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Wunderlich Edition OptiMate - 4 Charger
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      Wunderlich Edition OptiMate - 4 Charger

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    Wunderlich Edition OptiMate - 4 Charger


    The Wunderlich OptiMate 4 battery charger is a universal tool for the maintenance of your motorcycle battery. It features an automatic program that will diagnose the condition of the battery and recondition and charge the battery based on requirements. Even a completely dead battery can most often be put back into top condition with this charger! It can be connected to the battery indefinitely, without any problems, so that your bike is always ready to go when you are. That makes this charger ideal for long periods of non-operation.

    The technology incorporated into this charger allows you to connect it to the standard BMW DIN accessory outlet, even on CAN-bus models, without incident. The charger is supplied with alligator clips and also a BMW style DIN plug, either of which can be connected to the output lead through the shielded, waterproof SAE connector. As an accessory, you can also purchase a direct battery connection lead if you desire a direct battery connection or for convenient use on other vehicles.

    With some battery chargers, when the battery in a CAN-bus system is fully charged and a charger moved into the maintenance program, the CAN-bus system automatically disconnects the charging circuit and requires intervention from the user to reactivate. With the OptiMate 4 Dual Program Charger it is possible to automatically charge and maintain CAN-bus equipped motorcycles via their convenient external 12V charging port, without use of the ignition key or reactivation.

    Some Facts:

    • Special Wunderlich edition OptiMate 4 Dual Program that has been optimized for CAN-bus equipped BMW motorcycles.
    • Charger comes pre-programmed with the CAN-bus charging and maintaining program.
    • Can rejuvenate even sulfated batteries.
    • Housing and connectors are weatherproof.
    • Very minimal power usage in maintenance mode.
    • Charger can be wall mounted if desired.
    • Intuitive controls and LED display.
    • Includes CAN-bus connection cord for use with the OEM BMW style 12V charging port and also alligator clip set for bench charging.

    Also works for any other 12 volt battery, not only CAN-bus equipped BMW Motorcycles.


    Verified Buyer
    Very high end product
    The advantage of this charger is that it will modify the charge cycle for the individual battery. I have many applications with different battery types for automotive, motorcycle and aircraft. This is my favorite charger.

    Ken Lowe
    Verified Buyer
    Very happy with this charger
    Very happy with this charger. Unlike the BT charger this one shows where the battery is at before and during the charge. Did a quick charge through the can-bus and it work great. Installed the battery direct connect and now how it doing a maintenance charge in between rides.

    Ken Mooty
    Optimus 4 CANbus Charger
    Great product.

    Great product
    There is just one thing to say about it: great! I leave my F800GS for two to three weeks per month in average, without turning it on. Temperature at that place varies a lot which is even worse for the battery. This charger has been maintaning the battery at optimal level which makes me feel very confident i will have full power to start the engine when i am back

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