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    This high quality part is not only an attractive replacement for the plastic plug in the center of your upper triple clamp, it provides you with a reading of the temperature that you are riding through. This is especially useful when riding in cold weather because it can give you an idea how close you are to the freezing point and make you aware of the potential for ice on the road. To install, simply remove the plastic cap and insert this part in its place. It is held in place with an o-ring and the clever design features a vent which equalizes pressure and prevents the gauge from pushing out due to temperature and elevation changes.


    Please Note: Exceptions to model/year fitment

    R850 R19942002-1996
    R1100 R19942001-1996



    How to Easily Install this Thermometer
    Quality addition to my bike that is as accurate as it is attractive. Half hour installation consisted of rocking the original plug out using the side of a knife blade so as not to scratch the triple clamp. I used the gasket that was attached to the thermometer instead of the additional one supplied & it worked just fine. Tap the thermometer in place around its perimeter using a light hammer and the end of a wooden dowel rod and you've just finished a neat upgrade!

    Paul W. Browning
    The American way to use the WunderlichThermometer
    Ha! I finally figured out an easy way to can use the Wunderlich Thermometer at a glance on my BMW R1150RT! Thank You Wunderlich. Using the F' Numbers: -30 to -20: your dead! -20 to -10: it's frostbite -10 to 0, (24F to 32F): it's freezing, (water freezes at 0C/32F) 0 to 10, (32F to 52F): it's cold 10 to 20, (50F to 68F): it's warm 20 to 30, (70F t0 90F): it's Hot 30 to 40, (90F-100F): it's heat exhaustion, Drink Water Now! 40 to 50, (102F to 124F): heat stroke, Drink lots of water. Now! 50 to 60,(124F to 140F): Your Dead!

    mike carmack
    A needed addition to my machine!
    A very usefull thing to have on riding trips is this temp gauge. It seems very well made and accurate. The meter responds slowly so as to give a steady reading,(doesn't jump around). The centagrade scale can be converted to deg F by doubling the (indicated) deg C and adding 30,this method will produce a very close deg F temp. Very happy with it for sure.

    BMW thermometer
    Would have preferred a thermometer with Fahrenheit as the main numerals. The Fahrenheit numbers are too small to be very useful but I'm getting better at converting the degrees Celsius to the approximate degrees Fahrenheit. However, I like where it fits on the bike (replaces plastic plug in the center) and it is good to know when the weather is approaching freezing, which is easy enough to do with the Celsius scale.

    R1150R rider
    Nice addition to my r1150r . Very pricy . Numerals are WAY too small.

    Quality.... but
    Beautifully crafted and sleek design, however it needs to have a deeper flange to insure a tight fit. It could be popped out with just a minor pull from a fingernail. The extra rubber gasket is an attempt, but my extra gasket was thinner than the mounted one and made the item even less tight. I ended up using a dab of silicone caulk on three points to ensure that the thermo would not pop out without some effort.

    Not too shabby
    Well made, fits tight, looks good. I just wish there was the option to have the F be the primary numbers rather than C. F is a bit difficult to read but it's nice to have something functional in place of that black plastic cap.

    Nice addition of gadgetry
    The thermometer is a well made, attractive addition to the triple clamp. This is a functional alternative to applying a BMW logo on top of the black plastic cap to spruce things up. Ideally, the numbers could be larger, even if you're not visually challenged. The thermometer appears to be accurate as well. Great idea.

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