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The new division of Wunderlich

Wunderlich Adventure.
Passion. Unlimited.

With decades of experience in developing, producing, and distributing high-quality parts and accessories for BMW motorcycles, Wunderlich is now applying the expertise and know how gathered since 1985, to create world-class products for the Harley-Davidson Pan America under the name Wunderlich Adventure. Our brand Wunderlich – complete your BMW, will continue to cover BMW motorcycles with exclusive and unchanged dedication.

Wunderlich Adventure

Parts & accessories for the Harley-Davidson
Pan America 1250 and the Special

Wunderlich CEO Frank Hoffmann’s opinion on the Harley-Davidson Pan America 1250: "The Harley has an amazing very powerful engine. The ergonomics are excellent – even for taller people such as myself. As per usual with Harleys there are ample customization possibilities. A nice overall package. I am very, very impressed by this motorcycle!"
Brand Manager Herbert Schwarz adds: "Owners of the Harley-Davidson Pan America will be the first to be offered a rich assortment of high quality components made in Germany under the Wunderlich Adventure label. They will be top notch in every aspect and represent everything that customers know and expect from Wunderlich!"

Wunderlich Adventure

the story behind

The Wunderlich team in Germany was immediately impressed with the Harley- Davidson Pan America. The initial rides demonstrated the bike's many strengths and potential but also several areas of improvement possibilities. With a keen eye for sensible product development, fine-tuned over decades of improving BMW motorcycles, and experience designing thousands of products, the Wunderlich engineers set out to make an already fantastic motorcycle even better and more of a joy to own.

Hundreds of thousands of BMW Motorcyclists world-wide have benefitted from practical and innovative accessories for their motorcycles, made possible by Wunderlich. Now owners of the Harley-Davidson Pan America can rely on the many clever refinements designed and made in Germany by the passionate motorcyclists that are Wunderlich.

This concept laid the groundwork for a new division of Wunderlich:

Wunderlich Adventure.

Here in the United States, Wunderlich America naturally embraced the new direction and purchased two Pan America Specials for test fitment, product evaluation, and demonstration. The Harleys are at the top of our list of favorite bikes in our fleet. Please stop by and see us in Hendersonville, North Carolina and have a close look at the many practical products that we have developed for the Pan America.

How Wunderlich Adventure Started

Our styles for the pan america

road trip

Wunderlich Adventure Pan America "ROAD TRIP":

Our Pan Am 1250 in Vivid Black bears the name "ROAD TRIP". High-quality Wunderlich Adventure Parts & Accessories from the areas of Touring, ErgoComfort, Design and Protection make it a powerful, characterful and individual touring enduro for long journeys around the world through thick and thin!

passion. unlimited.

Wunderlich Art: The Passion. Unlimited. Pan America

The passion in our innovative think tank knows no bounds: Passion. Unlimited. That is the motto of our Wunderlich Adventure Division.

What our developers are "capable of" is impressively demonstrated by our concept bike called Passion. Unlimited. The bike made the mouths of many enthusiasts water at the premiere at the Wunderlich stand at the Intermot.


"OFFROAD" – the sporty Wunderlich Adventure Pan America:

The agile Baja Orange fits the sporty character of our "OFFROAD" Pan Am 1250 Special so perfectly. The Flowjet makes it look dynamic and aggressive, the Protection Parts invulnerable. Full of power and yet agile, it easily takes on any course, any terrain. Indestructible and adventurous!

parts & accessories

Our product portfolio designed for the Harley-Davidson Pan America 1250
and the pan america Special

Parts & Accessories

Parts & Accessories

Parts & Accessories

design. style & protection

Side stand enlarger

The side stand enlarger is made from high-strength aluminum. It reduces the risk of the side stand sinking in on hot tarmac or soft ground - especially when the machine is loaded - and thus prevents expensive damage.

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Auxiliary headlights

Our LED auxiliary headlights are extremely bright and they make the front silhouette of the motorcycle appear larger. They provide a crucial improvement in visibility and traffic safety - not only in rain, fog or twilight, but in all conceivable lighting conditions.

