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    High Tech additive - Made in Germany.

    LIQUI MOLY Ceratec reduces friction and wear in engines and transmissions. The special structure of the ceramic particles fills in microscopic irregularities in the metal and prevents direct metal to metal contact. An additional chemical agent utilizes the friction energy to further smooth the parts and anneal its surfaces. This increases service life and reduces fuel consumption. Long term effect up to 50,000 km.


    • Mixable with all commercially available motor oils.
    • Stable even under high thermal and dynamic permanent loads.
    • No deposits and absolutely compatible with all commonly used filter systems.
    • Resists extremely high and low temperatures.
    • Reduces fuel consumption.
    • Increases engine service life.
    • Increases smooth operation.
    • Stable under extreme pressures.
    • Chemically inert.
    • Higher performance gain due to reduced friction.
    • Does not increase the phosphorous and sulfur content of the motor oil.
    • Tested with catalytic converters and diesel particle filter.
    Complies with the certification for grease in accordance with DIN 51502: KPF2K-30

    Added to the lubricating oil of engines, compressors, pumps and transmissions. Excellent for use in all motor vehicle engines (gasoline and diesel). Mixable with all commercially available motor oils.

    300 ml will treat up to 5 liters of motor oil. Long-term effect up to 50,000 km.

    Note: Not suitable for use with wet clutches! Ideally suited for newer, modern engines that have already completed the "break-in" period.

    Please note: GROUND SHIPPING - Can only be shipped to US, Canada & Mexico!



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