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Ergo Screen - High
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      Ergo Screen - High

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      Caution! Our Ergo Screen - High does not fit all bike models. Please select your bike if you are not sure.


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    Ergo Screen - High

    This Wunderlich Windshield has been a favorite of F650 riders around the world for many years. For quite some time, the screen was not available but it's been re-introduced due to popular demand and it's improved and better than ever. This screen is the ultimate for touring comfort on your F650 GS, Dakar or G650 GS up to 2010 model year. It offers a very attractive appearance, matched only by exceptional functionality and intelligent design. The shield offers a very sturdy mounting system. The shape is the result many miles of testing and years of experience and it effectively directs air flow past the rider and passenger. A precisely calculated space between the shield and headlight covering allows just the right amount of air to pass through, equalizing air pressure and eliminating buffeting. Download the Installation instructions for more information and images.

    • No modifications to the bike are needed for installation
    • Shield is made of 4mm thick Lexan
    • Compatible with the BMW hand guards
    • Mounts at six points
    • Height = 467mm (18")




    A. Petersen
    Verified Buyer
    Love it
    I love my windscreen which is a replacement for the original that I broke on a Backcountry Discovery Ride thru CO. Tried others but this one is the best for me.

    Steve Shepherd
    Ergo Screen Low
    A little difficult to put on. Had to leave out some spacers. But it works great. Way better than the original screen.

    Rob Adams (Idaho)
    Vast Improvement
    My 2007 F650GS has had three different windshields. The first was a Cee Bailey which was to short and vibrated, my second was handle bar based which had better coverage, but was in the way and had to be removed if you were going boon-docking. This unit was easy to install, provides a nice air pocket, and it not in the way. It does a great job of protecting without interfering with the rider.

    Good looking screen.
    Installed this on my 2009 G650GS - be sure to read the instructions and even then, the hole alignment should be better. I'm 5'-8" and this definitely keeps the wind off my chest. At higher speeds, it's a little bumpy around the helmet. Overall, it looks good and is effective.

    Wunderlich vs Ztechnik
    I've just replaced a Ztechnik tall screen with the Ergo Tall Screen. I am so impressed with the difference. This product is dry well build and creates a much bigger bubble than the Ztechnik screen. Not to mention that the Ztechnik tall screen interferes with the hand guards and requires a mirror extension. This is my second order from Wunderlich and the second time i've been very impressed. Well done and thanks.

    Some installation tips
    Purchased this screen for . FYI, I'm 5'10", 32" inseam. I can see over this standard low, shield easily, and the height ofnr my 2007 Dakar. Very nice, clear screen with nice on-coming wind coverage. Doesn't exactly put you in a calm pcket, but allows the right amount of wind around it to get that open-air feeling we appreciate and expect from riding. At all speeds, let's just the right amount of airflow. Advise for mounting without difficulty: Install all rubber grommets and caps in each screw hole first. Can add spacers to the underside threads as you go. First, start by threading either of the top rear screws just far enough to hold. Then do the other side like it. Next, move to the side mounting points and do the the same. Just thread the screw, but not tight yet. Don't be afraid to flex the shied a little to get screw lined up and started. Do the lowest front last screws last. This is where you really have to push the shield a bit to get the screws Located and started. Now, just snug all until thread length is taken up. Pushing in on screen around the screw you're tightening helps keep everything in the proper shape. Just tightening, using the screw to take out slack just smashes and deform the rubber grommets. Hope that helps.

    Wind screen that works.
    I just tried out the 650 Dakar after an easy install of the tall Ergo screen.The screen arrived in good shape, packed well. It took 30 minutes to install. It replaced a short Cee baileys. I am 6'2" and it protects me from buffeting at up to 80 mph very well, yet I look right over it. Perfect. I especially like the solid mount, doesn't vibrate or shake at all.I will recommend it to my friends.

    Thomas Dahoney
    Well worth it
    Anything is better than the stock windshield and this Ergo Screen is a vast improvement. If the bike is used for extended highway use you may require a larger, more protective windscreen. Dual sport users will find it quite satisfactory. Installation went smoothly but I absolutely could not attach both side screws without omitting one of the spacers.

    charles swindle
    ergo screen
    installed low screen on g650gs. the mounting hole were a little hard to line up. after binging the holes into place the shape of the screen seems to be off. it dose do look good and dose a good 5.10 I wood be more with the taller screen.

    F650GS Fan
    4.5 stars - Fine wind screen for my 2006 f650gs
    I really wish it were a bit bigger, but it's still 100 times better than the stock wind screen. Installation is a bit tricky because you have to put 4 spacers behind the windscreen and keeping them on while you get the other screws started can be a challenge. Trying to get your fingers between the wind screen and the instrument cowling is difficult and the spacers are so slick you can't put them in place with needle nose pliers. Installation tip - only put one spacer / screw in at a time starting with the two that go into the cowling and finishing with the two on the sides. Leave the first one as loose as you can so you can get your fingers onto the second one.

    Wunderful Windscreen
    I bought the screen about 3 weeks ago and put it on. No problems with installation. Just follow instructions. It does attach to two side bolts above the front turn signals. Helpful to have 4 hands to hold. Seat the bolts first, then tighten partially all around. Don't tighten one then go to the next... etc. I am 6 feet tall, have a Russell Day long seat on my F650GS. After installation NO MORE buffeting, I am in a nice air pocket as I cruse at 65 to 70 MPH. I bought the tall screen to replace a Cee Bailey unit. Remarkable difference. I am completely satisfied. Also if you are wondering. No problems with the hand guards and turning. An excellent product. Thanks Wunderlich

    Great looking shield works well. Even passengers don't complain about wind. However, it got hit by a rock at standard speeds on highway and broke a corner off it, and still hit me! It was only about a year old. I cant say I'd buy another one at 200+ USD. But it did do its job.

    Stuart Lees
    Do yourself a favour
    get rid of that dud cowling cover BMW call a "windscreen" and replace it with one of these. They peform great and look awesome.

    Eric Walburgh
    Ergo Low for F650 single
    As others have noted, a little bit of a 'fiddle' to get bolts to seat, but not a big deal. Quality of the material is very good (clear, smoothed edges, etc.). BIG improvement over the Givi that came with the bike when I bought it. Wish I'd gotten it sooner.

    Bill Zeller
    Ergo Screen-Low
    I have a 2007 F650GS that I bought without a screen. After several replys to a question on the BMWMOA site I selected the Wunderlich low windscreen. I had a little trouble getting one of the low bolts in with the spacer so put it in without. What a incredible difference!! At 5'6" I just look over the screen and the wind and rain are deflected quite nicely. The forward placement of the screen keeps it quite well out of the way for getting off the pavement though I am not a trail rider. The screen is nice and clear and handles speed with ease.

    Bob Hall
    Ergo Screen Low - 2009 BMW G650GS
    Screen works well but was somewhat difficult to install because the directions were either incorrect or possibly not clear. This screen is symetrical but the G650GS headlight assembly that it attaches to is not. Once I decided that the plastic spacer the instructions say was needed on the left side was really not needed the windshield fit much better. This screen will hit the BMW handguards if they are installed on your bike but it's not a huge issue unless you are trying to do a full lock turn. A very pricey screen compared to some others and the installation issue was annoying but the screen does work well for a 5'9" rider.

    M W
    Installed easilty just be sure to use supplied correct lenght of screw in appropriate holes. Also, shape of the windscreen appears to be off a bit, perhaps in the molding of the curvature of the plexi. Works very well for deflecting the air up and over. Combined with tank panniers fron Aerostich, it's like having a partial fairing. I'm very satisfied.

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