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Valve Cover Guards
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      Valve Cover Guards

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      Caution! Our Valve Cover Guards does not fit all bike models. Please select your bike if you are not sure.


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    Valve Cover Guards

    Life insurance for the exposed and damage-prone cylinder head covers!
    The goal was to create a strong and robust guard, offering outstanding protection but with an elegant, unobtrusive appearance. This could not be achieved to our standards by simply forming a single piece of aluminum. The result of extensive testing and design led to this intricate three piece design, where the impact point is protected by a 10 mm thick piece of machined billet aluminum, supported by an upper and lower piece of 3 mm thick hard anodized aluminum, each of which also protects the valve cover. The leading and trailing edges of the valve cover are protected by a double layer of aluminum and therefore have 6 mm of aluminum protection. Two of the three mounting points also benefit from this two layer design, making the attachment points of these covers particularly robust. The original plastic protectors usually shatter at minor incidents or simply fold back, we recommend fitting these protectors as a preventive measure. During the development and testing of this part (road/off-road/track using several bike models with the customary slides and falls) we never had to use the emergency rubber cap.

    • Sold as a complete set for the left and right side.
    • Replacement contact pads are available under the Related Products. Protection from impacts, falls and slides
    • No more grinding of holes in cover.
    • Protects the cylinder head cover from moving and destroying the bolt threads in the cylinder (cover attachment to head is "floating", without protection it could move at impact).
    • Protection for the front attachment bolt.
    • Load is spread over many points via flexible 3M rubber bumpers.
    • No bolts etc at the front impact area.
    • Thick billet, replaceable slide pad on each side.
    • 3 major double strength attachment points.
    • Hard anodized aircraft-spec aluminum alloy.
    • Spark plugs can be reached without dismantling.
    • Easy to fit.

    Important fitment information: These protectors are specially designed to fit 2010 and later R1200 RT models.




    Stuart johnson
    Very nice looking
    Classy covers. Fitup required some gentle force to settle the cushion. In conjuction with sw motech bars i think im protected . Nice packaging prompt shipping two thumbs up. Stu

    BMW R nine T
    Last time I wrote that I was happy with these guards and gave them 5 stars. Now I have to admit that these guards probably do a good job at very low speeds but at speed above 10-20 mph they just don't work or even damege the engine's Intake system. I laid down my bike on the left side when I was hit from behind by other motorcycle on a highway. The guard was ripped off and bent so badly that it cut off throttle intake manifold but also the engine head valve cover was scratched almost everywhere. Maybe the guard saved the valve cover from cracks but it broke the throttle so I wasn't able to ride the bike back home anyway. It was the worst damage to my bike besides broken Rizoma mirror and few scratches on exthost pipes, handlebar ends, clutch level and headlight. I wish I'd better bought crash bars instead of valve cover guards. Waist of money.

    BMW R nine T
    These guards have the best look one my boxer engine. I like titanium color, it looks awesome. Also they quality made and sit sturdy.

    ben collins
    Good product
    I added these to my RT and I feel that they would do a good job protecting the cylinder head in the event of a fall. It seems to be a good investment given the cost of replacing damaged heads. The installation was straightforward and took about 30 minutes.

    Chipp Robb
    Overpriced crap
    These used to be slightly better but they are worse now.. The rubber mounts on these are the stupidest thing I have ever seen. The rubber melts and. Then the bolts become loose and your "guard" falls off. On the previous version you could skip the rubber donuts and hard bolt them. With the new version the giant holes for the rubber grommets are bigger than both the bolts and the posts on the motor that you are bolting onto making them even weaker overall. With the previous version I could survive a drop, then hammer them out and put them back on. Not anymore. This is a 100% one use disputable product. It might protect your bike if you let it down gently, will disintegrate and fall off in anyKind of slide. The other useless part is the way the bottom mount is designed as a "secondary spark plug protector".. It is so weak it will snap and then tear into the speak plug book. It also sure is nice that only good reviews show on the web site.

    Cyl Head Guards or R Nine T
    Great design and material, but fitment was terrible. Had to fashion my own spacers to finally make it work and even then tabs were not flush with bike mounts.

    Great looking valve cover protection
    I purchased these to replace the old plastic covers on my '01 R1150GS. The Wunderlich covers look great and work with my CVM Elf pegs. I shopped around for other covers and the Wunderlich covers look the best, are well made and repairable.

    Best valve covers
    I reviewed other valve cover guards before buying these; main benefit is the best air-flow for my '01 air-cooled R1150R. Look good; fit well.

    A very good product
    These valave covers look great and they were fairly easy for me to put on myself. I am quite happy with my purchase. They are well built and seem sturdy. I have not had to test them out yetand I hope I won\\\\\\\'t have too. I would recommend these to other riders no doubt.

    Good protection
    easy to install, and look great, small price to pay for protection. I hope the only way I scuff these up are if I'm at the edge of my tire with a big smile on my face

    Karl von Ubin
    Installed on HP2 Enduro
    First thing, the parts were shipped very quickly and they look great. I don't have crash bars on the bike yet (purchased but not installed yet) and haven't crashed yet with these on(I ride dirt alot and so I crash a lot), so I don't know how they protect yet, other than they are way better than the stock ones that came with the HP2.

    They fit, they look good.
    They fit, they look good and I hope I don't find out if they work. They do look like they should work. Much better coverage than the stock protectors.

    Sarie Arar
    Good Protection
    I installed them on my New R 1200 GS 2012 model. I had the engine guard on, easy installation and perfect fit. They look good on the bike, the only thing I could not measure properly is the one millimeter space they recommend keeping between the part and the valve. But that was not an issue the piece is a great addition for protection and looks. Highly recommended for all time particularly off-road.

    Jim Reynolds
    I've installed my insurance...
    I installed these cylinder head protectors on my '11 GS in about fifteen minutes. Piece of cake. I had previously installed the engine protection bars. Even with the bars on I had no problem fitting them. You could shave off some time if you put these on first though. Nice fit, hope I never find out how well they work.

    great product
    the fit and finish of the protectors is top notch. Easy to install, just make sure you use the blue locktite on the bolts. The little rubber washers get all squished and distorted when torquing the bolts and look kind of funny, I will probably just remove them.

    Bike Fitment

    BMW R1200 RT

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