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Engine Protection Bars, Silver
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      Engine Protection Bars, Silver

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    Engine Protection Bars, Silver

    A crash bar made of German precision steel tube, with an impact resistant and strong hybrid plastic coating.

    Wunderlich stands for tradition and for the best crash bar! The traditional shape has been further developed, both technically and visually.

    The facts:

    • Perfect protection for cylinder and valve cover.
    • Bond of 6 solid mounting points.
    • Double valve cover-crash bar (on the side and underneath).
    • Protects both Lambda sensors.
    • No negative impact on ground or cornering clearance.
    • High progression over the cylinders: suitable as a leg support during long distance tours.
    • Minimum weight.
    • Made of German precision steel tube, with an impact resistant and strong hybrid plastic coating.
    • All maintenance work (oil change, valve adjustments etc.) can be done without removing the protection bar.
    • Detailed, easy-to-read instructions.
    • Made in Germany.


    Michael A. Groves
    Verified Buyer
    R NineT Pure Engine Protection Bars
    Great design and well made. I have the Option 719 valve covers that I didn’t want covered up but wanted protection for. These engine crash bars not only seem like the best configuration available for my R NineT but actually look good as well. They were packed very well so they wouldn’t be scratched during shipping and were shipped to my residence quickly.

    Wesley Risto
    Verified Buyer
    Easy to install with basic mechanical confidence and knowledge. Very strong and rigid construction. my only criticism is there was a burr on the bottom flange that albeit does not affect their function at all but for the price should be free of rough surfaces. however overall they are an excellent product!

    Alan Zeisbrich
    Verified Buyer
    Engine Protection Bars R NineT Pure
    Expensive, but nice quality product. Torque specifications provided are for fasteners in general and reflect ranges of torque. I wish they would have provided specific torque requirements. Be careful installing the top (long) bolt. Protect the valve cover as the bolt head will damage the cover when installed if not protected. I used a thin piece of aluminum sheet (.020 thick) to guide the bolt head over the edge of the valve cover.

    Verified Buyer
    Wunderlich crash bars R9T
    The bars are nicely made, the finish matches the R9T frame, and they line up well with their mounting holes. I hope to never test their structural strength, but they look up to the job. On the bike they don't stand out much, which is what I was looking for, but they're always there just in case. The one thing wunderlich got completely wrong is the installation instructions -they're basically backwards.

    Black engine guards
    Great guards! The extra mounting point versus some of the alternatives is a big plus in my mind. Once installed, it feels rock solid, and compliments the bike well visually. My only gripe would be that the installation process would be much helped by labeling the hardware. The install itself is very straightforward, but I spent most of the time grouping the bolts and spacers needed for each mointing point. There are four different spacer types, varrying slightly in dimensions. The only way to make sense of them is by count of each type, with a sticky note. Same approach for the allen bolts. All is well in the end. You will feel a bit more German after decoding the instructions :)

    Pete Cunningham
    Easy bolt on
    I put the silver one on my R Nine T. They bolted on pretty straight forward although the assembly instructions listed the bolts and spacers in the instructions in MM not inches. It's very important you use the right bolts and spacer where the instruction say. If you aren't good with doing the conversion get yourself a cheap set of digital calipers that you can switch between inches and MM so you can easily identify the parts for each step of the instruction. Or they can just change the instruction for the US kits. The bars bolted right up and the fitment was great. I even have the Carbon Fiber cylinder protectors on mine and they fit with them still on it (although it did contact them in spots, it still worked). Great product for the price.

    Ed T
    Black Engine Guards
    I purchased these Engine Guards with trepidation thinking they would detract from the Nine T's aesthetics but was pleasantly surprised that they do not. I had a car back into my parked bike in a parking lot that damaged the head cover prior to this installation. I am sure they would have been safe with these bars and I look forward to many years of protection. I had to have the dealer install as I could not unseat one of the main engine mount bolts necessary for the install. Quality product and Great Wunderlich service.

    M Leckie
    Great Product
    Engine guards are built very well and do not take away from the "clean" look of the bike. Easy to install and still able to service the bike without removing.

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