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Navigator Lock for Central Lock System

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    • Part # 21170512
      Navigator Lock for Central Lock System

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      Caution! Our Navigator Lock for Central Lock System does not fit all bike models. Please select your bike if you are not sure.

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    Navigation Lock for Central Locking System (US Version)

    With a click of a button your BMW Navigation System is secure.

    Tip: Watch the video for product demonstration and installation.

    The BMW Navigation (4, 5 and 6) for the RT comfortably attaches to the cockpit with one click for use while riding. It's also just as easy to remove - including, unfortunately, by strangers. Unlike the GS and K1600 which have built in nav-protection, the RT is lacking in having a lock as standard equipment. This new navigation lock prevents this in a clever way. It simply joins the motorcycle's central locking system, which already controls locking of the storage compartments, side cases and top case.

    When the central locking system is activated, a mechanical lock powered by a servo motor reliably locks the the navigator release mechanism. The navigation lock's servomotor attaches discretely beneath the shell of the navigation unit via a fitted steel bracket. The actuation and power supply wires are connected by means of original plug connectors. (linked into the central locking system by piggy-backing off of the actuator for the left or right glove box wire connection)

    Unobtrusive and robust - now you can feel confident leaving your RT unattended with the Navigator still installed. On a bike with a key-less ignition the navigation is locked in place as soon as the key is out of range.

    • US Version - with Sirius Satellite Radio antenna holder
    • Smart, reliable lock for the BMW Navigator 4, 5 and 6
    • Automatic locking of the Navigator unit on activation of the central locking system
    • Automatic, reliable theft protection
    • Uncomplicated attachment via the motorcycle's central locking system
    • Plug and play connection via original plug connections
    • No soldering and no permanent modifications required
    • Easy installation
    • Wunderlich premium product
    • Made in Europe

    NOTE: This product is only intended for R1200/1250 RT models which have the original BMW central locking system installed.

    INSTALLATION TIP: The bracket to which the Satellite Radio antenna is originally attached needs to be removed during installation and it is no longer needed. It simply lifts straight up for removal.




    Jay Trofe
    Piece Of Mind
    I'll be very confident when I leave my navigational system installed on my bike and I get off. The installation video was a fantastic aide in installing the device! Just two things, make sure you orient the sirius antenna correctly. I installed it in a different orientation in the video, not thinking of where the wire attaches to the antenna, and when I went to install it, the wire was stretched almost to it's limit in order to secure it in place. I attempted to lift the antenna off of where it was attached, but the sticker had already secured itself. I got it in but again, if you watch the video, orient it the same way they do in the video. The other slight issue I had was that you had to disconnect a wire, attach the harness from the locking system to the original connection and then connect the one from the bike to the lock harness. Might have been obvious to others, but took me locking and unlocking the bike to figure out which mechanism it should be connected to. Overall though, feel like this was a great investment!

    Verified Buyer
    Seamless integration
    Installation was easy, especially after watching the video on YouTube: BMW R1200/1250 RT Navigation Locking System I would add that I was careful to secure the wiring inside the fairing to avoid any chafing from vibration. Well done Wunderllch!

    Robert H Q Cooper
    Verified Buyer
    Navigator Lock for Central Lock System
    Installation was extremely simple. The installation video was all I needed to work through the process. Although the item is somewhat expensive, it's not as expensive as having the GPS/SATNAV, stolen. It's a very well made product and one that works with the central locking system on my BMW R1250RT.

    Jim Brauer
    Finally a great way to lock your Garmin
    Watch the video first, then the install is quite simple. And most importantly, the unit works perfectly, and at last the Garmin is locked on when you lock the rest of the bike.

    Paul Zavodny
    Must Have Accessory
    The Wunderlich navigation central lock is a must have. The lock is well designed, high quality and installation was a breeze (thanks to an excellent video). The lock, interfaced with the central locking system, works flawlessly. As others have written, should have been a standard feature of the R1250RT.

