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Wunderlich Handlebar Riser - Silver, 40mm

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    • Part # 31011101
      Wunderlich Handlebar Riser - Silver, 40mm

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      Caution! Our Wunderlich Handlebar Riser - Silver, 40mm does not fit all bike models. Please select your bike if you are not sure.

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    Wunderlich Handlebar Riser - Silver, 40mm

    The handlebar riser provides a more ergonomic posture for the rider: The musculature of the back and arms as well as the pelvis and coccyx are relieved. There's barely any change on a visual level but the effect on the body is palpable. This doesn't just mean a bonus for riding comfort, the handling is also significantly improved and the rider gets a better view of the of traffic ahead.


    • Better handling and a more direct riding experience
    • Better view of the state of traffic
    • Relaxed, upright sitting position
    • Now possible to ride standing up when off-road
    • No additional changes required to the vehicle
    Technical info
    • Height: 40 millimetres
    • Material: High-strength aluminium, individually milled
    • Color: Anodised in silver colours
    • Complete with screw set




    Paul Abadie
    Verified Buyer
    40 mm risers on my /5
    I have revised my earlier review. Since installing the 40 mm risers on my /5 and noting that the control lines (particularly the brake line) did not have enough slack for my liking, I purchased and installed the Wunderlich touring windscreen. Clearly now the front brake line would be subject to abnormal wear from rubbing on the bottom of the windscreen mounting bracket. I will have to either extend the brake line or try lowering the bars to the 20mm level. I do not want to mess with the brake line. I am happy with the quality of the three Wunderlich items I have purchased thus far (risers, windscreen and throttle lock); however, Wunderlich should advise customers that the 40mm risers are not compatible with the touring windscreen.

    Paul Abadie
    Verified Buyer
    40mm risers on my /5
    I just installed the 40mm risers on my 2020 R Nine T /5 and really like the resulting riding position. The install was easy. Be sure to cover your tank with a pad to protect it from the bars. The only downside is that the control cables/hoses on the right side are a bit tighter than I would like. I will watch for any wear that might occur from possible rubbing against the triple tree. This issue can be mitigated a bit by adjusting the tilt of the bars. Also, I it would be handy if Wunderlich would include the proper bolts should the customer wish to install only one riser (20mm). I decided to get the 40mm kit and give myself the option of 20mm or 40mm. If I do want to lower the bars to 20mm I was told I'll need to buy new bolts. No big deal. I wanted to have the option.

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