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The high-quality crossbar is made of glass bead blasted, powder-coated aluminum. The crossbar has a diameter of 12 mm and a special decoupling rubber for vibration dampening at each end. This means that it not only serves visual purposes, but also functions as a perfect mounting option for all types of accessories.

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Fender addition EXTENDA FENDER front

The stock front mudguard is too short! The consequences are dirty and damaged engine casings as well as radiators. In addition, there is damage caused by whirled-up stones and unnecessary splashes of water, especially in the driver's foot area. Our custom-fit, high-quality extension for the original mudguard comes to the rescue.

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Helmet anti-theft system HELMLOCK

This is how the helmet is "put on a leash". The solid stainless steel device and the generous length cable, which secures up to two helmets, disappear under the seat when not in use. No additional key is required!

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Tankpad set

These pads effectively protect against scratches, damage and abrasion. They improve knee contact and convey more direct contact with the motorcycle through increased adhesion. This significantly increases the riding experience and enjoyment. The pads are self-adhesive.

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Protective cover ignition coil

Reliable protection for the exposed ignition coil. Air vents support cooling.

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brake caliper cover FRONT

Solid protective covers for the brake caliper. They blend in perfectly with the design of the Pan Am. Our covers safely and reliably frame the brake caliper as well as the hydraulic connection. They also reduce the risk of damage, especially during demanding off-road riding.

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engine protection

The functional, integrated design effectively protects the bottom side of the engine. The aluminum engine guard is corrosion-resistant. Any forces and vibrations that occur are eliminated by shock-absorbing fastening elements. Water can drain freely through openings. Typical Wunderlich: Optimal accessibility for maintenance purposes.

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DOUBLESHOCK axle protection pads front

Our axle protection pads ensure that the fork, wheel axle and brake system are effectively protected. When installed, there is buffer space in between individual components. This reduces the risk of expensive damage in the event of unplanned road contact. The axle protection pads absorb the impact energy and reduce the time and distance of sliding over tarmac after falling. Tested on the race track.

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DOUBLESHOCK axle protection pads rear

Our axle protection pads ensure that the wheel axle, swing arm and brake system are effectively protected. When installed, there is buffer space in between individual components. This reduces the risk of expensive damage in the event of unplanned road contact. The axle protection pads absorb the impact energy and reduce the time and distance of sliding over tarmac after falling. Tested on the race track.

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Headlight protector CLEAR

A whirled-up stone, a short off-road ride through the undergrowth can quickly mean the end for the headlight. Our headlight protector provides protection in such cases. It can be folded upwards for easy cleaning and is designed to eliminate reflections and glare when riding at night.

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Foldable headlight protection grill

A whirled-up stone, a short off-road ride through the undergrowth can quickly mean the end for the headlight. Our headlight protection grille provides protection in such cases. It can be folded upwards for easy cleaning and is designed to prevent reflections and glare when riding at night.

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Radiator protection

The radiator is directly located in the airstream created by the motorcycle moving forward. At the same time it is exposed to whirled-up stones and insects. Damage or leaks reduce the cooling capabilities - a broken radiator puts an end to the journey. Our radiator protection ensures optimum air flow and reduces the risk of damage caused by foreign bodies.

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Engine side cover

The elegantly shaped fairing conceals the undesirable view of the rear of the radiator fan and at the same time directs the hot flow of cooling air through openings past the left leg. This way it combines function with integral design.

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Protection bar system EXTREME

This engine protection bar made from high-strength precision steel tubing reduces the risk of expensive damage caused by drops or slips. It is thoroughly manufactured and comes in perfectly matching size for your bike. The multi-point mount of the tube construction has been designed to equally distribute forces to minimise peaks in force and torque.

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Protective guard for original engine protection bar

The original mudguard protects the bike from hard impacts. However, it does not prevent whirled-up stones or protruding ground elements etc. from causing damage while riding. This beautifully integrated mudguard makes sure this does not happen.

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Protective cover for side stand switch

The side stand switch, which is completely unprotected on stock models, is essential as it guarantees that you do not drive off with the side stand in the folded out position. Therefore, it is recommended to install our protection for said switch.

