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Leather Key Case, Brown

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    • Part # 44115900
      Leather Key Case, Brown

    • (4.2) 8 Reviews
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      Caution! Our Leather Key Case, Brown does not fit all bike models. Please select your bike if you are not sure.
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    Leather Key Case, Brown

    Key pouch made of leather for the Keyless Ride System

    The facts:

    • High-quality leather case for the key for (riding) luck
    • Contour precision fit - fits the key snugly like a second skin
    • Protects against damage and misuse
    • Thanks to the cut-outs, the buttons are protected against misuse but still easily operable
    • With punch-outs for your keyring
    • Encloses the key tightly thanks to the incorporated rubber bungee
    • The key doesn't have to be removed from the cover to e.g. remove the case (simply open popper and press the button for the key. The key can spring out unhindered.)
    • Made from tanned cow leather from Europe
    • Made in Europe


    Please Note: Exceptions to model/year fitment

    F750 GS2018 + Keyless Ride
    F850 GS2018 + Keyless Ride
    F850 GS Adventure2019 + Keyless Ride
    K1600 Bagger2017 + Keyless Ride
    K1600 Grand America2018 + Keyless Ride
    K1600 GT20102016Keyless Ride
    K1600 GT2017 + Keyless Ride
    K1600 GTL20102016Keyless Ride
    K1600 GTL2017 + Keyless Ride
    R1200 GS20132016Keyless Ride
    R1200 GS20172018Keyless Ride
    R1200 GS Adventure20142018Keyless Ride
    R1200 R20152019Keyless Ride
    R1200 RS20152019Keyless Ride
    R1200 RT20142018Keyless Ride
    R1250 GS2019 + Keyless Ride
    R1250 GS Adventure2019 + Keyless Ride
    R1250 R2019 + Keyless Ride
    R1250 RT2019 + Keyless Ride


    Greg Lochner
    Verified Buyer
    Leather Key Case
    Nice case. Bit costly, but my choice. Exactly what I wanted.

    Dwight Strickland
    Verified Buyer
    Nice key case!
    Ordered for my recently acquired R1250 RS. Well put together. Nice way to avoid the impossible to avoid nicks and scratches. Two quick items ... Cost seems excessive. Then again, it's a wanna have rather than a need to have ... my choice. Second, the holes in the case for a key ring are a real pain to line up with the fob itself. Patience and a few choice words got it to work. One could argue that the holes in the fob are wide apart and make most any ring cumbersome to insert ... the case simply complies. Would be nice if the case included a short, flexible 'chain' or wire in the cost. Still ... nice.

    Jeffrey Dean
    Verified Buyer
    Nice case. Way too expensive.
    I have three BMW RTs and therefore three of these cases. They are nicely made and fit well. But buying each one was a struggle for me because they are way overpriced at $55. The should cost $20.

    Gary Asano
    Verified Buyer
    Great quality but...
    Quite happy with this case. High quality leather. It was a huge pain in the butt trying to get the keyring on though. I ended up scratching the case a bit but nothing serious. I am dreading when it comes time to change the battery. I looked for a cable keyring but couldn't find one thin enough.

    michel jodoin
    Verified Buyer
    leather key case
    very good, fit perfect on the key case

    Verified Buyer
    K1600 keyless ride fob case
    Ok case for Keyless ride fob. Cost is the issue. Problem getting key ring through the leather and fob due to placement of holes.

    Muhammad Zaid
    Verified Buyer
    Leather key case
    Fast delivery to singapore. Item was excellent thanks to wunderlichamerica. Thumbs up! :))

    Verified Buyer
    Boy, this is a tough call. Love Wunderlich products and the folks at Wunderlich America are some of the nicest folks in the industry. I bought (2) of them; one for my GS and one for my RT. I'm one who likes to keep everything pristine. Sooner or later, you're going to drop your BMW remote/key fob on the concrete. I have a spare remote for each bike that I take on long trips, just in case I manage to lose one out in Timbuktu. I can tell you this, those darn BMW remote/key fobs are EXPENSIVE! $50 for a little extra protection seemed worth it to me. Nice looking and the fit/finish is excellent. I wouldn't hesitate to give 'em 5 stars if it weren't for the price. Should you choose to purchase one, I think you'll be very pleased.

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