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Rear Protection Bars Chrome
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      Rear Protection Bars Chrome

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      Caution! Our Rear Protection Bars Chrome does not fit all bike models. Please select your bike if you are not sure.


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    Rear Protection Bars Chrome

    Wunderlich's rear protection bars for the R1200 RT LC- it not only offers great protection for expensive, original RT saddlebags, but also provides a genuine visual highlight. What has long been standard equipment for authority motorcycles is now available for civilian use. Made from rigid, seamless precision tubular steel, Wunderlich engineers have collaborated with partners, Hepco & Becker, to develop a crash bar that protects the side panels and bags of the RT against bumps and falls. At the same time, the bars are so discreet that they impede neither the rider's nor the passengers mobility. The easy operation of the original bag also remains unimpeded. Additional advantage: The bars are a perfect lifting point and can be used to attach further accessories or luggage.

    The facts:

    • Protects the saddlebags from front and side impact, also in a tip over
    • Perfect lifting point when placing the bike on the center stand
    • Comfortable holding point for the passenger
    • Unobtrusive; full range of rider and passenger movement unchanged
    • Operation, removal, installation of saddlebags unchanged
    • Robust attachment at four points on each side
    • Supplemental reinforcement of subframe
    • Made of seamless, precision steel tubing
    • Ideal for the attachment of additional accessories or luggage
    • Complete set of left & right bars with instructions and all needed hardware
    • Made in Germany
    • Available in chrome plated or powder coated versions (silver or black)

    Because the saddlebags are the widest point of the bike, wider than the cylinders, damage without these guards is more likely.

    Please see the Additional Information link above for supplemental installation instructions. The HD video for this product also has some useful information. Please note that the bike in the video also has our engine protection bars installed.



    Verified Buyer
    Purchased less than 2 weeks prior to 3000 mile ride
    Arrived in 3 business days and installed with a friend that had all the tools. Video was very helpful. Installed them in little over an hour. Paid for themselves first day of ride when had to set my 2016 RT down quickly to help friend in trouble!

    Joe Fowler
    gets in the way of the passenger
    I bought these and have taken off as my wife has issues getting on and off the bike with these on. They are just in the way enough to make it a pain. If anyone wants a pair I will sell at a discount

    Dennis M
    Verified Buyer
    Rear Protection B ars R1200RT
    Perfect in every way. received 3 days after ordered

    Verified Buyer
    Didn't even need three hands
    Bars went on easily once I figured out which side was which from the drawings. Didn't have to loosen the fairing, just be careful. Did use LocTite blue on the hex screws without locknuts. Would be better if the fasteners matched BMW Torx sizes though. These bars a 2x the price of a tipover repair, so one more and they're paid for....

    Rod Hilton
    Verified Buyer
    100% Satisfied. Very Happy with purchase.
    Delivery was faster than expected. Arrived with all parts and instructions. The online installation video made everything very easy and as planned. Took me an hour for the front engine guards, about 45 minutes for the rear guards. 20 minutes after install, dropped my bike by accident. Cannot be happier I had these installed. I strongly recommend this product.

    Thomas Komon
    Verified Buyer
    Side case protection bars
    These are as advertised, quality product and fairly easy to install on my 2017 R1200RT.

    Burt Maggio
    Protection bars
    I think the idea of protecting your sidecases is terrific. I noticed the concerns about passenger comfort, a very real concern since comfort is paramount to riding enjoyment. A suggestion, is there a way to increase the height of the passenger foot pedals to offset their legs from rubbing up against the side protection bars? Maybe 2 or 3 inches would be all it should take. Relocating the foot pedals doesn't seem plausible however, some after market kit extension might be a simple fix. Just a thought. I'm considering them but I too, am concerned about my wife's comfort...especially, since her comfort comes before mine. Nudge nudge!

    Ariel Alvarado
    Verified Buyer
    Perfect to avoid damaging expensive saddle bags
    I almost installed them myself but the BMW shop just charge me 49$ canadian and that is pretty good.

    Thomas Peregovits
    Verified Buyer
    Good Protection for the Sidecases
    I ride solo so can not comment on passenger ergonomics. The bars look good and should function as designed.