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Wunderlich Extreme Sidecases

No matter whether it's a trip on the motorway, to the North Cape or through the desert: These sturdy, light and simultaneously stylish "EXTREME" aluminum cases go with you through thick and thin! They can be attached to the carrier with no fuss thanks to the quick release system. The special sealing system makes them totally dust and waterproof. The consistent use of exclusively high-quality materials makes our "EXTREME" luggage system durable. This is helped by the 1.5 mm crafted aluminum plate with stabilizing swages (weight-optimized yet robust), the stainless steel shoes, the replaceable all-round protection on all corners as well as the protective caps for the locks. The case lids are fitted with practical luggage nets on the inside as standard for everything you need close to hand while on the go: Rain gear, tools or a first aid kit.

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Seat and rack bag ELEPHANT

This versatile and functional bag fits on every bike with a pillion seat or luggage carrier. If needed, the bag can be expanded from 14l to a maximum capacity of 20 litres (!). This creates plenty of storage space for both small and large luggage items.

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MiniRack rear carrier for soft luggage

This luggage bridge is perfect for riders who are travelling alone and want to store their luggage close to the centre of gravity. This makes the loaded motorcycle much more manageable and enjoyable to ride.

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The ELEPHANT DRYBAG series sports a reduced, purist design and waterproofing. The CORDURA® 500 fabric is abrasion-resistant, durable and UV-resistant. The ELEPHANT DRYBAG has a capacity of 12 litres and offers an extension system for attaching our top pockets.

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The ELEPHANT shines with a new design, sustainable fabrics, optimised functionality and variability. The main compartment can be adjusted to your needs. Side pockets offer additional storage space, the retention system is used to attach additional top pockets and is complemented by an elastic luggage net.

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Every Day Carry Tool Box

Our tailored EDC box offers additional storage space for all kinds of helpful bits and pieces. Our tailor-made tool box offers additional storage space for all kinds of helpful little things and is suitable for models that do not have a luggage rack. The functional, robust box is provided with four solid thread inserts and is securely mounted with two brackets on the left side of the vehicle. The cover is secured against loss. The box made of high quality plastic is waterproof and extremely robust. We deliver them with the appropriate holder.

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Windshield FLOWJET

You like feeling the wind in your face – however without annoying turbulences? The FLOWJET offers a sportive and agile appearance. It combines perfect design with a high level of basic protection. Can be easily installed instead of the stock windshield.

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Mirror extension (SET)

Rear-view mirrors are only useful if you can see something in them. We offset the mirror forward as well as outwards at the same time which makes the extension more discreet but all the more effective for an improved rear view. Precisely integrated, they offer a major increase in safety.

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Handlebar riser ERGO+

The ERGO+ handlebar riser positions the handlebars higher and closer to the rider to ergonomically relieve the back muscles, pelvis/tailbone and arms. This noticeably improves touring ability and the rider’s capability to keep track of traffic.

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Fold out help side stand

This inconspicuous extension for the side stand boom makes it much easier to fold out the side stand and park the Pan Am safely.

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The ergonomic shape of the seat makes the rider one with the Pan America. It supports an advantageous and natural posture of the pelvis. Like this you ride comfortably, actively and safely. With ThermoPro.

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Passenger seat AKTIVKOMFORT

The ergonomic 3-D shape of the seat, which is tailored to the pillion rider, natural posture of the pelvis. When braking, the seat‘s shape provides a secure hold. This makes for a comfortable, active and safe ride. With ThermoPro.

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Lower footrests ERGO-COMFORT

With this set the position of the rider’s feet can be noticably lowered. The knee angle opens up, creating a relaxed comfortable seating position. This way pain caused by a narrow knee angle can be reduced and in most cases even be prevented in the first place.

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VARIO Footrest (SET)

Our Vario footrest system is the ultimate solution when it comes to adjustable footrests: With the 23 mm eccentric adapter, the footrest can be positioned in 8 different ways, each position being offset by 45°. With German type approval.

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windshield MARATHON

The MARATHON stands for highly effective protection from wind and weather. It offers optimal relief from wind pressure as well as a noticeable reduction of turbulences. Combined with convincing weather protection it unfolds its full potential on long as well as short rides – no matter the season.

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windshield reinforcement

Delivers significantly increased mechanical stability for the windshield on the road as well as off-road.

