as the 2 point wunderlich neglects to use is the top 2 points which leaves crossbar with my GPS attached basicly flopping around and a larger windscreen that shakes and wobbles like jello as you go down the road. So badly in fact that the lower attachment for windshield ended up cracking. I think its possible to drill holes and use factory gromets from stock windscreen could help a lot. However this wasn't mentioned in directions anywhere and such modifications would be critical to know ahead of time as I got stuck without tools to make such a modification. Using the wunderlich hardware as instructed I'm very dissapointed with results. The R1200GSA is not a cheap bike to own I very much doubt any GS owners would be happy with fit and finish without your own modification.

    Ergo Screen
    On my 2007 GS as far as wind protection goes, this screen is great. I gives a much quieter ride and way less buffering. A totally smooth enviroment. I am 6'2" and I got the tinted version, when looking straight ahead I can see over the screen, but 5 car lengths or less I see the windshield line, wishing I had gone with the clear or if it was 1 inch shorter it would be perfect. Definatly a great product.

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