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Rear Protection Bars
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      Rear Protection Bars

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    Rear Protection Bars

    Available in: Silver, Black or Chrome

    The saddlebag protection bars are the ideal complement to our engine protection bars, but they can also be installed without them. They optically integrate to the bike and offer outstanding protection for the rear of the heavy K1600. If your bike were to tip over, the protruding saddlebags would surely suffer some damage. These bars effectively protect the saddlebags against such damage. Also when maneuvering in tight spaces, the bars can protect your bike from scratches and other damage.

    Each saddlebag protection bar attaches to the bike at three points so that in case of a fall, the impact is spread over all points and the energy is absorbed. Ground clearance and cornering clearance is not compromised. Available chrome plated or powder coated black.


    • Protects the saddlebags from side impacts and damage in a tip over
    • Three attachment points, each bar
    • Complexly shaped round tubing
    • Also provides a nice hand hold for the passenger
    • Additionally serves as a lifting and tie down point
    • Supplied complete with all needed hardware and instructions
    • No modifications to the bike required
    • Made in Germany

    *Installation estimated at 30 minutes for this part may vary depending on skill level.



    Thomas Komon
    Great item!
    They are very easy to install and of great quality. This is the second purchase, the first for my RT and now for my GTL. The RT was knocked over during a flat tire repair incident on concrete and the bike suffered no damage to the panniers because of these bars so now they are on my GTL to provide the same protection.

    Gary Sciascia
    rear protection bars for GTL
    when opening and closing the side cases the slight slop in the hinge makes contact with the bar very likely if you are not careful. I put black electrical tape on the pipe bracket so if it does rub as it does when I forget to be careful the tape will rub against the painted case lid surface, not the bar. Overall , fit and finish are very nice, installation fit up is very precise, easy to install. Just wished the tubing had more than the 1/4" clearance when opening the side case

    Fits great but expensive
    I just put these on my bike and the insulation was easy. It looks like the could bother a rider by hitting their calf when riding two up. The bolts provided seem soft and could be better quality. I do think they will work if I drop the bike and then I don’t have to get it repainted.

    Jim Carey
    Verified Buyer
    K1600 GTL Rear Protection bars
    Very easy to install, fit to existing mounts is excellent, quality of the four head head bolts was substandard, too soft of metal easily stripped socket head. Unfortunately my wife hates them as the protection bars rub against her legs and she can not get her feet properly placed on the foot pegs, shame as these are very expensive and now I can't decide if I will leave them on or try and modify them.

    Verified Buyer
    Nice bars- Junk screws
    The bars are nice. I like them. Installation was straightforward and easy. I had a different set of bars and when the bike fell, the mounting brackets dropped. There were no bags on the bike. When I next tried to mount the bag on that side it wouldn't go because the bar had bent backwards. This was a zero mph drop. As others have mentioned the bolts are very soft and rounded out well before reaching the factory torque spec. I was using a torque wrench purchased here btw. I bought new bolts from a local distributor. Also, I'm still baffled why Widely seems adamant not to include Torx bolts where originally used on the bike. I'm glad I bought these but time, anergy and a bit of money wasted on a premium, premium proceed, product.

    Jeff Kelly
    Rear Protection Bar
    They installed easily and look very nice and I hope I never have to find out how tough they are. I dropped my bike in some gravel and there was $7500 worth of damage I wished I had these on before.

    Kenneth Klein
    Must Have
    I was backing my K1600GTL into a space when the inevitable happened. My left foot slipped on some pebbles. With my foot in the wrong position there was no stopping the bike from tipping over and falling on its side. I expected to see a fair amount of damage and thinking about how much it would cost me to bring the bike back to 'mint condition' again. To my 'surprise' the Rear Protection Bar took all of the impact and the damage to the bike was 'extremely minimal'! Some scrubbing damage to the Protection Bar (which I quickly took care of with Black Touch-up Paint) and the left side mirror which swings out of the way and again 'Touch up Paint' quickly took care of. I have all of the Wunderlich Protection Bars installed on my bike but these are definately a 'Must Have' item no matter which BMW you ride.

    Joe Ligori
    Best looking guards
    The 'Rear Protection Bar Set' is very easy to install. These items are of very high quality and are the best looking guards.

    J W Zprior
    Easy install great protection
    The install was very simple and easy. The bars provide great protection to both the side of the bike as well as the saddle bags. The only down side was the quality of the provided bolts/fasteners. Definately not hardened bolts. The bolt heads were easy to "strip". That being said I round recommend these bars to anyone looking for protection for a K1600 GT/GTL

    Must have bar protection
    was easy to install . A bit slender in design and it will take the side fall impact. pricey no doubt but would be alot cheaper than repairs in a low impact fall.

    S. Townsend
    Worth Every Penny
    Ordered these and was impressed how easy they were to install. Have had them on for @ year and they came in very useful. Pulled into a parking lot and came to a stop and promptly tipped over. Rolled the bike back upright expecting some damage. Nothing, not even a scratch on the bars and my fiberglass side bags were not even touched. Whew!!

    John T Hartley
    Rear Protection Bar
    I just installed these on my 2012 K1600GTL and it only took a few minutes. They are of good quality, look nice, and will offer some protection if I ever drop the bike.

