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Brake Lever Enlarger
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      Brake Lever Enlarger

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    Brake Lever Enlarger

    It's important to be able to find the rear brake pedal when you need it! This machined aluminum plate simply bolts onto the rear brake pedal with no modifications needed. It substantially increases the size of the rather small original brake pedal and provides a greater margin of safety and level of comfort. The deep cut serrations provide excellent grip, especially important on wet days. Anodized silver. Once you fit it, you won't go back....


    Please Note: Exceptions to model/year fitment

    R850 GS1998200008/1997-
    R1100 GS1994199908/1997-



    Verified Buyer
    Brake lever enlarger..
    Aesthetic presentation where form.. function..and simplicity coexist underfoot

    John Meisenheimer
    Verified Buyer
    Very Functional Farkle
    The Brake lever enlarger is a great addition to my GS. When practicing very slow turns to the right, my body would be counterbalancing so much that getting my foot on the brake pedal for speed control/power control, was an act of contortion. Now it is much easier to find the brake pedal, no matter what my position is.

    Kevin W.
    Verified Buyer
    Great upgrade!!!
    Super easy install, and super functional. Love it.

    S C
    Did exactly what it was supposed to do.
    This product gives you an extentiin of your brake pedal. It works like it's supposed to. Easy to install.

    A bit more money that I would have expected, but like all Wunderlich products it is high quality, perfect fit, and even comes with a small amount of loktite. After getting enduro boots that are bit stiff, I was having problems with the rear brake pedal, so now the pedal wider and just a bit higher making it easily in reach as it should be.

    Gary Berg
    I can find the brake.
    the brake enlarger installed securely in a couple of minutes. Once installed, its presence made finding and using the rear brake lever much easier. Good purchase.

    Ben Collins
    Nice addition
    It does what it says and does it well. It installs quickly and easily.

    Solid Addition
    Brake Lever Enlarger worked just as advertised and just as described on various adventure bike forums. Larger surface for a sure feel and the craftsmanship is fantastic. Customer service was spot on as well.

    Bill Carson
    Brake Lever Enlarger
    I was looking for something to help me find the brake lever a little easier while standing - BINGO - this is it! It also rises the top of the brake lever by a few millimeters, and this helps as well while standing. Super easy to install and as always fast and accurate shipping from Wunderlich.

    Jimmy Patrick
    Brake Lever Enlarger
    Best money you can spend.

    J Godfrey
    Should have been stock . . .
    I kept riding my R1200GS Rallye with my number 12 boots on and always having to \"search\" for my rear brake. I used this product (it fit perfect and looks great), and presto, zambo, yahoo, I had a brake pedal I could use - easily and safely.

    brake tip enlarger
    I love it - what an exquisitely engineering little piece of precision engineering. Very well done - and works like a charm!

    brake lever enlarger
    a great farkle, well made, good value, fits perfectly. If you need to enlarge your tip just a little bit, I\'d strongly recommend this kit from Wunderlich

    Greg R.
    Well designed
    Very comfortable to use the rear brake while sitting or standing. Initially thought I might need to add even more height to bring the lever level with the stock pegs but this appears to be perfect. Nice product. Very pleased.

    David Edge
    Simple to install ... it works
    Was a simple installation and haven\'t missed the rear brake since.

    Russ Kliem
    Really usefull add-on
    Simple and effective. Nice bite on the boot sole.

    Amy L
    Pretty useful little farkle.
    This has made braking waaaaaay easier. I\'m way more confident that I\'m gonna hit that brake every time now instead of glancing off the side. It\'s also my first farkle on my new G650GS!

    even better than my new gear lever farkle!
    what a great farkle - 100% improvement thanks Wunderlich

    Brake Lever Enlarger
    One of those subtle but wonderful accessories you didn't know was needed until you experience life with it on your GS.

    No more searching...
    09 G650GS is hard to find at times, this enlarger does the trick. The fit and finish is well worth the cost.

    Great addition
    Picked this up for my 05 GS. Well made product and makes the brake much more user friendly on the road. Thanks Wunderlich

    I Love it!
    2009 BMW g650 GS the use of the rear brake was a little dicey, awkward and hard to find at times. This solved the problem. Ge tmany complements on it's high end looks and would have expected to pay more for the price. Installs easily.

    Easy mounting. Perfect adjustment and very usefull.

    Neil roderick
    Using back brake
    With the back brake pedal on the GS being so small I started a bad habit of not using it. not a good habit at slow speed, the brake enlarger is great, I am now using the back brake again.

    GS brake enlarger
    I had one of the original "round" versions that fell off somewhere in Utah. The new one fits the shape of the GS1200 brake lever tip much better. For those of us primarily using the big enduro for street use this modification provides a better footing and positioning for safer rear brake use. All Wunderlich products I've ordered have been top quality!

    Good product, easy to install. Works well.

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