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Brake or Gear Lever Enlarger, Knurled
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      Brake or Gear Lever Enlarger, Knurled

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      Caution! Our Brake or Gear Lever Enlarger, Knurled does not fit all bike models. Please select your bike if you are not sure.
      Warning! Important information below in the description.

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    Brake or Gear Lever Enlarger, Knurled

    Depending on which bike you ride, this item can serve as a brake or shift enlargement, or both. Please read the model application list below.

    If you find your shifter or brake lever to be a bit on the small side, this shifter enlargement is the answer. The sleeve fits tightly over the original rubber pad and increases the overall size of the lever. Use a bit of soapy water when sliding the enlargement on. Alternatively, use some clear silicone adhesive. The silicone will act as a lubricant when installing and once it cures, it will ensure that the enlarger stays on. The clear anodized, aluminum enlarger has a factory like appearance and looks sharp and the knurled surface provides a solid grip, even in wet weather. This enlarger has a knurled surface that provides excellent grip. Alternatively, we also offer a version that features rubber padding. See the link under the Related Products.


    Please Note: Exceptions to model/year fitment

    F650 CS20012005Gear and brake lever enlargement
    F800 GT20122019Gear shift lever enlargement
    F800 R20092011Gear shift lever enlargement
    F800 R20122014Gear shift lever enlargement
    F800 S20062010Gear shift lever enlargement
    F800 ST20062012Gear shift lever enlargement
    G310 GS2017 + Gear shift lever enlargement
    G310 R2016 + Gear shift lever enlargement
    K1100 LT19911999Gear shift lever enlargement
    K1100 RS19921996Gear shift lever enlargement
    K1200 GT20022005Gear shift lever enlargement
    K1200 GT20062009Gear shift lever enlargement
    K1200 LT19982011Gear shift lever enlargement
    K1200 RS19972005Gear shift lever enlargement
    K1300 GT20092011Gear shift lever enlargement
    R850 GS19982000Gear shift lever enlargement
    R850 R19942002Gear shift lever enlargement
    R850 R20032007Gear and brake lever enlargement
    R1100 GS19941999Gear shift lever enlargement
    R1100 R19942001Gear shift lever enlargement
    R1100 RS19932001Gear shift lever enlargement
    R1100 RT19952001Gear shift lever enlargement
    R1100 S19982005Gear and brake lever enlargement
    R1150 GS19992004Gear shift lever enlargement
    R1150 GS Adventure20022005Gear shift lever enlargement
    R1150 R20002005Gear and brake lever enlargement
    R1150 R Rockster20032005Gear and brake lever enlargement
    R1150 RS20012004Gear shift lever enlargement
    R1150 RT20012005Gear shift lever enlargement
    R1200 GS20042007Gear shift lever enlargement
    R1200 GS20082009Gear shift lever enlargement
    R1200 GS20102012Gear shift lever enlargement
    R1200 GS20132016Gear shift lever enlargement
    R1200 GS20172018Gear shift lever enlargement
    R1200 GS Adventure20052007Gear shift lever enlargement
    R1200 GS Adventure20082009Gear shift lever enlargement
    R1200 GS Adventure20102013Gear shift lever enlargement
    R1200 GS Adventure20142018Gear shift lever enlargement
    R1200 R20062010Gear and brake lever enlargement
    R1200 R20112014Gear and brake lever enlargement
    R1200 R20152019Gear shift lever enlargement
    R1200 RS20152019Gear shift lever enlargement
    R1200 RT20052009Gear shift lever enlargement
    R1200 RT20102013Gear shift lever enlargement
    R1200 RT20142018Gear shift lever enlargement
    R1200 ST20052008Gear shift lever enlargement
    R1250 GS2019 + Gear shift lever enlargement
    R1250 GS Adventure2019 + Gear shift lever enlargement
    R1250 R2019 + Gear shift lever enlargement
    R1250 RT2019 + Gear shift lever enlargement
    R nineT20142016Gear and brake lever enlargement
    R nineT2017 + Gear and brake lever enlargement
    R nineT Pure2017 + Gear shift lever enlargement
    R nineT Racer2017 + Gear and brake lever enlargement
    R nineT Scrambler2017 + Gear shift lever enlargement
    R nineT Urban GS2017 + Gear shift lever enlargement



