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Sport Tank Bag
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    • Part # 36630000-104
      Sport Tank Bag

    • (4.8) 37 Reviews
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    Sport Tank Bag

    Available in: Black or Black/Carbon

    Tank bags and rear bags, matching with the motorcycle design and customized, provide a maximum liberty of movement and a perfect use of space.


    • Quick to install/remove: LOXX quick lock on the tank and belt lock with Velcro fastener on the rear bag, are included
    • Compact for full liberty of movement
    • Formfitting, no slipping etc.
    • E-CONNECT: double protected wire access for audio or charging wires.
    • All instruments are protected in the bag and can be charged at the same time
    • Adjustable rubber net on the bag top, for gloves etc.
    • Dust repellent and water-resistant zip fastener with handy flaps
    • Discreet, secure fastener without big metal brackets
    • Blue inner lining for a better overview, everything can be found easily
    • Internal reinforcement with inlays for an optimal form stability and to avoid bulging
    • Water-resistant, Fluorocarbon impregnated CORDURA fabric.
    • Extra coated inner side.
    • High-strength, abrasion-resistant and does not fade
    • Soft, slip-proof base. Protects against scratches on the tank (sticks like cling-film)
    • Ergonomic carrying handle

    Technical Details

    • Dimensions ( L / W / H ) in cm: 27 x 32 x 12
    • Volume in liters: 7

    *Installation estimated at 20 minutes for this part may vary depending on skill level.



    tank bag
    Overall happy with it. I do believe it is the best looking/suited tank bag for s1000r. The tank ring mount types put the bag so high and towards the rider that it interferes with the rider and looks like a bad nasty wart on an otherwise good looking bike. I normally despise tank bags. At 5'4" with short arms, this design does not interfere with any movement on the bike - you don't even know its there. I love that aspect. It does have more useful space than I expected. They did drop the ball with the front mount. Its a pain to install/remove the front Velcro strap underneath the carry handle while getting the bag on/off the bike. I intend to come up with a better solution and modify the bag. Now for the weird - The water proof zippers are a two hand affair to open/close the bag. Why waterproof zippers on non-waterproof materials along with a closing flap with its opening facing towards any oncoming rain? And the bungy cord setup also interferes with zippers opening/closing. The bag does seem a bit pricy for what it is. But overall, even with weird things included, I am happy with the bag.

    Verified Buyer
    Works great
    If I had a problem with workmanship even after install, I would really go after it - as one reviewer justifiably complained about; and get a replacement. It makes me want to go and take a closer look myself. But, it does hold an adequate amount of stuff and although there is no map pocket (which I suppose many would consider superfluous), the webbing on top is great to stick gloves or glasses into when parked. I think it is a gem, despite the high cost (but you would not be looking here if you didn't have some money, yes?

    Jeff Clark
    Verified Buyer
    Great product, only one change I'd have made
    Fit and finish is great, no threads showing, bag is finished and top quality. Even has a rubber piece sewn on the 11 o'clock position where you can run a power cord, or anything, through it. It is closed solid, so if needed you'd have to cut your own slot in the bag. Nice touch though! The bag when mounted doesn't make contact with the tank. Like others said, it would settle flush with the tank when items are put inside. The bottom of the bag is a gel like material, should never harm the paint on that tank mounted plastic part that makes contact with the bag. I'd have liked to have the fabric tab stay with the bag, and to have a locktab on that tab. Like what holds the rear bag down. Then you'd have to mount a male threaded tab in to the front tank location. Then you'd have all 3 male ball heads screwed in to hold the tank piece in place. Then you'd have to just clip all 3 to mount the bag. Not a big deal, I just don't like that when you have the bag off the bike, you have a length of fabric that stays on the bike, this is the Velcro part that is used to hold the front part of the tank in place. My idea would be only that the fabric stays on the bag. Then it wouldn't have to be Velcro. It could be a solid fabric strip from bag to tank mount with the same pull tab in front, as the 2 in the rear. Overall very happy still.

    Larry Pesses
    Verified Buyer
    Outstanding in concept
    Incredible in design and functionality. Works great, fits great and looks great on the bike. Holds a surprising amount including a jacket liner and the bungee cord accessory was handy. Very happy with it's usefulness. That said the bag I received left a lot to be desired quality wise. Lose threads galore as well as miss-stitched seams in 3 different locations one of which was so off that the blue fabric from the interior was showing through to the exterior. Had I not been leaving for a long weekend trip the morning after it arrived it would have been returned. Very disappointed with the quality, particularly considering the price.

    Al Kinney
    Verified Buyer
    Perfect for the bike!
    The bag fits perfectly, has enough capacity to hold a can of chain lube, can of face shield cleaner, a towel and a few other miscellaneous items such as glasses, gloves etc.

    Verified Buyer
    I really like the look of the bag. The construction is solid. The fit is superb. I wish the velcro release was a bit easier to get to, otherwise I have no complaints.

