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Kreem Tank Prep Pack, 2 Part
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      Kreem Tank Prep Pack, 2 Part

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    Kreem Tank Prep Pack, 2 Part

    Dissolves Rust - Etches Metal - KREEM Tank Prep is a two part system to prepare metal fuel tanks before coating with KREEM FUEL TANK LINER. Used as directed Tank Prep will remove rust and etch metal surface to ensure maximum adhesion. 


    1. Read warning statements on this both labels

    2. Remove the tank from the vehicle, remove any valves and petcocks and stop all outlets.

    3. Wash out tank with hot soapy water. If the tank is badly rusted and has loose flaky rust add stones or nuts and bolts to agitate to remove loose rust.

    4. For new tanks, it is important to remove oily protective coating before using Tank Prep. An industrial strength detergent or commercial degreaser/cleaner like KREEM's New Tank Cleaner/Degreaser or acetone should be used.

    5. Pour Tank Prep A into tank and add 5 gallons of warm water. Tank Prep A works best when tank is completely full and in contact with all metal surfaces. If this is not possible you should turn the tank to different positions so that the solution has extended contact with all metal surfaces.

    6. Leave Tank Prep A in the tank until all the rust is dissolved and the metal is etched to a dull gray finish. The time required will depend on the amount of rust in the tank. New tanks can be etched in 4 hours. Rusty tanks will take longer; we suggest overnight. - ALLOW TANK TO VENT. DO NOT ALLOW PRESSURE TO BUILD UP!

    7. Drain Tank Prep A solution into a plastic container and check tank. If all rust is removed proceed to step B. If rust is still present add saved Tank Prep A solution to tank again until rust is removed.

    8. Flush the tank with clean water until rinse water no longer foams and all traces of Tank Prep are removed. Remove all excess water.

    9. Immediately rinse tank interior with full-strength Tank Prep B and agitate to ensure thorough treatment. Drain out all excess Tank Prep B.

    10. Immediately seal the tank with KREEM FUEL TANK LINER according to label directions.


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