    Installs in minutes
    Having not ridden large bikes or any bikes for a period of 9 years, I dropped my brand new BMW 2015 K1600 GTL once on each side before getting 30 miles on the bike. I then installed the Rear Protection Set and have not dropped the bike since. So, if you are like me, do yourself a favor and install the bars as soon as you purchase your brand new bike.

    The Rear Protection Bar Set If Satisfactory, but...
    As mentioned below, the hex fasteners are not up to the general quality of the bars themselves (too soft) and the bars will rub the saddle bags upon opening if you do not move the saddle bag doors over to compensate for this rubbing. I do not ride two up so I cannot comment on that aspect of the bars fit. However; I must say that the finish and overall look of the assemblies is quite satisfactory.

    Charlie G
    Not overly excited
    I installed these. However, the bolts used are not as high quality (nor the same size/type) as the OEM bolts. Also, the saddle bags bump the bar when you open them. But you can guide it around to avoid. Just need to be aware. And well finally, it WILL rub the leg of your passenger. All that being said, I have not seen a better option out there. Just seems like this is a protection item that could be better designed.

    Howard Lyon
    Great product
    Very easy to install. Saved my saddle bag on a tip over while stopped! Paid for itself right then.

    John Holman
    Good Rear Bars
    These rear bars look good, and install easily - just like the instructions.

    James Reyes-Picknell
    They do their job and look good too!
    I've had these on my bike for a couple of years. A couple of tip overs and nothing more than slight scratches on the bars easily touched up. Recently I had a slow speed low-side accident on ice (it's a long story how I got there) and these protected the bike admirably. The left side took the impact and although the bar was bent backwards during the subsequent slide, it again did it's job protecting the softer parts. Overall damage was minimal and the bent bar replaced. Yes, I ordered them again because they worked so well in a condition that they were not really meant for.

    Functional but......very uncomfortable
    If I didn't ride two-up 90% of the time, I would say they are great. But my wife hates them after a four week tour of Nova Scotia. They make it difficult to get on and off and they rub on her legs. I agree with the other reviewer that they only need to be half as high. And then be angled in toward the saddlebag. That would help some. For the price, I would not recommend them.

    Chuck Smedley
    Soon as I received them, I enstalled them and glad I did! Did you ever forget to put the kick stand down? Yea, I\'m that guy. She went over like a elephant on the left side but not a scratch on the bike, yippee! If your like me, get these guards, they are well worth it! I would have given five stars but I think thet should be a little stronger, mine bent slightly.

    Raynald Lortie
    Is frustrating for the passenger
    The idea of the rear protection is good. The look of the protection set, once installed is satisfactory. However, a passenger of less than 6 feet tall will be bothered by the metal bars/pipes against their calves. I had 2 passenger complain about it. Then I sat in the passenger seat and effectively the protection set is not comfortable at all. It also prevents passengers from being able to place their feet on the OME pegs properly. The top pipe of the protection set could be half as high as it currently is.

    Jot Burke
    Perfect fit!
    Installed both sets - left & right - fitted perfectly! All spacers, conical bolts and washers of correct length! Opening and closing the lids of each pannier clears the protection bars - no fuss! (Of course, an "extra" grab handle for placing bike on the center stand too now!) Very pleased with the purchase!

    Walt Grunenberg
    Back saver.
    Here is just another part I purchasted from you guys. This really takes the strain out of lifting this machine on its center stand. This has always made me nervous thinking you know which way it would go and still with your hands on it!

    Herb Belin
    Wunderlich is Wonderful
    I purchased Fender, Bags and Engine Guards for my K1600 and installed them with out a problem. The bad news is the are expensive! The good news is that you get what you pay for. The instaltion was a cinch. Their fit was spot on and they look like they came on the bike when it left the BMW factory. Probably one of the nicest well thought out accessories that I have ever purchased. A outfit that I highly recomend.. Herb Belin

    Dave Golden
    Worth the money
    I've tested them with two 0-mph drops - they work. Also see my review of the engine bars. Buy the front and back sets - they are worth it.

    Matt Hill
    Great protection for side cases.
    I started installing these bar protectors before the engine bars as I thought these would be easier. It took me a little while to figure out the side tupperware above the mounting position needs to be removed (and later re-installed) to install these bars. This wasn't mentioned in the instructions. These bars look good (black on a red GT) and office some much needed protection to side cases in the event of a lay down.

    James Abart
    Rear Protection Bar Set, Black
    Rear Protection Bar Set, Black for the K1600GTL. Gripes first: the entire bike uses Torx screws and bolts, was disappointed that the included hardware is Allen head type hardware, now I have to carry Allen tools also. When opening the saddle bag you need to be aware that it will hit the protection bar unless you move it slightly back when opening. The price is on the high side but I wanted the best protection available. Fit and finished of item is great, does not give the bike a distracting look, blends very well with the bike. Would recommend buying this item.

    Edwards Schwentker
    Case Protection Bars for K1600GTL
    The GTL is a heavy bike. The bars are a great help in getting the bike up on the center stand. The flat black bars I chose fit well with the GTL's appearance, and when the inevitable tip-over occurs the bars help getting this monster back upright. Yes, the inevitable occurred with me. The only damage was a scratch on the lower corner of the right-side bar repaired with a little touch-up paint. The expensive case was left untouched.

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