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Footpeg Lowering Kit
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    • Part # 31430402
      Footpeg Lowering Kit

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      Caution! Our Footpeg Lowering Kit does not fit all bike models. Please select your bike if you are not sure.
      Warning! Important information below in the description.

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    Footpeg Lowering Kit

    Short distances could become a torture for many riders: an extremely acute knee angle leads to blood congestion and pain in the hollow of the knee. But our footrest lowering kit solves this problem; it provides a comfortable and ergonomic seating position.

    The facts:

    • Lowering 20 mm).
    • Significantly more relaxed seating position.
    • Reduced, circulation-enhancing knee angle.
    • Elimination of painful cramps.
    • Considerably higher long-distance comfort.
    • Exactly to the footrest brackets contour customized installation with minimized shift for optimal lean angle.
    • Three-dimensionally milled from the solid, for optimal positioning of the original footrests.
    • Complete kit, ready for installation. No modifications to the vehicle necessary and no function is impaired (side case assembly, etc.)
    • Easy fitting.
    • Inclusive ABE approval (registration is not necessary).
    • Made in Germany.

      •  Wunderlich

        Please Note: Exceptions to model/year fitment

        R nineT Scrambler2017 + Restricted lean angle in combination with side stand plate 32421-202



    Steven Trujillo
    I purchased these foot pegs and was super excited about finally getting rid of my hip pain from riding my r ninet! Once the pegs came in I went to install them right away the mounting holes were off my a millemeter or two! To my disappointment I thought it was just a defective product so I’ve submitted multiple refund request and it’s been over a week with NO RESPONCE! I paid good money for this product to only be scammed! I was going to purchase more items from this company but I’ll take my money and my business somewhere else!

    Dan G.
    Verified Buyer
    Definitely helps.
    I had to move from my 2011 GS To the R9T due to an arthritic hip. I had to move to a bike with a lower seat height. This kit lowers the pegs about one inch and makes a big difference. I still get the occasional wild hair up my kester and lean the bike over way to far, so I suggest that you take the peg feelers off to avoid a nasty high side. Yes, they are expensive but they are very well machined and easy to install.

    Verified Buyer
    Footpeg lowering kit for R9T Scrambler
    Beautifully made. All the needed parts to mount. Well thought out kit. Brake pedal side kept pedal in the same position relative to footpeg. Brake hose needed slight rearranging to work, minor really. No need to disconnect hose. Gear changer side needed to have gear lever loosened and rotated one spline lower on the shifter stem to get back to same gear lever to footpeg height. New stop pad for side stand worked better once I ignored the instructions and adjusted it to what really would work. Wondered if 20mm could be felt, yes it can. More relaxed foot position and still lots of room to lean over in the curves. No problems there at all.

    Jon Lane
    Verified Buyer
    Footpeg lowering kit for BMW R9T Pure.
    Although a little expensive this kit is very well made and fits the bike perfectly. As well as lowering the footrests to provide a more comfortable riding posture they also place the footrests approx. 10mm further out from the bike on each side. I find this beneficial. The left hand side block is simple to install and the side stand rubber block extension is easy to adjust. The right hand side block fits well but because the brake fluid pipe from the reservoir to the cylinder on my bike has very little slack I had to make a simple extension piece to install the reservoir at the correct angle/level.

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