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Center C-Lifter
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      Center C-Lifter

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      Caution! Our Center C-Lifter does not fit all bike models. Please select your bike if you are not sure.


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    Center C-Lifter

    The R1200C and CL are two BMW motorcycles without a center stand, which can make working on the bike difficult at times. The Cruiser-Lifter is a high quality German made tool that allows you to park your bike vertically. This is handy for checking your oil level and cleaning your bike. Your R1200 will also take up less space in the garage when placed on this stand. Easy to use, thanks to a long, detachable leverage arm and a clever design. A 17mm socket for removing the rear wheel is included.

    • Works well in conjunction with our "Center Stand Dolly" - see Related Products


    • Secure lifting of bike.
    • Robust, galvanized steel construction.
    • Easy to fit with quick release pins.
    • Detachable lifting handle extends up to 500 mm. Handle can be used as a wrench (has a 1/2" head).
    • 4 rollers for smooth + light lifting action
    • With an additional support (wooden block) the bike can be parked for the winter with both wheels off the ground.




    Verified Buyer
    2003 r1200cl
    A great tool for centering your bike but: -on the CLC, the back tire sits on the ground while the front is 3" up in the air. -Don't plan on using it for a work stand for removing rear tire. the stand does not lift the bike high enough for tire to clear back frame.

    Sameer Prabhu
    Verified Buyer
    Great product!
    Bought this for my 99 R1200C and it took all of 5 minutes to get on the bike thanks to the easy instructions. Very well made and will last a long-time. Highly recommended if you are looking for a center lift for your bike for the winter.

    Verified Buyer
    Great for storage and working on bike
    Bought this stand for my R1200C - works perfectly! Easy to put on and take off and easy for one person to get bike onto center stand. For me, it takes a second person to steady the bike to get it off the stand, as you can't really roll forward like the normal BMW center stands. Price was about right for what you get - very nice quality.

    Verified Buyer
    Great product!
    Excellent product for long term storage and for working on a heavy cl in general. Gets the bike level for oil changes and other services. Easy up and easy down, can even take it with you if needed as it is very compact. I had to wait a couple of weeks for it to be shipped as they where out of stock when I ordered it but it was definitely worth the wait. These come from Germany so sometimes if they are out of stock at the U.S. distributor it may take awhile for it to come back into stock but they will get you one. Very nice people to deal with. I'm very happy with this simple well thought out center stand. My bike is now upright for winter storage and for it's 24k service.

    Verified Buyer
    Gotta Have It!
    Yes, its expensive but probably less than BMW would charge for a center stand kit. And it doesn't affect your cornering clearance like a permanent stand would. The stand is strong but it is NOT recommended that a rider sit on the bike while on the stand. Probably more due to the narrow footprint than any shortcomings in its construction. Lean too far left or right and the bike might tip over! The extendable 1/2" drive breaker bar flexes quite a bit in its hollow section when raising the bike. Its easy to drop bike off the stand if you use a short rope or a tie down around the end of the handle and yank upwards while rocking forward and pushing on handle bars (in the sitting position, not alongside the bike). All in all, a nice addition to my tools for the R1200C

    Verified Buyer
    Well made and easy to use
    I got the lifter primarily for storing the bike over the winter in the garage. Both wheels are lifted off the ground and a board can be slipped under them. It is very well built and easy to use. As another reviewer commented, I would also suggest that English directions be included in the box, but I was able to get the directions online. Excellent product, I wish they would develop a center stand for R1200 C's.

    James Becraft
    The Center C-Lifter just arrived and was set up for use in 10 minutes. I'm learning to work on my BMW R1200C, having learned to change final drive, engine, and gearbox oil without this. An automatic robot system for installation and continuous use when needed would have been very helpful, but in light of present realities I find this is an outstanding accoutrement for my shop. If you'e got one of these classy bikes. it's a great addition. Thanks. Be sure to use the English directions on this website as it comes with only the Deutsch in the box. Recommend your packing guys slip in the English directions into the box with every shipment of the lifter. I scratched my head for about 5 five minutes, having to go back to your site. Onward.

    Worth its weight in gold
    I REALLY needed something for my recently-acquired R1200CL. Hard to "wrench" on that steep side-stand. Used it a few times now. Was expecting difficulties based on some forum comments, but this thing raises and lowers like a dream, No fuss no muss. Easy as pie. Built like a tank. I am thrilled that I was able to score one, as availability seems to come and go. Get one while the getting's good.

    heavy lifter
    I don't know why I waited to buy this lift. It's solid and works great. Superior craftsmanship. The bike is still a bit of a lift for me (I weight 145lbs) but it's simple to use. Highly recommend it. RKM (Washington, DC)

    Works Well for a CLC
    You really need some sort of stand to do any sort of work on C's and CL's and this stand works fairly well. It fits my CLC perfectly, it's well built and is a good buy when compared to the OEM stand. It can be a little tricky to use, but these are big, heavy bikes so any stand might be a little tricky. Basically, I'm happy with the purchase and I would buy it again.