    La Mop
    Verified Buyer
    F 800GT Gear enlarger
    This fits my needs exactly after lowering my pegs the shifter looked smaller to get to with my foot now its easier to find and looks awesome

    luis gonzalez
    Verified Buyer
    Fit perfectly
    So I had this installed on my ninja and it works !

    Hal Davis
    Verified Buyer
    gear lever enlarger
    Perfect fit and looks great. instant shipping too!

    Aram Gegaregian
    Verified Buyer
    Great addition to the shift lever.
    Been using this on my GS now for about a month and really like it. I have not noticed any wear issues on my boots to date. Makes foot movement when shifting feel more natural.

    David McDade
    Verified Buyer
    Easier shifting
    Easy to install and gives me a better feel for shiter

    They sure to use glue!
    This made a big difference in positive gear changes. I put it all without using any glue and thought it would stick to is it was pretty tough to get on. But after a couple days it fell off, luckily I noticed her right away was able to retrieve it from the middle of the street. I think what happens is after you shift this a certain amount of times, it's going to wear down the rubber on the gear shift lever and will eventually fall off. I just bought some Gorilla Glue it will use that to glue it on and be back in business.

    Jeffrey Kron
    Knurled surface ruined toe surface of boots
    Plain and simple - the knurled surface cut up the toe of a nice pair of boots. If your a daily commuter, don't use this product if you care about the boot or show. Tried to smoothen down the knurled surface to no avail - removed it - and through it in a drawer. Very disappointed. Expensive and complete waste of money. This is the only Wunderlich product that disappointed. Do your fan base a favor - go for a ride in some nice boots - then get these out of your product line. $48 down the drain.

    Verified Buyer
    Great product, very easy to install. Use wetherstrip glue to install and no soap.

    Ira Chavis
    Verified Buyer
    Big Fat Shift Lever
    Installed this on my 2014 R1200RTW , my boots seemed like they could not get a good grip on the shift lever while riding. Picked up the Wunderlich shift lever enlarger, install was simple, I did find it took a little bit to push it over the existing lever boot and did put some RTV sealant on as the instructions suggested. I know others said the shift lever had fallen off , but the fit is very tight and had to pull and pull to get it off. Makes shifting a lot easier and effortless.

    M. Makowski
    Lost 1st Unit on first trip!
    Worked extremely well w/ my largest Adventure boots. Fell off on first trip - friction fit is NOT enough. Bought another & intend to "through-pin" (brass rod) to the shift lever.

    Tom Anderson
    Brake fit? 1600k
    I couldn't get it on the brake. How does one fit it? I put it on the shifter, whet right on. I have. 1600k, 2015. 5 star shifter, nothing so far for the brake.

    Ron Walker
    Standard equipment
    I install this extender on every bike I ride. Whenever I mount a ride that doesn't have this part, something feels strange. As soon as I buy a bike, this is the first accessory I order.

    Ray Pearo
    Did exactly what I needed it to do
    I had the pegs lowered on my 2014 R1200RT and as a result, the stock gear lever was too high so upshifting meant I needed to lift my foot from the peg, which was awkward and uncomfortable. The gear lever enlarger installed in minutes and has stayed in place; I used silicone adhesive. a screwdriver like you use repair eye glasses will help for tightening the screw. Looks like stock and immediately solved the problem.

