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Steering Stops
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      Steering Stops

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    Steering Stops

    It is possible for original steering stop to shear off - for example in a situation where the bike falls over. If this happens, the top yoke (upper clamp) can be damaged, as well as the upper frame. Then there's also nothing to prevent the handlebar from smashing into the tank panel and maybe taking out the switch assembly in the process. This can lead to expensive repairs and a great deal of aggravation.

    Our new steering stop design provides a strong, additional point of contact and takes the strain off the original steering stop. Here's how it works: The bumpers bolt onto the lower fork bridge pinch bolts and contact the Telelever just before the stock steering stop would make contact. This softens the blow, and, as the rubber bumper compresses, it progressively becomes a solid stop for the forks. With this part installed, the steering stop will fare better than your pride in the event of a spill and you can avoid unpleasant and expensive damage to your bike. The steering stops are machined from solid high quality, silver anodized aluminum alloy. Does not restrict the steering range. Sold as a complete set of left and right hand side complete with all fittings.



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