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Wunderlich Radiator Guard
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      Wunderlich Radiator Guard

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    Wunderlich Radiator Guard

    The water cooler is optimally positioned in the airstream generated during travel for optimum airflow to the engine cooler. The exposed installation position also means that it is unprotected against stone strikes, dust and insects, however. The consequence is damage to the fins, in the worst case potentially even leaks as a result of stone strikes or other foreign bodies.

    Then there is also dirtying of the slender radiator network due to dust, especially when riding over terrain. Both damages and dirtying reduce the cooling capacity. If you want to carefully clean the cooler by hand, this must be done with extreme care to ensure that the radiator network doesn't get damaged.

    The air deflectors on our »EXTREME« water cooler protection are designed so that they provide optimum airflow. Yet the front silhouette of the cooler is covered in a way that reliably avoids stone and insects directly striking the vulnerable radiator network.

    Our water cooler protection is also a visual highlight: the functional design integrates into the layout of the F 850 GS Adventure and upgrades it.

    The F 850 GS Adventure already comes with rudimentary water cooler protection as standard. Our construction far exceeds this in terms of effectiveness and design, however.

    The facts:


    • Optimum mechanical protection of the series' practically unprotected, vulnerable radiator network for the water cooler
    • Protection of the radiator network against damage and dirtying from stone strikes, foreign bodies kicked up, insects, dust and dirt from the terrain
    • Intricately manufactured: Follows the cooler’s curve exactly
    • Sturdy construction, black powder-coated
    • Quick and easy to fit
    • Comes with mounting material and detailed installation instructions

    Technical info:

    • Material: Aluminium, carefully shaped, follows the cooler's curve exactly
    Special features
    • Integrated, functional design
    • Wunderlich. Small batches. Made by hand.
    • Made in Germany

    Tip: Insects and other grime which has accumulated can be easily removed with a damp cloth. Place the damp cloth on the grille until the dirt is loosened by the moisture and can be easily wiped away with no residue.




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