    RaĂșl Ble
    Just What I wanted

    Jerry Glasow
    Kudos to Wunderlich & Wunderlich America
    I had a problem with my S1000RR Tang Bag; they fixed it. The bag fastens to the bike with a velcro strap and two "button fasteners" that you push over a small ball on a special bolt to install and pull to remove. Inside the button fastener are three prongs that fit over and capture the ball. Inside one of my button fasteners, one of the three prongs was bending to the inside blocking the ball from entering and being captured. I'd been making it work by bending the prong back, but it was only a matter of time before the prong would fatigue and break off. I contacted WA Customer Service and explained the problem to Miguel Parra. He contacted Wunderlich and they sent me a replacement bag. Kudos to Wunderlich for standing by their product and kudos to WA and Miguel for outstanding customer service.

    nice but not perfect
    the bag is perfect size and shape. Only few problems, main one is that the flap and closure makes it that water running down into the bag . better zip lock everything in it. also the flap fights you when you open it seems backwards. also the bungie cord top is useless to me would rather see a phone pouch of some kind. very solidly mounted and doesnt move at all and love that when its removed just the two studs are left. overall the best bag for the s1000 but for the money i feel it should have been perfect.

    A nice bag
    This bag would get 5 stars if the flap on top was different so that when it rains the water wasn't funneled into the bag.

    Exactly what I was looking for
    This is the perfect size for the sundry things I would otherwise keep in my jacket, with plenty of room left over. I absolutely would purchase it again. It's worth the money. Fit and finish are excellent, and installation is easy.

    High Quality Tank Bag
    This is a great tank bag, holds just enough for me to be convenient (snacks, water, phone/nav, tools, visor cleaning stuff). And most importantly for me, easy on/off and does not interfere with full tuck down on the tank. I have two annoyances for why I didn't give it 5 stars. 1) the 'shoestring' holders for the top interfere with smooth operation of the zippers. with some more usage and wear I bet they will get better and not catch the zipper when trying to open/close. 2) The two comments about water resistant/dust resistant in the product description led me to believe the compartment would be relatively dry. however, the enclosure is not sealed, sure the outer material and zippers are, but there is a gap under the Velcro that is open. in a light rain and in motion it is probably no big deal, but a heavier rain I would imagine the bag collects water inside.

    Fits 2015 S1000RR
    Works perfectly with my RR and does not obstruct my view of gauges or interfere with controls. Has more than enough room for a few tools, tire kit, and a bottle of water...after all this is not a touring bike. Removes instantly.

    Jamie S
    Wunderlich Tank Bag - BMW S1000r
    This little tank bag is great. I can fit my wallet, keys, cell, bottled water, gloves, and more into it, but it doesn't get in the way or block the gas cap (huge plus for me). The only issue i had was i could not find the hardware to mount it in the bag they sent me. I contacted customer service, who said it had to be there (even though they admitted they get called about missing hardware a fair amount), but it wasn't, so they sent me replacements. Overall very satisfied.

    Best bag for the buck
    Perfect fit on my 2014 RR. Quality zipper, non-scratching back (which is amazing), and plenty of room. I have yet to fill it. For club rides I bring a full water bottle, rag for helmet/shield cleaning, wallet, iPhone, iPod, spare glasses, spare shirt, Clif Bar, and have room to spare. The easy on/off is the envy of my fellow riders.

    No the biggest out there but if you need a small day bag, this one is it. Smart mounting system, easy to remove and allows for filling of the tank. Looks good on the bike as well.

    Great Tank bag for the S1000RR
    Great Tank bag for the S1000RR. Very well made and fitted. I use it just about every time I ride. House keys, documents, wallet, a bottle of water, iphone, a sandwich......

    Charles LaVance
    Nice tank bag
    This bag fits my 2015 s1000r very nicely. It's a good size, and not too large. I really like that the bag can be left in place while filling fuel tank.

    Excellent Tank Bag!
    I purchased this bag for day trips and it has exceeded my expectations. It is well constructed and fastens securely to the bike. It has provisions for pass through power. The capacity of the bag is excellent and holds more than you might think if you pack wisely. Highly recommended!

    great tank bag
    This tank bag is just the right size it is not too bog, you can see the gages and is big enough to hold what you need for a day ride. Easy to remove and install

    S1000R SportBag is wonderful!
    Hi all, Picked up a 2014 BMW S1000R (yes the naked single R bike, NOT the RR). Was looking for a nice tank bag. This one is perfect in size. I tried the BMW factory bag for this bike (it is very different than factory RR bag) and I found it to be way too big for my needs and taste. I really do like this one a lot. In addition the bag I received didn't have the S1000RR logo on the back side of it (which I am very happy about) because it isn't. If I were to be critical of the bag in any way... I wished the velcro closed over the other way (looks like it could allow entry of rain past the waterproof zippers since the velcro folds forward to the front of the bike) and it would be nice to have a cell phone pocket provision on the top of it (where the velcro flap is). Again, very happy with this bag and minus two little "wish it had's" I think it is perfect. It mounts very nice and easy to the bike, fits the tank perfectly, seems very secure (even at undisclosed triple digit speeds), and is easy to get on and off.

    works great
    Bought this for my BMW S1000R. It fits perfectly without the hassle of all the straps. It's not huge but has enough space for essentials.