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wunderlich adventure

all parts & accessories for your
harley-davidson pan america
and pan america special

all Parts & Accessories

Electronically adjustable exhaust system
Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde | The Exhaust System

The electronically adjustable exhaust system makes it possible to choose between three different sound modes while riding your Pan America. At the push of a button.


Harley-Davidson® and Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde | The Exhaust

This is it. Sound, performance and design all come together in The Exhaust for Harley-Davidson®. The definitive American motorcycle brand and Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde | The Exhaust are becoming an inseparable combination. With good reason...

What all Harley-Davidson® riders have in common regardless of their age, gender or ethnicity is they are all freedom-loving, adventure-seeking individuals… who love esthetics and performance. Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde | The Exhaust gives you exactly that and completes the ultimate riding experience!

Are you considering replacing your motorcycle exhaust for an electronically adjustable exhaust system? Or are you looking for a brand new Harley-Davidson motorcycle and are you looking for a suitable legal exhaust for it? View all our Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde exhaust options and combinations in our special exhaust configurator. Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde offers the best sound and top quality, completely street legal.



Listen and enjoy the three different sound modes of the Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde exhaust for Harley-Davidson Pan America & Pan America Special.

Dr. Jekill


Mr. Hyde

  • Dr. Jekill Mode - A calm, low-key but distinctive sound.
  • Dynamic Mode - A tamed Mr. Hyde sound with a little more presence than the Dr. Jekill sound.
  • Mr. Hyde ModeThe exhaust boosts a beautiful, deep rumble.

The Exhaust for Pan America is available for:
Pan America // Pan America Special



The Nomad for Harley-Davidson Pan America. The ultimate, street legal, electronically adjustable exhaust that gives you the ultimate combination of sound, performance and comfort, pushing the super-smooth Revolution Max 1250 engine of the Pan America to the limits. With 3 sound modes, 4 year guarantee and a hard to beat price.

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The Pan America is not only a bike that sets the bar very high for Harley-Davidson, but for Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde it also was clear that it should not be just any exhaust that would be developed for this motorcycle. It had to be an exhaust that would not only provide the best sound, but also perfectly match the look and feel of the Pan America.

The Nomad had to become an integral part of this adventure bike, as it were. We are therefore very proud of the end result Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde have created and we are sure that the adventurous Harley-Davidson rider cannot do without this exhaust.

The Harley-Davidson Pan America is making a more than impressive entrance into the adventure market where the bar is set very high. Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde is going to raise that bar. With the exhaust that changes everything.

Why Wunderlich?

our guiding principle

What does »Anständige Komponenten*« actually mean?

Based on countless conversations with customers, we know that you place the most signifigant value on quality, accurate fitment, craftsmanship, durability, design, and the functionality of our products. Nowadays, it no longer seems to be common that products have these characteristics, which tend to be taken for granted. It can be compared to the cheap wrench that you end up replacing with a proper one. We understand your preferences because we think the same way.

We believe in the value, quality, and safety of what we develop and manufacture. We also emphasise our commitment to responsibility and respect for people and nature.

Our "Guiding Principle" is based on three essential pillars ...

Small Series. Hand Crafted.

There is nothing comparable. Wunderlich products are those that we develop, test, and manufacture ourselves. These are mechanical workshops and trade businesses, primarily from the local region, the Westerwald, the Eifel or the Rhineland. If there is no regional alternative, they are specialists in Europe. Master craftsmen and production technicians produce our Wunderlich components with immense experience and state-of-the-art machines, with attention to detail and traditional values, highest quality, and precision. They are specialists – just like us

Customizing. But safely.

Our components are engineered with care and experience, either with an ABE (Allgemeinen Betriebserlaubnis*) or a TÜV certificate if they require approval. Wunderlich offers versatile customizing options without the need for grinding or welding. This allows individualization down to the last detail and be reset without issue. As Sir Frederick Henry Royce said: Quality exists when the price has long been forgotten. And so does safety!


We are committed to responsibility and respect for people and nature, and consistently focus on sustainability in all aspects of our organization. In this way, we consistently identify possible improvements in the manufacturing processes, organization, and logistics. Our responsibility is not limited to environmental concerns; for us, it also includes social commitments.

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