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Steering Stops, Silver

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      Steering Stops, Silver

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    Steering Stops, Silver

    It is possible for the original steering stop of the R1200 GS to shear off in for example a situation where the bike falls over. If this happens, the handlebar can smash into the tank covering, causing damage to the painted surface as well as the handlebar switch. This can lead to expensive repairs and a great deal of aggravation. The Wunderlich steering stop provides a strong, additional point of contact and takes the strain off of the original steering stop. Here's how it works: The bumpers bolt onto the lower fork bridge pinch bolts and contact the Telelever just before the stock steering stop would make contact. This softens the blow and as the rubber bumper compresses, it becomes a solid stop for the forks. With this part installed, the steering stop will fare better than your pride in the event of a spill.

    This part is also available in blue. Be sure to also check out our brake line protector! There are links to both of these items under the Related Products.




    Derrick Boey
    Excellent product
    The steering stop fitted neatly along the length of the fork, the rubber cushions the steering nicely.

    Josh Blum
    Simple, Elegant, Brilliant!
    I bought this out of necessity rather than prevention. The stops work wonderfully, and are simpler than the telelever arm mount types in that they protect the brake line and speedo cable without any extra articulating pieces.

    David Watson
    Steering Stops for added Protection
    I researched steering stops for a short while and decided on these. I was happy with the price. My bike is a 2012 and the original hardware did not remove easily, it felt like it was on the verge of galling. Installing the new hardware was no problem. I have noticed that the steering stops reduce the turning radius slightly. I have not dropped this bike yet but when I do I am confident these steering stops will help protect the bike from excessive damage.

    Dripping with Quality
    I\'ve got quite a few Touratech parts bolted on to my R1200GS, but when it came to the Steering Stop I did my research and the Wunderlich steering stop won, hands down. From the stainless steel bolts, to the laser cut brackets this part is beautifully designed and engineered. I have no doubt it will do it\'s job.

    Painless Installation
    Easy Installation. Well made and good looking. I cannot speak to their ability to prevent breakage in a spill (I hope I don\'t have to) but they look like they will do the job

    Peter Jensen
    Great Add-on
    Great add-on, creates a soft stop at the steering limits. No more risk of broken frame tabs or dented gas tank. The stops are only noticeable if your looking for them. Instalation was a little more involved on my 2004 R1150R than the instructions indicated. The installation required removing both the front fender/beak (4 bolts) and the balljoint protector (2 bolts) which added about 10 mins to the job, no big deal.

    Dan Diener
    Like this part!
    Works perfectly. Simple to install. Looks good on the bike. Extra insurance against tank slapper damage. My nephew now wishes he'd bought these before his tank slapping get off this past weekend. If you ride in the rough you need this part!

    Dan Diener
    Nice part. Good fit. Easy install.
    I bought these two weeks ago when they weren't available in black. They're already on the bike so no turning back. They seem to serve they're intended purpose very well and do not adversely affect the handling of the bike at all. I like them.

    Michel Dozois
    Hope to never use them
    A bit thigh to install. I did not have a torque wrench that fitted the cramped space. Nevertheless they look the part and I hope to never have to prove their worth

    Sarie Arar
    Prevention Better Than Regret
    I installed these on my new R 1200 GS 2012 model. It is a perfect security to protecting your bike during tip overs especially when off road. I got the silver and they fit well cheap insurance.

    Jim Bessette
    Nice addition, better than competition's
    Previous bike I had on TT hard part which seemed to work just fine, but lost the "rubberized" part twice. These are unobtrusive and seem very tough. Easy to install, though I wish it used Torx rather than hex bots so I don't have to carry another tool. Not a big deal, but just something they should consider.

    Jim Reynolds
    A snap to install
    These went on without a hitch. Nice fit and clean look. I feel much better having them installed on my new GS - not that I plan on dropping it, but cheap insurance.

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