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Footpeg Lowering Kit, Ti-Finish
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      Footpeg Lowering Kit, Ti-Finish

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      Caution! Our Footpeg Lowering Kit, Ti-Finish does not fit all bike models. Please select your bike if you are not sure.

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    Footpeg Lowering Kit, Ti-Finish

    These footrests are a part of our "Ergo" program of handle bar risers and adjustable control levers, with which we are providing the components for each rider to "fine-tune" the riding position and posture to his or her own personal needs. The original riding position of the Twins is not universally comfortable for all riders, tall riders have different requirements than small riders. We wanted a better knee angle, but without having to move the feet outwards. To achieve this we had to make a completely new footrest. The footrests are made of high quality aluminum alloy and will withstand the highest loads. For better comfort the original rubber footrest insert can be used. Cornering clearance is not affected, even though the footrest is lowered by 25 mm (~1"). Riding whilst standing up (off-road) is more comfortable now, and the transition between sitting and standing is easier. Sold as a complete set of left and right side footrests + everything needed for installation.

    The Facts:

    • 25 mm (~1") lower than original.
    • Long distance touring more enjoyable because knees are less bent.
    • Quality materials for ultimate strength.
    • Grippy "teeth" prevent boot slipping.
    • Original footrest rubber can be used.
    • TÜV approved.




    PDX Rider
    Nice ergonomic improvement
    These feel like a much more natural position for me. Stock pegs on 2015 F700GS were too high and was hard to stand on pegs. These feel much better sitting and standing. When I take off from a stop my feet just automatically find the pegs now, right where they should be. Great in combination with the 20mm bar risers.

    Wells Coalfleet
    Ouch, but worth it.
    I looked hard to pay less for lower footpegs. How on earth can I justify $250 beans for footpegs? Well, they are the only ones that fit my 3 criteria, thats why. 1. I wanted a full inch of drop. 2. I wanted to use the stock mounts without add-on brackets. 3. I wanted to use the stock rubber inserts for highway droning to keep the vibes down. The install is quick and there is plenty of brake pedal adjustment range to get the pedal back in the right place. Surprisingly, I didn\\\\\\\'t need to move the shift lever. About the only downside I can see is that if you do a lot of serious rock gardens, the aluminum construction will break vs bend for the heavy stock, steel pegs. An intersting byproduct of installation is that it lowers the bikes center of gravity slightly. This is most noticeable at low speeds and is not a bad thing on a bike with a 21\\\\" front wheel. So yes, if your knees hurt, I would recommend this product.

    Hory Aycardo
    Great for guys with long legs
    I have bad knees. These are good for guys like me who don't want to bend their legs like the sportsbikers. It does lower the foot peg. Installation was easy. Great product.

    Jim Howard
    Significant comfort improvement
    Although I need the lower seat height of the F650GS(Twin), the stock seat-to-footpeg distance is a too small, sometimes resulting in knee and leg cramping on longer rides. These replacement footpegs really do lower the footbed without decreasing the ground clearance, by careful shaping along their underside. The result is enough "unfolding" of my legs to make long rides comfortable. The original BMW rubber pads fit right on the Wonderlich pegs, allowing later replacement to use OEM parts. The one thing that could be improved would be a fuller discussion of the right-hand installation and its small shim to adjust the rear brake lever. On my bike, the supplied shim caused the rear brake foot lever to be lowered significantly more than the foot peg was lowered. It was a simple process of filing down the shim - trial and error how much - to lower the foot brake lever only as far as my footpeg was lowered. Though very easy to do, it would be good for the instructions to alert the installer that a "fine tuning" adjustment for individual preference is very likely needed.

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