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Jekill and Hyde Beat Short Black Big Shot Black
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    • Part # EP250353NC-GB-GC
      Jekill and Hyde Beat Short Black Big Shot Black
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    Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde for BMW R18

    This Bolt on Ready Kit includes Everything You Need in one Package

    Includes the following Jekill & Hyde Exhaust Components

    • Pipes: Beat Short Exhaust in Black
    • Endcaps: 4" Big Shot Exhaust End Caps in Black
    • Electronics: Modeswitch Classic X for Smartbox
    • Heat Shield: Chrome or Black
    Please note: Different endcaps are available at an extra charge.  Please contact us if you would like to explore the possibility of different end caps than are shown here or if you would like this Quick Shipped to you.

    Make every beat count!

    The Beat: Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde’s electronically adjustable exhaust that lets you hear and feel the iconic punch of the 1800cc boxer engine and discover the real soul and sound of your BMW R18. Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde gives you the opportunity to adjust your sound to the moment and choose a sound character for every situation. We are proud to present you: The Beat.

    The BMW R18 checks all the boxes in terms of design, ergonomics and power. That’s why Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde wants to make sure that you not only feel, but also hear this masterpiece of German engineering, responding to the iconic boxer punch.

     Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde had created an exhaust that contains exceptional sound quality and offers three different sound modes. The Exhaust boosts a beautiful deep rumble, as well as a calm, low-key but distinctive sound.

    Make every beat count // The Sound

    Dr. Jekill Mode
    Dynamic Mode
    Mr. Hyde Mode

    R18 Exhaust Jekill & Hyde - Sound Samples

    Both the long and short version of The Exhaust for BMW R18 contain exceptional sound quality. Equipped with three different sound modes the exhaust boosts a beautiful, deep rumble (Mr. Hyde mode), tamed Mr. Hyde sound with a little more presence than the Dr. Jekill sound (Dynamic Mode), as well as a calm, low-key but distinctive sound (Dr. Jekill mode).

    Jekill & Hyde's sound engineers have used the character of the boxer engine as a guideline in all sound modes. We are sincerely proud of our sound and product that Jekill & Hyde have created. The power of the Boxer engine is perfectly transmitted to the rumbling sound coming out of the Beat. But don't take our word for it. Listen for yourself in the video below. And if it is (again) possible, experience it live at  our Showroom in Hendersonville, NC. A Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde exhaust is something you have to experience in real life, in order to fully appreciate the sound and truly feel it.

    Shown with natural aluminum end caps

    The Beat Short Exhaust

    The Beat Short boasts a beautiful, deep rumble. For the rider that loves a smooth ride. The Beat Short is a real looker. It defines itself by a slightly aggressive yet also refined look and sound. The Beat Short fits like a glove on a customized R18 in bobber style. The power of the Boxer engine is perfectly transmitted to the rumbling sound coming out of The Beat. Push the button and let the beat enchant you!

    Electronically adjustable exhaust! Adjust your sound to the moment!

    Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde | The Exhaust offers a completely street legal, premium quality exhaust with 4 years warranty. This exhaust system makes it possible to choose between three different sound modes on the fly, which makes every ride spectacular!

    The Exhaust is a result of German engineering and Dutch craftsmanship. With state of the art technology, perfectly crafted by the best engineers in town. With computer simulations, the building of prototypes and extensive testing, Jekill and Hyde have created a tailor made exhaust for each and every bike. By riders, for riders.

    Adjust your sound to the moment with three sound modes

    Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde systems embody three distinct personalities: the Dr. Jekill mode, the Dynamic mode and the Mr. Hyde mode. By a simple push of a button a valve inside the muffler closes, opens, or opens halfway, giving your exhaust more power and sound. This gives you all the tools to adjust your sound to the moment.


    Many riders might only consider the appearance and sound, but the pipe quality is essential for your exhaust to continue performing at its peak. Therefore we take pride in the quality and durability of Jekill & Hyde products. All exhausts are made to last, designed and manufactured with longevity in mind. They need to withstand all kinds of extreme (weather) conditions and extreme heat. Therefore they are thoroughly tested, before going into production.

    When all the tests are passed and an exhaust becomes available to the public, only the highest quality materials are used for the production which are all sourced from trusted suppliers in Europe. Absolutely no compromises have been made on quality.

     Jekill and Hyde



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