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CLS Connect Kit

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    • Part # 7107519
      CLS Connect Kit

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    CLS Connect Kit

    CAN Bus Accessory Control Unit.

    The issue with connecting electrical accessories to modern bikes with CAN Bus technology is well know. If you bypass the CAN Bus by connecting directly to the battery, you will have a reliable current source however should you forget to turn the accessory off, you might wind up with a dead battery.

    The CLS Connect is wired directly to the battery and your electric accessory or supplemental accessory outlet connects to it. The CLS Connect is essentially a switch that can detect when the engine is running by monitoring the voltage. When you stop the engine, the CLS Connect interrupts the power to the accessory and when you start again, power to the accessory is restored. The control unit is completely waterproof and it can be placed in any orientation, wherever you find a good spot. It's also possible to program the length of time that the circuit remains hot after the engine has been switched off. This feature is handy for navigation devices or if you would like your auxiliary lights to stay on for a minute of so while you get to where you need to be on a dark night.

    The Control unit measures approximately 55 x 35 x 17mm (2-1/4 x 1-1/2 x 5/8 inches)

    Made in Germany

    Please Note: Exceptions to model/year fitment

    For any bike with a CAN Bus system



    Eddy M. in México!
    It does as it says BUT....
    Hi recently purchased 2 CLS connect and I can say that it works as mentioned BUT NO instructions on the boxes (even though we can download the instructions). NOW the biggest issue that I have is there is an extra wire with red/black color which Edward nor Miguel at tech support were able to tell me. I wrote an email to William but no reply yet. Called back a couple of times during regular business hours and got the infamous answering machine, left voice messages but 6 hours later NO CIGAR. LIKE I said, it works but also nobody could tell me what would be the time out or off time at factory steps. Also for the price I feel that it would include posi/tap/lock and not regular old fashioned crimping connections. Really like Wunderlich products but I feel that could do may be/perhaps/who knows a little bit better :-) Just my 2 cents. Best regards from México!

    CLS connect kit
    Installed on my R1200RT. I have it powering the Denali lights and radar detector. Works beautifully. Downside is no worthwhile instructions included- even the online instructions leave much to be desired (an electrical schematic would help). It is a good fit to a canbus system.

    David W
    Great product
    After much research into ways to get past the CAN Bus on my BMW, I decided on CLS Connect. My unit did not come with instructions, but that was trivial since they were available as a download. It installed easily and works just as advertised. A simple 2-wire installation and no trigger wire to set! It is small, waterproof and simple to use. Now I can't forget to turn an accessory off!

    Gary Culbertson
    Waste of money!!
    Device does not work correctly on Lithium or Advanced AGM Battery’s (Odyssey). Do Not Recommend.

    Wunderlich America Comment: Certain types of modern batteries such as lithium Ion lack the internal resistance of conventional batteries to excite the switching mechanism. There is an extra connection to be made to a switched hot in this case and the device then works flawlessly with all functionality.

    Item Ships without Instructions or Wiring Schematic
    Although this item will serve exactly the purpose I purchased it for, I am still disappointed that it shipped without documentation or instructions. The wiring is quite self evident except for the small gauge wiring used only to program the unit, and good luck guessing how that would work without instructions. An installation Instructions download is available and will clear things up, but should have come with the unit at this price.

    Wunderlich America Comment: This was an unfortunate packaging issue. The installation instructions are normally included and are available for download on our web site.

    Bike Fitment

    Fitment not model specific.

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