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SP Cable Wireless Charger

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    • Part # 5753221
      SP Cable Wireless Charger

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    SP Cable Wireless Charger

    Use the SP Connect™ CABLE WIRELESS CHARGER to connect the SP Connect™ WIRELESS CHARGING MODULE directly to a power source (i.e. motorcycle battery / ignition or e-bike engine / light)

    The facts

    • Multiple applications (bicycle, motorcycle, ...)
    • Compatible with the SP Connect Wireless Charging Module
    • Integrated resistor (12V / 6V to 5V)
    • Cable for direct wiring to battery or e-bike
    • Length of cable: 120cm

    Note: Unplug Charger when not in use for longer time periods to avoid battery drain.

     SP Connect

    Attention: If you are using a smartphone with a mechanical image stabilizer, we recommend the use of our additional vibration reducing module, Anti Vibration Module to best prevent possible damage to your phone's camera caused by vibrations from motorcycle engines. In case you still experience problems, please do not use the product in combination with this smartphone and contact the manufacturer of your smartphone if you are unsure.

    The Anti Vibration Module has been developed to protect the sensitive camera systems - especially the mechanical image stabilizer - in the latest generations of smartphone. The elastomer inlay designed specially for this purpose effectively suppresses vibrations in all directions for the spatial coordinate system and thus eliminates up to 60% of unwanted vibrations (e.g. from the bike engine) and prevents them from reaching the smartphone at all. The sensitive smartphone components are thus effectively protected. The inclusion is simultaneously constructed in such a way that in terms of vibration behavior, the insulation provided by the Anti Vibration Model supports readability of the smartphone when navigating with the app.


    • 3D vibration insulation via specially coordinated elastomer inlay
    • Assembly in a choice of landscape or portrait format
    • Super-stable, form-fitting assembly with 60° adjustment option (360° in 6° steps)
    • Suitable for all SP Connect holders with the standard insulator head
    • Easy mounting

    Technical info

    • Material: Airplane aluminum CNC-crafted


    • Tested by Wunderlich

    The Anti Vibration module is compatible with the following SP Connect holders:

    • Moto Mount Pro
    • Moto Stem Mount
    • Bar Clamp Mount (+Pro)
    • Clutch Mount (+Pro)
    • Mirror Mount Pro
    • Bike Mount Pro (+XL)


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