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Micro-Flooter Set, Black
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      Micro-Flooter Set, Black

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    Micro-Flooter Set, Black

    See and be seen properly with these carefully positioned and attractive auxiliary lights: perfectly adjusted, the auxiliary lights complement the dipped beam headlight in an impressive way, do not blind the traffic on the other side of the road and give an imposing appearance.


    • Very good additional lighting.
    • Many tests have shown that these auxiliary lights are among the best on the market.
    • Soft light/dark boundary.
    • Optimal illumination of the road edge.
    • Won't disturb rider.
    • Extremely robust.
    • Includes H3 bulbs 55 Watts each.
    • Sold as a set of two, including bulbs, wiring, electrics, brackets and complete fitting kit.

    The set includes Wunderlich designed laser cut, light weight anodized aluminum brackets with integrated deflectors to avoid glare. Complete set for right and left with installation kit. In order to make the kit as light as possible we took a few constructive preliminary measures, developing an additional headlight that, whilst requiring an elaborate manufacturing procedure, represents a really good "plug and play" solution.

    F800 S Owners please note: These lights can not be installed if you also have the Wunderlich engine protection bars, part number 8161620 or 8161621 fitted.
    There is no problem installing these lights on the F800 R with our engine protection bars.




    Verified Buyer
    Dissappointing that this product drains your battery while motorcycle is driven. If you drive long distance with the lights on (when else would be important to use it) you can expect your battery to be dead. The website should add a disclaimer recommending limited short term use.

    Phil Morritt
    Micro Flooter for my 2013 BMW K1300S
    Install was easy kit supplied all necessary parts. Hardest part was routing wires. All quality parts. Instructions were clear. Highly recommend for more light to the front.

    Paul Winter
    good wiring, modest light
    The directions supplied with the kit are sufficient as long as one pays close attention to the small photos for proper component location. The harness fit is exact- no extra coils of wire or wires too short- very nice compared to universal harnesses supplied with a lot of stuff. Although directions call for removing the gas tank to get power leads to battery, I was able to do this simply by inserting a puller wire from the rear of the tank and pulling the wires under it. I have one minor criticism of the harness.It does not use a socket for the relay, only spades on the relay connectors. A socket greatly reduces the chance of a single wire coming off the relay from vibration, etc and avoids the chance of a careless mechanic reconnecting a spade to an incorrect terminal. The bracket is well made and fits well. The microflooter light uses a 55W H-3 bulb, 1400 lumens approx, in a wide beam. As such, it has no real reach and is more like a cornering light. So unless you do something to add to the R1100S single 55W H-1 headlight you won't get more reach. It is an excellent conspicuity lamp but just won't put much light down the road. I've converted my stock headlamp to HID and am looking at substituting a Rigid 3000 lumen LED with a driving light pattern for the microflooter to get more reach.

    Frank De Maria
    Micro-Flooter Zyclop
    This light and assemble came in as expected. I had Cycle Therapy a qualified motorcycle repair shop install it. It took 3-1/2 hours to install. Having the step by step installation guide was especially handy alowing me to exactly see how involved the installation would be and for the shop to have a full understanding which saved time & money with the install.

    Great product - difficult to install
    I purchased my second set of these for a 650GS. The installation was terribly difficult as I needed to remove so many parts just to access the wiring. The cheap plastic wire connectors were the weakest link as they did not work properly at first without great effort. The instructions that are included with the kit are too close to give you a decent perspective about what part of the bike they are referring too. Once I got the lights installed, they look and work very well. Just be advised that it will take time and patience to do the job!

    Mark V
    Parts Good, Install Effort High, No response from Wunderlich.
    Parts are well made. Read the instructions first; you have to pull off the front wheel and tank to install. I had assumed that it would just mount on my existing frame savers as mentioned. Next time I\'ll read the installation instructions before blindly purchasing for two & a half bills. I was dissappointed that the relay supplied was the wrong model and even more dissappointed that my e-mail to Wunderlichamerica went unanswered. Fit and finish typical of Wunderlich but I probably wouldn\'t go through the effort again. Very dissappointed with lack of a response.