    Bob Steinbrunn
    Spendy, but high quality and really necessary!
    Once I had bought a pair of proper armored riding boots - even though they were of the low type - I found shifting and braking to be highly problematical. The boots did not fit under the shift lever, even when I adjusted both the pedal portion of the lever and the lever itself on the splines of the shaft. I kept missing the foot brake as well since the boots seemed never to find it. Not particularly safe, is it? What to do? What to do? I was daunted by the price of the shift pedal extension and the brake pedal extension, and it took some time for me to come to the conclusion that I had to have them if I wanted to continue to ride the BMW R1200 RT safely and enjoy it. I bought the shift pedal extension first in order to evaluate the quality, fit, and functionality of it. I'm pleased to say it completely solved my shifting problems. The quality is high, it looks OEM, and I'm pleased with it. It was a bit tricky to install and the directions give you several methods to make this somewhat easier. With that experience in the rear view mirror, I then bought the brake pedal extension. It was also of the same high quality, looks OEM, and was simple to install: about 20 seconds. This, too, solved finding the foot brake with my new boots, and riding is once again a pleasure. To say nothing of being safer. Still, I'm a bit dismayed by the price of each of these items, and I was charged about double what it really cost for shipping via USPS Priority Mail Small Flat Rate Box. Would I buy these again, having said that? Absolutely!

    John Devlin
    Shift extension
    Quality design. Very easy installation. Makes shifting a breeze. Strongly recommend.

    Richard Sheridan
    2015 R1200GS Shifter
    So far so good. Big improvement over stock. I have big feet and the stock shifter was a bit small.

    Works with a bit of work
    I received this May 2015. It came with 3 different length set screws, so I don't have to worry about it falling off. A bit difficult to get it all the way on the brake lever, but a nice item.

    David Clark
    Modification needed?
    For all the folks who had their extension fall off, why not drill a hole into the extension and use a set screw to secure it to the shifter? Also, it could be fastened using a small hose clamp. I made a similar device for my R1200GS with parts from Lowe's hardware for a few bucks.

    Joe M
    Fell off again!
    I purchased the first one, followed instructions, it fell off. I called and another was sent free of charge and this time I used silicone as suggested and guess what- it fell off again. Unfortunate that one pays high dollar for items that are not tested properly. I would add the tank protectors had a similar issue of becoming detached after following instructions. Adhesive should have been tested through temperature ranges.

    Fred Deal
    Bigg Deal
    put it on my R9t fit great did use silicone though just to be safe,typical great fit and finish

    David Walton
    Rear Foot Brake Lever Extension - R1200RT
    Very nice improvement from the stock peg provided. Just increases the size of the foot peg so your foot can find it in any situation. Also mention during installation to include some Loctite (Med) on set screw to avoid the set screw backing out. Also might want to add clear caulk to the inside shoulder of the lever are to stop water from getting inside.

    falls off
    I followed the instructions and I liked it until it fell off about 2 weeks later while I was riding. I think the instructions should be clear that glue needs to be used and what type specified.

    Jim C.
    Significant Improvement
    I ordered the rubber ribbed shift enlarger because I could sometimes not feel the gear lever with my boot when downshifting. The hardest part of the installation (for me) was placement of the rubber pieces in the three grooves on the enlarger and the 3 rubber O rings on the stock gear shift. A long, thin screwdriver was needed to pry/slide the tight rubber pieces into place. I applied a thin coating of GE Silicone Glue on the gear lever and then lined the inside of the enlarged shifter with the silicone glue. The enlarged shifter slid right into place. I used a G clamp to hold the pieces tight for an hour or so, and then waited 24 hours for the silicione glue to completely set. The following day, the enlarger was bonded to the gear lever. Because the enlarger is wider and longer than the OEM gear lever, I adjusted the gear lever downward so that my boot could easily fit under it. Shifts are now certain and solid, up and down. The enlarger is a significant improvement.

    Peter S. Hesse
    I loved this product
    I loved this product on my RT. Unfortunately it fell off. I pushed it on with Soapy water. It went on and I thought, that will probably never stay. Beware self fulfilling prophecies because they come true. This very expensive but excellent improvement must be applied with a silicone adhesive, which I think I read somewhere.