    Rich Fischler
    Verified Buyer
    Nav Lock System
    Super easy install, took about 40 minutes which included cleaning/polishing the removed windscreen. Suggest watching the YouTube video prior to install which greatly reduced the deciphering of the included written instructions. Functioned perfectly without any tweaking which has been mentioned in previous reviews so not sure if there are differences in year models. Would highly recommend this install which IMHO should have been a factory included option if the nav integration was included.

    Jeff Henshaw
    Brilliantly-designed part, with incredible instructions
    This Navigator lock is cleverly designed, well-built, and integrated well with the BMW central locking system. Importantly, Wunderlich has created best-in-class installation tutorial videos like this one: These make installation simple and fast!

    Stephen Slade
    Navigation lock
    Easy install. Took about 45 min., dropped a screw and had to find it. Just followed the diagrams and viewed the video.

    Installation Required Adjustments
    I purchased and installed the Navigator lock system recently, and while I like the functionality and security it offers, I was disappointed with the installation process. I've installed many Wunderlich accessories on my BMW motorcycles over the years, so I'm quite accustomed to the rather obscure installation instruction sheets. This time, though, I had to install, remove, tweak (i.e., bend) the locking mechanism arm itself, and reinstall it several times to get the mechanism to align properly with the opening in the motorcycle's plastic dash trim. That was both frustrating and time-consuming, and it was the first time I've had so much difficulty aligning and mounting a Wunderlich accessory. Hence my three-star rating.

    Peter Athanas
    Verified Buyer
    Very Good Addition
    Hi, this maybe the best add on I have ever put on any of my motorcycles. It should have been standard with all the 1200RT's since 2014. Mine is a 2017 & like every one else has said the instructions leave out the part where you have to remove & discard the bracket shelf that holds the satellite antenna on US bikes. Having everyone say this in a review is too late for the new people who order this great product & try to install it with out this knowledge. Easy to install, with really only a 25 torx driver & Philips screw driver. Keep your $900.00 GPS safe.

    Verified Buyer
    Great Product
    This is a great product and works perfectly with my Central Locking on my 17 RT. The factory Sirius Antenna mount/bracket has to be removed, it just pops out. I had initial concerns that it may serve another function, but after researching it I found out that it’s only function was to support the Antenna, the Euro version doesn’t have it. I expressed my concerns to Wunderlich and as told that they would be happy to take it back if I wanted to return it. Great Customer Service. Thank you.

    Werner Miram
    Caution, satellite antenna problem
    great product. Functions perfectly, once installed. The installation instructions for the US version of the R1250RT with factory satellite radio is, however, incomplete. The antenna relocation works as per the instruction. What the instruction does not mention though, is that you MUST remove the cross bar which holds the antenna in its original position. The Wunderlich locking plate will NOT FIT with that bracket in place. The good news is that the cross bar antenna mounting bracket is only clipped into place and has NO fasteners of its own. Once removed it is NOT reinstalled. Most likely its a US Item only, as European models do not have satellite radios.

    Johnny M. Tarasut
    Navigator lock for central locking (USA version)
    I have a 2019 R1250RT the item installation was very easy and straight forward. Instructions where well thought out and covered everything EXCEPT the need to remove the original Sirius/XM antenna mount. The antenna mount was very easy to remove, just pull up and out. The mount has to be removed to allow clearance for the GPS lock. I give this a 6 star rating because this should have come from the BMW factory.😊

    Verified Buyer
    Navigator Lock for Central Lockkng
    Product 5 stars fits very nicely instructions need to be overhauled as mentioned In other review the bracket for the Sirius antenna needs to be removed , fortunately this is easy to do. But not mentioned or shown in the instruction sheet.

    Dennis Scofield
    Great product
    Locking system works as intended locking Nav in place with central locking function. Easy to install. Removal of antenna mounting plate necessary for proper fit. No indication of such in the present issue of instructions. This device should be supplied with the central locking option.

    John whitehouse
    Verified Buyer
    Navigator lock for central locking
    Just finished installing this item. It is well made. Functions great. The only problem is , the instructions are incomplete. I have 2015 BMW R1200RT and there is a bracket for the XM radio antenna that has to be removed before the locking mechanism can be installed. This is not mentioned in the instructions. It should be. Otherwise all is well. Product gets a five star rating. Instructions a four.

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