    Bob Lawson
    Idiot Proof
    A Nice Kit For The Money. The best part is it\'s bike spacific and on an R11S it has to be, no room for anything additional. The mounting bracket,wiring harness,switch...even the directions, all top shelf. The unit gives off a surprising amount of light in a very usable pattern. Very useful at near to mid range as supplemental lighting and it really kicks ass entering driveways and on uneven surfaces (and all those places your headlight misses)since the light goes where you point the handle bars

    Excellent addition to standard lights
    I installed these on my 1994 k1100 RS and have been most impressed with their capacity to provide extra light spread. The instructions were excellent and easy to follow. I have them wired in to the High beam and on a recent night trip to the Twelve Apostles they provided great vision to the side especially.

    Stuart Lees
    Keep an eye on your power usage.
    Folks, have bought and fitted the lights. They look and perform great, but, on my first big trip with them (the 2011 Australian BMW Safari) I noticed that you can’t run your hand grip warmers and these lights at the same time. You finish up draining your battery completely because the alternator can’t cope with the output. A suggestion from a Safari mate is to fit a Xeon headlamp to reduce total power output (they use 2/3 less power than the standard bulb). So keep this in mind.

    Peter Holnback
    Micro-flooter set
    My biking friends told me the the headlight on my K-1200RS wasn't really making me easy to see in the day time. I took their advice and purchased the footer set. They make a very very bright light and make the bike 100% more visible in the day. I haven't ridden with them at night. They look fine. I had them installed at a BMW shop.

    Micro-Flooter Zyclop
    (BMW R1200 GSA 2009) The build quality, design, and installation of the Micro-Flooter Zyclop is excellent. I particularly like the fact of interfacing the control switch with my BMW factory auxiliary power outlet accessory, which in turn turns off the unit with the CAN-BUS in about 60sec to impede draining the battery. If desired, on could interface with the parking lamp connection, thus providing the option to power the unit with the parking lamp be holding the right turn signal within 60sec of turning off the ignition. The only complaint I have is that the H3 bulb was a “made in China” no-name brand, which failed during my first trip. My wife, who has been a BMW 5 Series owner for many years (including the present), definitely had something to say about that, and insisted I write Wunderlich regarding the supplied sub-standard H3 bulb. I promptly replaced the H3 bulb with a Sylvania Halogen H3 (which is made in Germany). I hope and expect Wunderlich in the immediate or near future to ensure their products are equipped with quality part that meets the high expectations of us BMW Motorrad folks.

    installed on a 2005 RT
    Wow! what a difference these lights make! Installation took me about 4 hours at a leisurely pace. I agree with another review here the grounding location depicted in the instructions is not the best. I too ran a lead straight to the neg battery terminal. and corrected the situation. Took a test ride last night, and they will really light up the road. Plan on commuting on my bike to and from work on the second shift. Since I live out in the country I am "concerned" about having any animals jumping out and ruining my day. These will help!

    Peter Janich
    Installed on 2007 R1200RT
    Great light for visibility to others as well as night driving. Installation took longer than I assumed but was finished in 5 hours. Printed instructions (pictures) not of sufficient quality but got the job done. Would do it again in a heart beat just for safety benefits.

    Larry Hollon
    Instructions inadequate
    The lights are a good addition. They will serve two functions: visibility in daylight and peripheral light at night. HOWEVER, the instructions regarding where to tap into the bike's electrical system are very unsatisfactory. The photo showing where the accessory outlet is located is not up-to-date and does not accurately identify the color coded wires in which you must tap. I lost two full days trying to locate the wires referring too often to the instruction sheet trying to tap into wiring on a 2011 R1200RT. If you buy the lights and install them on 2011 RT order BMW repair plug 83 30 0 413 585 for the GPS and tap into it for the accessory pole on the Wunderlich light switch. Otherwise, the lights are a fine addition to my bike.

    I'm very happy with these lights. They're bright enough to stand out, but not so bright that they bother other drivers. They look good on the bike as well.

    Flooter review
    Overall I am happy, the lights work well and are positioned well providing good side lighting and giving you a good presence to on coming traffic. I have not been flashed running these lights by any on coming traffic. Install issues: 1) Clips that went onto the oil cooler plastic cover were not long enough to line up with the holes so I just set them on top of the plastic piece and tightened them, this worked fine. 2) The ground wire connection at the bottom of the radio box was intermittent and not a good ground for me, I ended up just running the ground wire directly to the neg side of the battery.

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