    Brandon B
    great quality and fit
    very pleased with this purchase. Fit on the S1000RR is perfect and quality is excellent as expected. Unlike other bags this one seems to improve the look of the bike. Riding with it, it's not at all noticeable (unless you are on a track). At 10L it's bigger than one would think, and can carry a lot. Buy it.

    Happy happy happy
    I'll bore you with repeating what's already been said. BUT it is perfect on the new S1000R.

    Great bag
    Perfect tank bag for the S1000rr. It looks OEM without messing the lines of the bike.

    Excellent Bag
    This is the perfect sized tank bag for the RR. Smart design with plenty of space for essentials... I like the port cutout for running power into the bag for charging the iPhone, etc. And it looks good on the bike too, way better than the OEM tank bag. Best of all it doesn't get in the way when riding aggressively.

    Mike Husman
    The other reviews are right! AWESOME TANK BAG
    I'm not going to rewrite what everyone already stated in the previous reviews. But there right, its an awesome bag all the way around! It's the best tank bag you can buy for the HP4 or standard S1000rr! Only complaint, color options,but the all black isn't bad. Thanks Wunderlich!!!!

    Shipped to Canada fast. Easy to install and fits perfect, looks like its part of the bike. Very happy with the purchase in every way

    Just short of 5 stars
    Nicely fabricated and a very tasteful design. I especially like that the bags does not need to be removed to refuel. The mounting system is great. Large enough to hold my sunglasses,reading glasses, a folded golf shirt, keys , two cell phones, keys and still havbe some room for a little more. My nit pics: it would be nice to have a pen holder, a small pocket or two in the interior and a place to hook the house keys onto. Also, another color, say black. The gray doesnt look bad though.

    Dave Bryan
    S1000 RR SportBag
    I looked around for a good bag that fit nicely to my bike. I found this bag and thought it complimented the motorcycle well. After riding with it for a few weeks I have found it to be a great purchase. It holds my supplies very well to and from work. While it is not waterproof it does keep my things clean and dry and yet allows me to remove it quick and easily. You can fill up everyday with gas and not have to move it that seems to be a big plus for me. I would recommend this to anyone trying to stay compact and yet have the freedom to take stuff with you.

    David Traver
    S1000RR Sportbag
    Everything about the bag is as described. It fits well and seems to really do the job I needed. My only complaint is I didn\\\\\\\'t receive the velcro strap which holds down the front of the bag. I had to make my own.

    Locke McCorkle
    Handsome and Simple
    Besides looking great, this tank bag doesn't cover the fuel fill cap and therefore doesn't need to be removed to fuel the bike.

    Mike Pivacek
    s1000rr sportbag
    This is a great small bag for your bike. It wound be nice if they wound offer it in some different colors.It also would benefit have a map pocket on top and lose the tie down on top. You will have more room to put your stuff in it for short trips.

    Guille Abadia
    The best tank bag I have ever used. It fits perfectly in the S1000RR

    S1000RR Tank Bag- LOVE IT!!!!
    Great Product! Easy to Put on Tank and Take off!! Holds enough stuff for a Sportbike!! ONLY One Negative Comment( Not my Favorite Color) LOL 2012 Bluefire S1000RR I RECOMMEND ! NOT EVEN A THOUGHT IF YOU ASKED ME! GET TO GAS TANK WITH NO PROBLEM. ANYTHING VALUABLE, I DETACH THE BAG WITH NO PROBLEM AND CARRY IT WITH ME! DOES NOT MOVE ON TANK AT ALL!!

    Lenny Pezzano
    Perfect match for the S1000RR
    I have had many a tank bags on different bikes and this by far is one of the better ones. It fits the S1000RR perfectly and mounts securely. It has a non skid bottom finish that "lock" it in place on the tank. The top opening took a little getting use to, but now I am liking it. One of the best feature is to be able to fill the tank without removing the bag. It also sits far enough forward as to not get in the way when tucked in. Ample storage, bigger than it looks. Would like to see other color choices.

    Best Tank Bag option for the S1000rr
    Generally speaking I am not a fan of tank bags as they tend to crowd my experience and just add frustration to fill ups. But I admit there is a certain utilitarian factor for those other ugly square tank bags on the longer hauls. That said I expect more for the accessories on a $17k machine and the official BMW tank bag just doesn’t deliver. This Wunderlich SportBag is by far the best tank bag solution on the market for s1000rr. Plus: * Quick Release System * Balanced size for urban trips * Does not interfere with operation nor fueling * Thankfully there is no silly clear map pouch. Cons: * Would have liked to see more color options, but black & grey are not bad * Have not be in the rain with the bag, but it looks water resistant and not water proof * Bolting down a velcro strap for one of the attachment points is a weak part in the design

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