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Vario Clutch Lever, Black
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      Vario Clutch Lever, Black

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    Vario Clutch Lever, Black

    Vario Levers represent a revolution in ergonomics, functionality and exclusivity for the S1000 XR. In addition to allowing adjustable reach, they are also adjustable in length. These levers allow precise adjustment to exactly suit the needs of the rider in various situations and additionally, really look great. Adjusted all the way in, the levers are about 1/2 inch closer to the grip however it actually feels like more because the shape of the lever is more parallel to the handlebar than the stock lever. A shorter lever can offer more precise control with less effort.

    With the "Vario Levers" it's now possible to activate the brake or clutch with two or three fingers, without pinching the remaining finger(s). This allows the lever to be adjusted closer to the grip, safely. Length adjustment is quickly and easily carried out by loosening the set screw, setting the desired length and then tightening.

    Another unique feature of the 'Vario Lever' is the ability to easily adjust the reach by turning the adjuster with your index finger while riding. This is useful when dealing with a changing pressure point, when for example negotiating a technical mountain road. The adjustment wheel is easy to operate, even with thick winter gloves.

    You need have no doubt about the structural integrity of these levers. Even fully extended, the lever can withstand a force of over 130 pounds without incident. The levers are exquisitely machined of aluminum and anodized.

    • High-strength aluminum (AL 7075 T6)
    • Exquisitely anodized
    • Made in Germany

    Please Note:

    • Levers are sold individually
    • Price stated is for one lever
    • If you need a pair, please choose one clutch lever (L) and one brake lever (R)
    Tip: After you install the levers, adjust the blade length to suit your preference and then tighten the screw. A drop of Thread Locking Fluid on the threads of the adjusting screw is highly recommended. (available under the Related Products)

    Fits: S 1000XR




    M.C. Meador
    Verified Buyer
    Puts the lever closer to the grip
    I have small medium short fingers and this places the lever closer to the grip and more parallel so it is easier to use two fingers. Easy to install.

    I like it very much.
    I love to controlled. I like the easy assembly. This product is a very useful product tour. ^. ^ V

    I like it very much.
    I love to controlled. I like the easy assembly. This product is a very useful product tour. ^. ^ V

    James Dubarry
    2012 K1600 GTL
    Love them a major improvement over stock ! Very we'll made the quality is exceptional

    Brake lever better than clutch lever
    I like the shorter lever, but the adjustable length is a waste of time: the lever works great for two finger control, but is not comfortable at all when extended for those who want to use all fingers.

    Great lever
    The lever looks great and the feature of making it shorter is very confortable, I only instaled it on the clutch and it is working just fine. Very good looking, but the cost/benefit ratio is not the best.(too expensive)

    Definite improvement over stock lever
    Easy and fast to install. Much easier to now do 1 or 2 finger braking while keeping a few fingers on the grips without having them under the stock lever Be SURE to order the correct and different part number for the later BMW R1200GS Adventure (mine is a 2013) as the threads for the adjusting screw you'll reuse from the factory lever are different. I goofed this part, and the staff at at Wunderlich was very understanding and helped me with the correct replacement.

    Big improvement over stock lever
    Very easy and fast to install. Consider moving mirror mount/clutch lever mount inboard a bit also. This is a true 2 finger lever. No more fingers under the stock lever when doing 2 finger clutching.

    Vario leavers 2011 R-1200GS
    Easy fitment, very comfortable. I shouldn't have waited so long to get them. I am in the habit of riding with 2 fingers on the leavers all the time and these make for quicker aplication of the brake and clutch. Fit and finish is excelent.

    Bob Simpson
    Really well made. Feel great in your hands
    They allow my hands to be closer to the controls. Also you can change the clutch grab point.

    Bob Simpson
    Well designed and thoughfully crafted
    They work as promised. They also look great on my K1600GTL!

    Ira Chavis
    Gives my hands a brake! :)
    My second set of Vario brake levers, this for my new R1200GS, the other pair i used on my F650GS which i just sold. Installation is tricky but well worth it. Watch the video and ask others if you have questions...but as this was my second set i had the basics down. These adjust to my hands well and allows me to grip the levers with 2 fingers and relax a bit. Top quality. Got the black on silver ones..actually i ordered that combination by mistake but loved them instantly when i saw them. Pricing but another way to customize a key part of your riding experience.

    a quick review
    Service was promopt fitting was easy, look good, two finger clutch is excellent, may go for three finger brake yet but found all works well, I thought they were on the expensive side.

    The Cats Meow....
    I was hesitant to buy these because of the price. Now I am glad i did as these are the best items i have added to my GS. Ergomicaly perfect. I can use my pinky to pull the brake lever and dont worry about my finger slipping off. They feel good in your fingers and i love having the ability to adjust the pull without usign tools. A very cool product.

    Tom Danks
    great lever
    Much better than stock, look and feel are better

    Tom danks
    very nice lever
    Much better then stock and looks great

    Bob in MI
    Vario Levers 2011 R1200RT
    Watched the Wunderlich video, and installation was as simple as shown. However, I ended up needind another person to tap the bushing in place, because I needed 2 hands to center the parts with the spring pressure. Look and work great.

    Anthony Mastracco
    I did not realize that the levers would work backwards and extend away from the grip. I have now put on my stock levers since they work just as good as the ones I just bought. They do not bring the lever closer to the handlebar like I need, only farther away, and even extended the grips are shorter than the stock levers.

    Excellent levers
    They look great and are a little closer to the handlebars than my stock levers. I can ride with two fingers for long periods of time very comfortably.

    Jon Pariser
    Vario Levers for (2010) R1200 GSA
    These levers are remarkably comfortable; distance from handlebar to lever can be adjusted by BMW stock barrel adjuster, and/or by integral 4-position star adjuster. Grips are narrower than stock, which translates as "more feel" to the lever. Length of lever is also adjustable, allowing for 5-finger or 2-finger control and anything in between. These levers are a definite improvement, as stock levers are a bit bulky whereas the Wunderlich product provides more sensitive contact between rider and bike. Truly an excellent, well thought-out product!

    Great levers!
    Easy to install and they provide a fundamental improvement in ergonomics for your hand, as well as a fully adjustable friction zone for the clutch lever. Awesome quality, fit and finish and performance. Booyah!

    Awesome levers
    These levers are amazing and fundamentally (and ergonomically) improve clutch and braking action. I have mine adjusted for two fingers, and they also greatly improve adjustability of the friction zone. Excellent product and easy to install yourself.

    Vario Levers on an R12 GS Adventure
    These levers provide more "reach" adjustment options than the stock levers which is what I was looking for. I didn't think much about the ability to adjust the length until getting them and that has been a pleasant surprise. In addition, they are beautifully made and fit perfectly. I would be ashamed to put the stock levers back on the bike.

    Tom Gregory
    A Nice Add To The GS
    I like to keep one or two fingers covering the brake and the clutch while still maintaining a solid grip on the bike. These levers get the job done in style. The quality is obvious when you handle them and they function flawlessly in action.

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