    Louis A. Sousa
    I don't understand the difficulty to install. Having read the concerns about it falling off I smeared some silicone adhesive into the enlarger before pushing it on. It slipped on easily and coupled with the three o-rings that install in the recesses of the existing pedal it seems very secure. The silicone has cured and I tried to yank it off and it ain't going anywhere. With the foot peg lower kit this has made shifting so much easier. My gear changes are now much smoother. I got the rubberized version out of expressed concern for boot wear. Good traction on this one. Looks stock. It does not protrude beyond the foot pedal so it does not appear to create concern for scraping when cornering.

    Al Literati
    Knurled Brake/Gear lever Extender
    Excellent. Went on easily with soap, and stays put once in place. Just the right extension I was looking for after adding the peg lowering kit for my bike.

    Gear Lever Enlarger
    Mine fell off, I was lucky I was stopped and someone next to me saw it. I since have glued it on, Hopefully it will stay now.

    Knurled Gear inlarger
    Mine was easy to install, It seems that it will stay on, as I am unable to turn it at all. I used a bit of dish soap for installation.

    David McCutcheon
    gear shifter enlarger
    I like it - it does what you\'d think it would - and does so without any fuss or bother

    David Happ
    Gear Lever Enlarger
    I had the same problem that another customer had...The Enlarger fell off soon after being installed. I followed the directions that came with the Enlarger and did not have a real difficult time installing the devise but one week later it fell off on HW 95. I also think the Enlarger is rather expensive for the quality of the product. I hate to write a bad review because Wunderlich normally sells really great products.

    Tim Casey
    Good but nothing\'s perfect
    Got the Enlarger when I started missing shifts with a new set of heavier boots. Yes it\'s very hard to get on, I gave up trying to shove it the last quarter inch for fear of damaging the shift lever, but I\'m not missing shifts anymore. Because the round shape adds vertical size to the lever, I have to lift my foot higher to avoid engaging the shifter until I want to, which places a little extra strain on the flexor muscles in my shin, which is mildly fatiguing on long trips. But it accomplishes the main purpose, which was to clean up my shifting.

    exile730 -
    great job - well worth it
    easy to fit and makes a huge difference 100% improvement and usual Wunderlich quality

    Jeff Kron
    Metal Gear Lever Enlarger
    Retired to the tool drawer after it ruined the toe of every boot worn riding. The cut metal design provides a good grip but is far too harsh on the lever. Mine was removed and tossed into a drawer after efforts to smooth the surface failed. Be warned.

    Ian Russell
    Good fit
    Does what it is supposed to do. Fits on easily as per the instructions and has stayed on firmly so far. Improves gear changing precision with my big feet. A keeper.

    Jeffrey Thomas
    Work Well
    Combined with a foot peg lowering kit, they work well.

    j.l. smith
    New boots and modified shift lever led to shifting problems on my GS, especially when standing up on the pegs. This little $39 jewel solved all that, no more missed shifts whether seated or standing...

    G. Horstkorta
    Gear Lever Enlarger
    After reading the product reviews I purchase this item and it works well after installation. The enlarger slipped on with little effort but is not loose. To prevent the enlarger from slipping off, I drilled a small hole at the lever end and safety wired the enlarger to the lever.

    Gear lever enlarger
    Worked as advertised.........until it fell off after about a week even tho it had been mounted per instructions. If you like how it works, might want to consider pulling it off and going with some Gorilla Glue or something like it...that should hold it on.

    Jim Gadra
    Difficult to Install!
    As the previous review expressed, the shifter enlarger was very difficult to install. I tried soapy water as suggested and worked for some time to install it. After a half dozen or more attempts at removal and reinstallation I still have had limited success. I hope it is on far enough as I lost the previous enlarger for, I suspect, the same reason. Otherwise I think it is a very good product.I would appreciate some feedback from the manufacturer about the installation problem.

    Steve Melnyk
    Useful Item; Difficult to Install
    This is a useful addition to the R1200RT. It enlarges the shift lever thus ensuring good shifts. The only problem -- even with soap, this is a difficult product to install. Only defect on a very useful, simple product.

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