    Wyndell Williams
    Verified Buyer
    Good to go!
    Installation was easy! I just purchased a 2014 R 1200 RT and was worried about damaging the cases. Hopefully these will help in the unfortunate event of dropping the bike. Only have one issue with the bars. I seem to hit my leg on them especially when getting off the bike, which has bruised my leg. Kind of a weird thing! Ordered mine in black and them very satisfied with the color. Kind of blends into the bike.

    Ira Chavis
    Protecting my R1200RTW Side Cases
    Purchased these for my 2014 R1200RTW, installation was a snap, there some confusion in the instructions but one you figure it out for a min, the install goes well. I've had a few riders and no one has complained about the bars bothering their legs. I have bumped the side cases while going through some tight areas and the bars do the job protecting the cases, nice to know i can take them off it i need to with out much difficulty .

    Mike Ladwig
    Easy Install
    2014 1200RT Very easy to install. Video was very helpful. Silver a good match. No rider complaints.

    Rear Protection Bars
    Beautifully machined, flawlessly coated and very straight forward installation. They are a really nice addition to the front guards and the bike. My only comment is that black or stainless steel hardware would make it really perfect.

    Marc Parnes
    Passenger Problem
    The bars overall are good quality and fit well. After installing them my wife sat on the bike and found that her legs hang over the bars which will undoubtedly cause bruising, etc. I immediately removed and returned them. Wunderlich shorted by refund $78.53 with no paperwork or explanation why. I installed them based on their claim that they wouldn't interfere with the passenger but I guess they are still holding me responsible for installing them. But that's just a guess.

    Easy Install
    Took less than 20 minutes to install. Fit perfect. Got the silver ones-good match. They don't bother my wife's legs.

    Very Poor Product Testing
    AS soon as I saw the pictures I thought the bars would get in the way of the passenger's legs - and they do. Great protection but if you can't bring a pessenger with you what good are they?

    Richard Szpin
    short and sweet
    Chrome bars for my 2015 R1200RT Sweet...classy...quality !! That's it in a expeditious...will deal with Wunderlich again. Installation may be easy but I am all thumbs...if I changed oil, I would be left with 3 bolts remaining after reassembly.

    Charles Fridy

    John Hacker
    rear protection bars for 2014 R1200RT
    Bars went on quite easily. parts are well made and fit well. Two issues. One of the illustrations in the directions is upside down. Also, the two fasteners that hold the upper portion of the bar to the bracket are not long enough to fully engage the self-locking nuts. Fortunately the two fasteners that were removed from the bike in order to install the bracket were long enough.

    Don P. Duncan,
    Rear Protection Bars Chrome- 2014 R1200RT
    The bars not only add protection to the bike, but are real classy. They were quite simple to install and everything fit perfectly.

    John E.
    Wunderlich Chrome Bars for the BMW R1200RT
    Like the engine bars, I really debated over whether to buy the chrome or silver bars for my BMW R1200RT in Calisto Grey. I decided to go with the chrome bars and this was the right choice. Later I saw these bars in silver on a similar bike to mine and the silver did not look as good. The installation was fairly simple if you follow the video instructions. I gave the bars 5 stars as they do look really good and were very easy to install. I would highly recommend the Wunderlich bars if you are looking to add them to your RT.

    Rear Protection Bars
    The bars are good quality, but the design is poor. The bars cut into my wifes leggs, the back of the caves. Harly Davidson has realised this and if you look at their new bikes the rear protection bars have a better design, they are low and don't touch the rider's legs.

    2014 BMW R1200RT WL
    The bars and bolts arrived in good condition. The instructions were clear and no difference between the left and right sides. Getting at the mounting points with tools is not hard, and I did not have small parts left over trying to figure out were they went.

    Good Protection.
    The rear bars are well constructed, and should give good protection to the side cases in the event of a low speed drop. They are very easy to install. The criticism that I do have is with the hardware provided. At this price, Wunderlich should have provided stainless steel hardware instead of the painted (hopefully with Zn-rich paint) carbon-steel screws and galvanized carbon-steel washers!

    Looks good when installed
    Looks good & silver bars integrates well with factory colors. During installation, you need only loosen backend screws to fairings and passenger seat bracket to install.

    Emmanuel Hernandez
    r1200rt lc rear protection bars
    Once you realize the directions are written backwards, installation is relatively easy. The Direction of travel is in the wrong direction. Other than that front and back bars went on easily.

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