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Wunderlich AKTIVKOMFORT Seat - Passenger Plus
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      Wunderlich AKTIVKOMFORT Seat - Passenger Plus

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    Wunderlich AKTIVKOMFORT Seat - Passenger Plus

    New comfort extra: Passenger Plus Edition! Our seat, which is unique on the market, finally ensures equality on the motorcycle: With regard to ergonomics, upholstery properties and, above all, the size, the pillion position offers the same high level of current, high-quality driver's seats! The cut of the cover, the elaborate seams and the manual work of our saddlers ensure an appearance that - despite a generous 40 mm seat width compared to the original - integrates wonderfully discreetly into the design of the F 900 R and XR. At the same time, the seat pressure is reduced due to the significantly larger area, which leads to noticeably more comfort.

    Why are we doing this: Quite simply because many customers ask us about it. Especially those who have to forego the motorcycle fun with their partner on tours and trips, because the seating comfort of today's standard bench seats is only good for driving to the next ice cream parlor, but is otherwise unbearable. This definitely comes to an end with our Passenger+ seat!

    Otherwise, with regard to the product features, everything that applies to our bench in the standard seat height applies: We manufacture our seats with a characteristic, ergonomic 3-D contour that allows the driver and front passenger to become one with his BMW motorcycle. The shape and inclination of the elaborately processed, progressively constructed, two-layer bench core support the ergonomically advantageous, natural posture of the pelvis. So integrated, it is simply relaxed and therefore active. And, no doubt about it, relaxed sitting creates a plus in passive safety. The integrated wind tunnel on the seat ensures pleasant ventilation while driving. A non-slip cover material also increases comfort. With the ThermoPro coating, the temperature of this bench is up to 25 ° C lower in high summer in the blazing sun compared to conventional, untreated cover material.

    The following applies to all AKTIVKOMFORT benches: The upholstery does not “sit through” due to the well thought-out construction and the pressure on the seat is evenly distributed over a larger area, which leads to a noticeably lower specific pressure load at the very bottom. Pleasant! Also typical Wunderlich: The incorporated hollow groove to relieve the pressure-sensitive coccyx is another outstanding trademark! They offer perfect grip and active, safe control when driving hard, especially when braking: Who does not know it when the pillion suddenly pushes from behind when anchoring and you suddenly support yourself and at the same time, in a possibly precarious situation, steer got to. With Wunderlich's specially developed support contour, these moments of shock when braking are a thing of the past. The innovative, ergonomic 3-D contour also ensures that pressure points on the inner thighs when standing at the traffic lights are a thing of the past
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    More comfort with ThermoPro: With the ThermoPro coating, the temperature of this bench is up to 25 ° C lower in high summer in the blazing sun compared to conventional cover material

    • +40 mm seat width for the pillion seat compared to the series
    • A relaxed and active driving experience ensures a plus in passive safety
    • Sweat-resistant, non-slip cover material combined with piping made of Alcantara
    • Optimal seat contour for driver and pillion passenger for better grip when braking
    • Ergonomic 3-D contour to support the natural posture of the pelvis and comfortable leg posture when driving and standing
    • Progressive two-layer structure with a soft top layer and a tight core ensures comfort because the seat does not sit through
    • The seat pressure is evenly distributed over a larger area, which leads to a noticeably optimized weight distribution and lower specific pressure load
    • We have integrated a compartment on the underside, e.g. for a first-aid kit and a safety vest
    • Pronounced hollow channel for coccyx relief
    • Uncompromising long-distance suitability
    • Embroidered Wunderlich logo
    Technical specifications
    • Cover material with ThermoPro coating
    • Antiperspirant, non-slip cover material, combined with piping made of Alcantara, offset, "cut" seams
    • Glued and welded seams for 100% tightness processed on modern PFAFF hot air welding machines
    • Seat shell material: high-strength "RoburC" base shell from our own mold construction
    • Progressive, two-layer construction of the seat core
    • Width pillion seat: 325 mm (+ 40 mm compared to the series)
    • In comparison, the standard pillion seat width: 285 mm
    • Hand crafted
    • Whimsical product
    • Produced in small batches
    • Wunderlich design by Nicolas Petit
    • Integrated and functional design
    • Made Germany



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