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Wunderlich ERGO Screen Marathon II
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    • Part # 42710201-202
      Wunderlich ERGO Screen Marathon II
      Available in: Clear or Tinted

    • (4.6) 11 Reviews
    • $263.95

      Estimated Install
      Time 12 minutes*

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      Caution! Our Wunderlich ERGO Screen Marathon II does not fit all bike models. Please select your bike if you are not sure.


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    ERGO Screen Marathon II

    Available in: Clear or Tinted

    Great comfort for long, relaxed trips. Wunderlich wind screens offer excellent protection and comfort and are "state of the art", setting the standard for many years.

    The screen is directed toward the rider and it is adjustable, like the original, to provide the maximum protection for all body sizes. The screen offers the rider a smooth and turbulence free riding experience.

    The facts:

    • Maximum protection for head, upper body and arms
    • Widened considerably at the bottom (transitions to the hand protectors) to provide optimum protection for hands and arms. Adjustable to suit almost all riders and riding styles.
    • Built-in flow channel: Changing the height on the screen also adjusts the aperture, which counterbalances turbulence with a calming reverse flow.
    • The design has been carefully thought-out down to every line. The screen integrates perfectly with the curves of the bike and accentuates the design giving the GS an imposing look.
    • In wet conditions, the screen helps neutralize low-pressure turbulence that limits water "dancing" on the visor.
    • Made from very robust, optically pure and petrol-resistant Lexan plastic.
    • Dimensions (height x width): 524 mm x max. 476 mm (20-5/8" X 18-3/4")

    Note: The original windscreen adjustment system does not provide optimal support, especially on the left side. With this screen being larger than the original, we highly recommend also ordering the Left Side Screen Reinforcement item number 43520202 and optionally also the Right Side reinforcement item number 43520222. Click on the links or scroll down to the bottom of this page to view these items in "Related Products"

    *Installation estimated at 12 minutes for this part may vary depending on skill level.



    Better than OEM
    I had the stock Rallye screen on my GSA and a tremendous amount of wind would hit my upper arms and shoulders. It would also blow air up my face. This screen didn't eliminate the problem but lessened it dramatically. Worth the cost for me to make interstate driving more comfortable. Install with left support bracket was very simple.

    Must Have Item
    Far better than the stock GS screen and much better than the GSA screen. I am 6ā€˜1ā€œ tall and so I am using it at its maximum height and Iā€™m still looking over the top of the screen and the wind flow is just over the top of my helmet. Makes a very appreciable difference!

    Great protection
    2nd bike I've used the Marathon screen on (1200 GSA now 1250 GSA). As a 6' rider, found the OEM screen left me a little too exposed to wind blast etc. Days after installing this screen was caught in 2 huge downpours and whilst it didn't keep the rain off, it certainly moved the airflow over my helmet, so I could see quite easily. Original was on my bike 2-3 years whilst off roading in the Middle East, quite a few falls onto hard, rocky ground, it had a few scratches but never sustained any real damage.

    Top Quality - Best Windscreen
    Excellent alternative to the OEM windscreen. A solid solution for extra protection to the top of your helmet as well as your arm. Just few inches higher and wider where it should be. I got the tinted based on Wunderlich phone call recommendations for my triple black R1250GSA and it looks great! It wasn't hard to install along with the left side support bracket. YouTube was helpful as well. Wunderlich delivery was instant. Highly recommended

    John Wyss
    A must for touring!
    The design of this screen really keeps the air off your chest nicely. It was a real treasure on recent 800 mile trip which took me through super windy areas, particularly where I had to pass a line of 18-wheel trucks in a windy river basin. Well done.

    Daniel Martinez
    High Quality Screen. Low quality instructions and packaging.
    The screen itself feels sturdy and is very clear! While riding and looking at the road straight through it, i get very little distortion thanks to the relatively flatter design in comparison to the OEM screen on 2015 R1200GS. Buffeting on my helmet and shoulders is GREATLY reduced but not eliminated completely (Low seat setting and Im 5"11 on 2015 R1200GS) The instructions I received were in German and missing several pages. I had to guess for most of the middle (Very important steps) steps. I could not locate an installation video on Youtube or Wunderlich America. The box was partially opened, which could have been rough handling by UPS. However, I would think Wunderlich would package a little better. The 3 stars are for the great quality of the screen. I took off 1 star each for packaging (Which could have damaged the screen in transit) and missing instructions.

    Miguel Leotta
    Excellent product, offers a quiet riding envelope, my R1200GS original screen was far from ideal, I found this screen offers a wonderful improvement to my bike.

    Great wind screen
    This wind screen is awesome. It drastically reduced buffeting not only for me, but for my passenger as well. I'm 6 ft tall and ride a 2016 BMW R1200GSA. The windscreen was super easy to install. If you're curious about the difference in stock, the screen installed sits about 2 inches taller at the top of the screen and about 3 inches wider. However the indents in the screen don't interfere with handle bars. This screen is awesome.

    Verified Buyer
    Good windshield, althogh I "changed" it a bit
    I bought this windshield to get less noise around my helmet on my 2014 GS. I already owned the side deflectors and had stabilizers for the windshield on. This screen was okay at first, I got buffeting at the top of my helmet, as the screen does not allow enough air behind it as it seems. I added Aeroflow handflare extensions and bolted on an MRA spoiler and now it's near RT level. Probably as good as you can get a GS.

    Far Less Turbulence Than Stock
    Far smoother airflow than stock, and excellent wind protection. I'm 5'11" and it's just right for me in low setting and almost as good as RT wind protection in high position. I definitely recommend the reinforcing brace - at freeway speed and higher positions the brace all but eliminates screen flutter or instability. The brace is a bit of chore to install. Much higher quality than stock.

    James Sandford
    First Impressions
    Very pleased with this windscreen. Factory regular seat @ low setting, I'm 175 cm (5'9") tall. With the screen adjusted to the tallest height I can open my helmet visor at highway speed. I did not order the reinforcement bracket and do not feel this it's required so far.

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