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Bag Packer II
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    • Part # 1250318-319
      Bag Packer II
      Available in: Left or Right

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      Caution! Our Bag Packer II does not fit all bike models. Please select your bike if you are not sure.
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    Bag Packer II

    Available as: Left or Right

    Please note: Sold individually

    Improved material and manufacture make this bag a real highlight. Additional bag space to the assembly on the side cases with optimal protection, and weather resistant materials. The flat panniers that are original equipment for GS models as well as the Hepco & Becker Gobi and Xplorer panniers have made it possible for this idea to be turned into reality on a professional basis.


    • Expandable to a volume of 10 -15 liters by means of perimeter zipper.
    • Water resistant, Teflon-coated CORDURA-fiber.
    • Extremely strong (tensile strength of over 100 kg/~ 200 lb.) serrated hook and loop fastener.
    • The loop strip is self-adhesive and only needs to be attached once to the pannier.
    • Additional strap with Fastlock locking device runs round the panniers (the indentations on the underside keep it securely in place).
    • Possible to open and close the panniers even with the top bag in place.
    • Ergonomically shaped for pillion passenger's thighs.
    • Can only be extended to the side so as not affect the passenger's comfort.
    • Reinforced, sturdy outer walls for optimum protection of the contents and an exclusive look.
    • Blue water repellent lining makes it easy to see inside the bag so that things can't disappear into the stitching.
    • Water/dust resistant zippers.
    • Tough, hard-wearing fabric and not subject to bleaching.
    • Clingy, non-slip bag underside: protects the pannier from rubbing or causing damage.
    • Lightweight.
    • Special 3M-strip with Velcro for secure attachment to the case

    Please Note: Although the materials used in the construction of this product are water resistant, it is possible for water to penetrate the seams in prolonged exposure. It is always advisable to protect your valuables by placing them in a sealed enclosure.

    Please Note: Exceptions to model/year fitment

    F650 GS Twin20082012with original cases
    F700 GS20122016with original cases
    F800 GS20082011with original cases
    F800 GS20122016with original cases
    G650 GS 20112017with original cases
    R1150 GS Adventure20022005with original cases
    R1200 GS20042007with original cases
    R1200 GS20082009with original cases
    R1200 GS20102012with original cases
    R1200 GS Adventure20052007with original cases
    R1200 GS Adventure20082009with original cases
    R1200 GS Adventure20102013with original cases


    Miguel Leotta
    Verified Buyer
    Looks like they will do a great job, will write a review after my trip to Alaska next August

    Bob Bolin
    Handy product for increasing luggage space
    This is a quality European made bag that mounts on top of your travel cases. I would have rated it five stars but it obviously isn't designed for the latest BMW TT alloy panniers. The four velcro straps fit securely on the 4 brackets on the cases although they could be a cm closer together. However the large velcro flaps on the end are mostly superfluous since the BMW cases have their locking brackets where the flaps are supposed to go. I cut small pieces of velcro to attach on a flat surface of the locking brackets but it doesn't add anything to holding the bags on top. The long strap that goes around the entire pannier seems overkill and would complicate taking the lids off so I left it off. Maybe if you rode off road a lot they might add security. The four velcro side straps seem more than adequate to hold the bags to the case tops. They add at least 30 liters of capacity and are easy to access so are quite useful for touring

    Jim Salt
    Excellent product
    Just a quick review: Overall an excellent product: very rugged, attached easily and firmly to the side case, handsome, very handy to have access to small stuff without having to open one's case, etc. Haven't experienced it in wet conditions yet so can't comment on weatherproofness but am optimistic given its quality. Only two minor questions/issues: some will find the strap that one fastens around the bag and the side case to be a bit much, but one could just not use it; the zipper seems fairly easily interfered with by dust/sand, so these may not be the best choice for off-roading.

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