    Well built.
    Very well built. Easy install/remove from bike. Instructions that came with lifter where in German (I don't read German) so I had to go back to web site to get instruction. Lifting the bike was not as easy as other reviewers lead you to believe. It still takes a lot of effort.

    Very stable
    Very well built, very easy to use, got it in time to store my R1200C for winter. Will be handy for oil changes and bike service too.

    Steve Britton
    Great tool
    Super lifter center stand. Easy to attach and remove. Very stable and you can easily tool the bike on the wheels. A great addition to my tool bag.

    Gary Eccles
    Excellent Quality Lift!
    The Center C-Lifter is real easy for one person to use. Bike is very stable when lifted. Perfect for cleaning and changing wheels. The supplied 17/19mm socket is a nice added benefit. Superior quality & easy to use!

    george schroeder
    better than expected
    fantastic - worked instantly - great quality of workmanship

    Leonard Urban
    Finally a company that produces first rate equipment
    I have had the pleasure of receiving the center stand that makes my life much easier when it comes to cleaning my BMW 1200(c) I did find that rather than lift the bike by hand it was much easier to simply lift with my foot and that way I had total control of the bike. Thank you for your first rate product and with a fair price as well

    You need this service stand..
    If you have a \"C\", you\'ll want this for any maintenance including just checking the oil or washing the wheels. Its a one person operation, I\'m in my 60\'s and recently had a stroke and its still very simple, up or down is easy and confident. Construction is first rate.

    Excellent C-Lifter!!
    Ordered this to work on my BMW 1200c. BEST, BEST purchase EVER. My motorcycle mechanic son drooled over it, and I told him to get his own!! Great for the hard-to-get-to spots and speeds up all maintenance 100%%. Thanks Wunderlich.

    R1200C Lift and Stand
    I almost built a service stand and then found this product. This lift is better than what I was going to build and actually cost me less than if I had. I only weight 156 lbs. but by using one foot and a bit of a hop I lifted my R1200C easily. Using a wood block to support the front of the engine got both tires off the floor for storage or removing both wheels for tire replacement. A piece of cardboard under the lift wheels really helps hold it from rolling away for lifting and lowering. The socket that comes with the handle is perfect for removing the wheels. Every R1200C owner should have one of these.

    Vince Chase
    R1200CL lifter
    Lifts my R1200CL confidently and quickly off the ground. The stand fits neatly into the top case of my CLC, so I can take it anywhere and there's still room for my Cathy bag. Three quirks, all of which are very minor: 1. the lifting handle needs to be placed the right hand side of the bike; 2. you need to put a thin piece of cardboard under the wheels of the stand when lowering the bike otherwise the bike slides forward with releasing the stand (this is mentioned in the Wunderlich instructions); 3. For me, after lowering the bike, I need to get on my knees to release the left side pin that secures the Wunderlich stand after my CLC is placed on its side stand.

    Laszlo Nyikos
    R1200C center lift
    This product is a high quality apparatus, extremely well made--maybe even overbuilt. It's easy to attach and fits the cruiser perfectly, lifts both wheels off the ground. The only negative I have is: because of my weight being only 150lbs, I have to attach an additional length of tube to the lift handle-or drive the bike up on boards to help me raise it by my self. There is no way one could be unhappy with this product.

    centerstand lift
    for a bike that desperately needs a center stand this is perfect. only thing to make better is if wheels turned 360".

    Alan Kaligi
    R1200c center stand
    This is a great tool. Made my life easier to service and store my R1200c. I recommed this to everyone who owns the same bike.

    Solid Center Stand
    No problems lifting my R1200c up for service or storage

    R.E. Smith
    C-Lifter for my R1200C
    Great lifter. Makes working on my bike so much easier. Would recommend this lifter without reservations.

    Center C Lifter for my BMW R1200C/M
    Quite simply outstanding. Simple and easy to utilize. Find it easier to lift the bike from the right and take it off the lift on the left. Lifting the bike I step on the bar and pull back. Taking the bike off, I lift the bar and hold the bike steady with my other hand. Takes either wheel clearly off the ground and easy to work on the bike. Both tasks are easily a one man job.

    Roberto Alonso Jr.
    Muito útil quando utilizado para manutenção da moto.

    Sergio Guillen
    Excellent value
    This stand is very well made at an excellent value. If you can find the now discontinied BMW service stand, it will cost you twice as much. It is very simple to use and provides a solid platform for servicing or for parking the motorcycle in the garage. A great investment.

    Center C-Lifter for my R1200CLC
    The Center C-Lifter worked perfect and was very easy to use. I first tried it with two people just incase, but it worked so perfect that one person can do the lift without any problem... Great product very well built and strong I have no problem leaving the bike on the stand all winter...Again Great Lift worth the extra money...

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