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    The Tobinator is a very clever and popular solution to annoying buffeting for many GS riders world-wide. The Tobinator allows a huge range of adjustment to be made to either the original or any Wunderlich or other aftermarket wind screen. The long slots on the upper brackets allow a huge range of adjustment at angles ranging from 20° - 60°, thus the gap on the bottom changes so that air is permitted to flow beneath the shield, reducing turbulence caused by negative pressure. Compared to bolt-on spoiler screens, which put a considerable amount of extra load on the screens, fitting the Tobinator will not cause stress damage to your screen. The kit consists of two CNC machined high quality, anodized aluminum upper brackets. The lower brackets are made completely of high quality stainless steel and replace the vulnerable and loose-fitting original plastic parts, and make sure the screen has a strong mounting point and does not vibrate as much. Sold as a complete set with all screws.

    Fits the R1200 GS (not Adventure) The reason that we do not consider this part suitable for the Adventure is because with the upper support bracket of the Adventure installed, you will not be able to make use of the full adjustment range. Instead, you may consider part number 8110514, which has a 20mm range of adjustment. You will find a link to this part under the Related Products.




    Don Clark
    Close, But No Cigar
    I ordered and installed the Tobinator on my 2011 12GS. Installation wasn't bad, but it's fussy. There are tiny little pieces and you'll ruin your day if you drop one into the bike. Alignment of the front mounting bolts is critical and if you're like me, it'll take a few tries to get it right. A small set screw is used to hold the replacement hardware in place in the front cross piece. I found these to be a complete pain in the butt and eventually left them out. (Not a recommendation, just what I did) Once installed, the windshield is adjustable. I guess. As for me, I put the damn thing where I wanted it, locked everything down, and doubt that I'll ever "adjust" it again. I'll gladly admit that I'm probably not the sharpest tool in the shed, but I just can't see going through the hassle necessary to move the windshield "just a little higher." If you think this Tobinator (and what the hell kind of a name is that, anyway?) is going to allow a quick tweak of your windshield in order to get the airflow just right, you're a better man than I. However, what it does do is allow me to position the windshield in such a way as to allow more air under the shield. This has resulted in a smoother airflow and less buffeting. That's all I really wanted anyway. So, three stars. It's not as good as I'd have liked, but it does give me what I need. All in all, I'm okay with that. But you might want to think it over before investing what is, after all, a fair amount of money for a "close, but no cigar" solution.

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