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Vario Brake Lever, Black
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      Vario Brake Lever, Black

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    Vario Brake Lever, Black

    Vario Levers represent a revolution in ergonomics, functionality and exclusivity for the S1000 RR and S 1000 R. In addition to allowing adjustable reach, they are also adjustable in length. These levers allow precise adjustment to exactly suit the needs of the rider in various situations and additionally, they really look great.

    With the "Vario Levers" length adjuster it is now possible to activate the brake with two or three fingers, without pinching the remaining finger(s). This allows the lever to be adjusted closer to the grip, safely. Length adjustment is quickly and easily carried out by loosening the set screw, setting the desired length and then tightening.

    Another unique feature of the 'Vario Lever' is the ability to easily adjust the reach by turning the adjuster with your index finger while riding. This is useful when dealing with a changing pressure point, when for example riding on the track or negotiating a technical mountain road. The six position adjustment wheel is easy to operate, even with thick winter gloves.

    You need have no doubt about the structural integrity of these levers. Even fully extended, the lever can withstand a force of over 130 pounds without incident. The levers are exquisitely machined of aluminum and anodized.

    This product fits to:
    • S 1000 R (2014- )
    • S 1000 RR ( -2011)
    • S 1000 RR (2012 - 2014)

    Please Note:

    • The levers are sold individually
    • This is the Brake Lever in the all Black
    • Unfortunately the clutch lever is no longer available
    Tip: After you install the levers, adjust the blade length to suit your preference and then tighten the screw. A drop of Thread Locking Fluid on the threads of the adjusting screw is highly recommended. (available under the Related Products)

    For S1000XR please see products 35700102 (brake) and 35710102 (clutch)




    Frank Campbell
    Not sure how to rate these levers yet. I installed them on my R1150RT in order to get a better feel for braking, which tends to be quite abrupt on this power-assisted system. The quality, appearance and worksmanship is indeed excellent, but they are rather pricey. It seems a bit easier to control the front brake and clutch, but the range of adjustment is limited to two position rather than three as advertised. I hear there is a factory fix for this issue, but I have yet to hear from Wunderlich.

    Hardy Kornfeld
    A bit of a challenge
    I just installed a Wunderlich clutch lever on my 2013 S1000RR. The OEM lever has a small post on the bottom side that supports a plastic arm which moves a microswitch. The plastic arm must be transferred to a post on the Wunderlich lever. The first unexpected challenge was taking the plastic arm off the OEM lever assembly. It is held in with a tiny Torx bolt for which I had no corresponding wrench. Fortunately, I was able to coax it out with my smallest Allen wrench. The next issue was that the Wunderlich lever arrived with its own post in the wrong orientation, which I only figured out after attaching the plastic tab and installing new lever only to find that the plastic arm didn't touch the microswitch at all. Fortunately, the post on the Wunderlich lever is bolted in place so I was able to unfasten and reposition it. It has an asymmetrical shape so it can only fit in a limited number of different positions which is a blessing. Happily, the Wunderlich kit supplies a common Allen bolt to attach the plastic arm. After repositioning the post and plastic arm it was easy to attach the assembly to the clutch cable; no major adjustments in cable length required. With the Wunderlich lever in place I can finally operate the clutch with ease. The OEM lever was too big a reach for me to operate comfortably. I won't be able to road test it until spring and there is one final concern. With the Wunderlich lever in place I can't hear the microswitch click when the clutch is disengaged. I can't test this until the battery is back in the bike. If the microswitch is not being moved correctly then the ECU won't know when the clutch is disengaged. This would interfere with trying to start the bike while in gear and might also interfere with the quick shift operation. I hope it all works since the lever looks great and is a much better fit for me.

    Hardy Kornfeld
    So far so good
    I just installed the Wunderlich brake lever on my S1000RR, which was a breeze. It looks great but I haven't had a chance to test it yet (it's snowing). The adjustment range seems fine but on the first two settings the lever nearly comes back got the bar making them unusable. The middle settings seem fine. Looking forward to spring.

    Dave Smith
    High Quality Product
    I bought this hoping the adjustment range would bring the friction zone on my RT clutch closer to the feel of the wet clutches I am used to, and I wasn't disappointed. It may seem a bit pricy, but I'm riding for the fun of it so why shouldn't something I use constantly feel the best it can.

    Great accessory, once it's on...
    I bought this same style of lever for my R1100S, and loved it. So when I got an S1000RR, this was the first thing I looked for. Brake lever goes on in a few minutes, the clutch lever is more problematic. The Wunderlich lever required about 1.25 cm more slack in the clutch cable than the stock lever does. Getting this slack is problematic, I wound up having to take the fairing covering off to use a wrench at the clutch to get the necessary slack. Difficulty in installation is why they get 4 and not 5 stars. Now that they're on, they're terrific. Just did 1000 miles over three days and they were perfect.

    Excellent accessory. A must for me....
    I bought this same style of lever for my R1100S, and loved it. So when I got an S1000RR, this was the first thing I looked for. Brake lever goes on in a few minutes, the clutch level is more problematic. Now that they're on, they're terrific. Just did 1000 miles over three days and they were perfect.

    Very Nice
    Both levers are a very good uprade to the appearance and the control of the motorcycle. (See the review for the clutch lever).

    Very Nice.
    Much improvered interface between the Rider and the Motorcycle. Bought both sides, and using them both fully collapsed for two finger use. Staightforward installation, precisely manufactured, very pleased with both levers.

    Matt Lewis
    Vario levers (2003 K1200RS)
    Outstanding service and product. Order confirmation received on a Saturday night immediately after ordering, and a shipping confirmation received that Monday afternoon. The levers themselves are visually perfect, flawlessly machined, and a snap to install. Everything you expect in German engineering; they have the fit and finish of American firearms from 40-50 years ago. Especially appealing is the adjustable length, which I have yet to try out, as the stock setting was perfect for me.

    Vario Levers are another working aftermarket product!
    After receiving the Vario levers for my 2003 BMW K1200RS this afternoon, I was first impressed with their quality and craftsmanship. I work in the manufacturing plant at a large aeronautical company and there are some pilots and mechanics that would be green with envy with these levers. I had already educated myself on the levers installation so it was a very quick 5 minutes per side to uninstall the old levers and re-install the new levers. I would say that the most difficult thing during the installation process was where to position the adjustable lengths as I tried on my spring gloves so as to get the right amount of padding and feel coupled with the new levers. Prior to installation, I played with the old levers so that I could do a comparison once the new levers were installed. I can really tell a difference in travel distance and feel with this product! In summary, thank you Vario for making these aftermarket products for my K12RS.

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